Chapter 12:

Season 1, Episode 12



Shiro talks to Tamiya at the table with papers scattered on it.

SHIRO: So insurance is out of the question?

A sleepy-eyed 4-year-old Mayla walks into the room.

TAMIYA: I can help when the rest of them are born with registration, but insurance companies are not as lenient with this stuff.

MAYLA (sleepy): Pa…pa.

Shiro sees the sleepy Mayla just in the room.

SHIRO (gets up): What are you doing out of bed? (heads over to Mayla) Go back to bed, okay?

Mayla drags herself back to bed.

TAMIYA: She’s finally calling you “papa.” How does it feel?

SHIRO (turns around): I don’t know if I will ever get used to it.


The Tulsen clan packed into their new van heading out of the city. Shiro is in the driver’s seat with Mayla is in the passenger seat. In the middle, Ni & Mi sit next to the window. In the back, Kobai, Xena, & Calif sit together. Kobai is reading while Calif looks out the window.

NI (against the window): AwwwwWWWWWW! This is so cool! (bouncing against window) I’ve never ridden in a van before. This is so cool. I wonder how fast we can go. (Mi getting annoyed) Hey Dad, do you think you can speed this up?


SHIRO: Knock it off you two. I can turn this around right now.

MAYLA (to the back): Xena, how are you doing?

XENA: Fine.

MAYLA: Do you need anything?

XENA: I’m good.

Mayla pulls back into her seat.

MAYLA (to Shiro): Are you sure this is a good idea?

SHIRO: There won’t be many people where we’re going.

The van continues down the road.


A luscious park in a mountain range filled with green trees and flowers in full bloom. The entrance is a simple gateway with a signpost next to it with a large map and some foldable maps. The parking lot is a gravel parking lot with ropes surrounding it.

NI (jumping): YAHOOO! This is great!

Mayla, Mi, & Xena come out of the van. Shiro stands next to the van. Calif stares at the park in awe of the artistic potential. Kobai sits on the hood of the van reading a book.

NI (inhales): Awe. I can smell the adventure.

SHIRO: Ni, don’t forget what I said.

NI: I know, I know. No powers unless an emergency.

MI (constipated): Yeah, one just hit.

Mi runs off somewhere.

Shiro grabs Kobai’s book.

SHIRO: You, missy, will be a part of this.

KOBAI: I have no reason to be involved with this little excursion.

SHIRO: This is our first time coming out to the woods as a family.

KOBAI: The woods. Slack term for “temperate forest,” a biome defined by an abundance of trees with a yearly temperature ranging from 55-75 degrees Fahrenheit, or 13-23 degrees Celsius. We could just plant of few trees in the empty lot and call it the same thing. Name one reason we even need to be out here.

SHIRO (referring to Xena): Your sister.

Kobai looks at Xena.

Xena tries to touch a butterfly on a flower. The butterfly flies away.

Kobai unwillingly gets off the hood of the van.

Shiro hands Kobai her book. Kobai snatches the book out of Shiro’s hands, opens the van, and places the book inside.

Mayla grabs a heavy basket out of the back. The basket pulls Mayla down. Shiro comes around the back.

SHIRO (picks up basket): What all did you pack in here?

MAYLA: I tried to make our lunches as small as I could. (counts with fingers) And I also brought plenty of water, sunscreen, bug repellant, snacks, an emergency kit, a-

Shiro puts basket in the back. He pulls out the bottles & places them in Mayla’s hair. The bottles sink into Mayla’s hair.

MAYLA: Why is everyone placing stuff in my hair lately?

SHIRO: Did you forget the time I dropped an ice tray on you & the ice didn’t melt?

MAYLA (downed): So I’m just a walking cooler?

Mi walks up.

SHIRO: You’re not carrying the bottles now. Placing stuff in your hair is like putting something in gelatin, stays in place.

MI: Except it’s not edible.

Mayla does not feel happy about these statements.

SHIRO (broadcast to girls): Anyone who needs to use the bathroom, do it now.

MI: Eh, you might want to wait a few hours.

NI: Everyone’s good. (sprints onto trail) LET’S GO.


The Tulsen clan hikes through the woods. Ni takes the lead, while Mi slugs on at the back. Xena stays close to Mayla, Shiro stays up front with Calif, and Kobai is just in front of Mi. Kobai has her wings out and has the basket suspended above her.

NI: Come on, slow pokes, the real adventure is just over these rocks. Let’s go!

MI (tired): Ah, shut up. Nobody has energy like you at all.

NI (walking backwards): That’s because you don’t get enough exercise-

Ni trips over a root.

SHIRO (stops): Don’t walk backwards, Ni. (takes lead) The trails aren’t paved like the sidewalk.

NI (springs up): O-kay.

Ni gets back to hiking.

MI (grumpy): How much further till we get there?

SHIRO: We just started.

MI: But we’ve been walking for- (to Kobai) Ko, how long have we been walking?

KOBAI: 6 minutes.

Mi moans & groans.

Xena takes in the sights and sounds of the forest: Squirrels jumping about the trees, birds flapping & calling in the air, flowers dotting the ground, a trickling stream in the distant. She feels calm and relaxed.

NI: Hey Dad have you ever been hiking?

SHIRO: There weren’t many woods where I grew up, but it did take an hour by foot to reach the main road.

NI: Can I move out there?

SHIRO: I bet you would like it. I did go on a few trips when I was in college. We came here one time.

CALIF: So you know where a pretty sight is.

SHIRO: My roommates found it. I was just there. But the trail isn’t bad. Who knows, we might see a bear.


SHIRO: If you’re quiet enough. They may be tough but they prefer not to be near people.

Ni looks excited.

SHIRO (CONT’D): And they won’t let you ride them.

Ni drops to the ground.

MI: Can it eat me?

KOBAI: The most common source of meat for bears would be insects. Outside of that, most of a bear’s diet is plant-based.

MI: You’re sucking the fun out this.


- The Tulsen gang continues on their nature hike.

- The girls see some wildlife along the way. Xena is especially amazed by what is out here.

- The Tulsens cross a road bridge. Ni bounces on the bridge, shaking the entire bridge. Everyone else hold on. Mi gets irritated.

- A nut falls on Mayla & gets stuck in her hair. She takes it out.

- Calif tries to pick a flower. Her shoe falls off and she steps on a brier.

- Shiro administers first aid to Calif’s foot.


The Tulsens continue on with Shiro carrying Calif on his back. Mi looks like she is about to die.

SHIRO: How does your foot feel?

CALIF: It still tingles.

MAYLA: I’m just glad it wasn’t poisonous.

Mi moans like a whale.

SHIRO: One more groan out of you & Calif will be on your back.

Ni hears something and dashes on ahead.

SHIRO: Ni, wait up.

Ni has discovered something that makes her overcome with excitement. The rest of the Tulsens catch up. Mayla, Calif, & Xena are amazed at Ni’s discovery.

In front of their eyes is a clean water hole lined with smooth rocks to walk from one side to the other of the hole. A waterfall rolls down a hill of steps down into the hole, following in a river that feeds from the hole.

CALIF: Pretty.

Calif jumps down from Shiro’s back.

SHIRO: Not a bad spot, huh?

Ni looks as though she is about to tackle a bear.

NI: When there is water-

Ni sprints off towards the hole.

NI (leaps): You just got to swim!

Shiro & Mayla see something shocking.

Ni dives into the water. Ni’s clothes fall onto a rock on the side of the water.

Ni pops her head out the water.

NI (splashing about): This is the greatest water ever!

MAYLA: What are you doing?


Ni pops out of the water wearing a bikini.

NI: I am always prepared to swim.

SHIRO: Where did you get that?

NI: I traded all my undergarments for swimsuits. I am wearing a bikini as a bra. Brakini! I always have one on.

SHIRO: When did you do that?

KOBAI: That would explain her laundry lately.

MAYLA: What do you mean?

KOBAI: She’s been doing her own.

MI (O.S.): So-

Shiro turns around.

Mi has stripped Xena. Xena’s body looks like a teddy bear, short hair & cuddly.

MI: I shouldn’t have done this?

SHIRO: Xena, you can swim if you want.

Xena approaches the water. She feels the water. Xena jumps in. She pops up and doggy paddles.

Ni burst around like a speed boat.

Shiro sits on one the rocks and takes his shoes off. Calif mimics Shiro.

Shiro & Calif put their feet in the water. Calif feels the cool water flowing on her feet.

Kobai places the basket on a rock that stands above the water. Mi looks over the rock.

MI: You think there’s a body here?

KOBAI: What’s with you today?

MI: Practicing depression. Want to join?

NI (O.S.) (echo): Porpoise mode.

KOBAI (walks off): I already hit it.

Mayla takes in the sight of the waterfall.

SHIRO: Mayla, careful, (Mayla turns) The rocks are-

Mayla slips and falls into the water. Shiro jumps up.

SHIRO (beat): Mayla!

Mayla pops up from the water catching her breath.

SHIRO: Are you okay?

MAYLA: I’m fine.

Shiro is relieved.

Xena floats around the hole. Ni pops up underneath and holds Xena in the air.

NI: Ha-HA! The shark is mightier than the bear-

Ni slips and falls with Xena.

Ni & Xena pop back up. Ni burst into laughter and Xena follows.

On the edge of the water, Kobai looks at some moss growing on a rock. Mi lies with her face in the water.


The Tulsen enjoy lunch on one of the rocks. Ni is full and lies on her back.

NI: Ah, that was amazing. Hey, that 30-minute rule is an urban legend, right?

KOBAI: No. Studies done by both dieticians and medical examiners have found that-

NI: AH! Just say “it’s not a rumor!” Don’t go on crushing my spirit.

MI: I’ve tried. It doesn’t work.

XENA (excited): Is there anything else out here?

SHIRO: I was thinking about climbing up the falls.

NI (pops up): Climb. Falls. NOW.

MI (lies down): Uh. Let’s take a nap.

SHIRO: That was one thing we didn’t get to do when we came here back in college.

XENA: Why not?

SHIRO: Someone forgot to check the weather. Calif, how does your foot feel?

Calif touches her foot and squirms.

MAYLA: I can stay and look after her.

SHIRO (gets up): Okay.

NI (bounces up): Wahoo! (shakes Mi) Let’s go, let’s go, let’s GO.

MI (catches fire): SHUT UP!

Ni pushes Mi into the water. Ni jumps in with her.


Shiro leads the trek to the top of the waterfall. Ni, Xena, Kobai, & Mi follow.

Shiro walks across the rocks on the water. Ni is right behind & wants to rush across. Xena takes her time. Kobai looks at how ridiculous her father is. Mi wants to die.

SHIRO: Please be careful. These rocks are slippery.

Ni skips across the rocks to the other side.

Xena slides over the rocks. She slips a bit and regains her balance.

Shiro sees how much fun Xena is having.

SHIRO (to Kobai & Mi): Come on, you two. Xena’s outdoing both of you.

MI: She can have here victory for today. (turns around) I’m going back.

Kobai telepathically flings Mi across the water, crashing her into a tree.

Kobai flies across the water to the other side.

KOBAI: Satisfied?

Shiro signals something to Ni.

Ni grabs Kobai’s hand and shocks her.

NI: I have been assigned “punishment duty.”

MI: Good to know…


Shiro, Xena, Ni, Kobai, & Mi walk up a slope close to the waterfall.

At the top is a river leading into the waterfall. Shiro, Xena, Ni, & Kobai watch it flow. Mi struggles to make it.

KOBAI: Well this is disappointing.

Mi falls to the ground.

SHIRO: What were you expecting? A coffee shop over it?

KOBAI: This is a predictable scene as waterfalls-

Ni dashes to the edge of the cliff. She leaps off the edge of the cliff and dive into the hole below. Mayla & Calif observe.

Shiro, Xena, & Kobai look over the cliff.

Ni pops up.

NI (echoing): WAHOOO!

KOBAI: Loony. Might want to make sure she’s not out on the water during hunting season.

Xena looks down at the water below.

SHIRO: Did you call your sister a duck?

Xena prepares to jump.

KOBAI: Was that not clear?

Xena jumps off the cliff into the water below.


Xena splashes into the water. She opens her eyes to the light trickling through.


Shiro & Kobai look down below. They did not expect Xena to jump.


Xena paddles underwater for a bit. She gets caught up in a current.


NI: That was amazing! Wasn’t she amazing, Dad?

SHIRO: She’s been down too long. (calls out) Ni, check on her!

Ni plunges underwater.

Everyone waits for Ni & Xena to pop up.

Mi makes it to the cliff.

MI: Where’s Xena?

Kobai points down. Mi looks down.

Ni pops up.

NI: I can’t find her! (everyone worries) She must have gotten caught in the current!

SHIRO: Swim upstream & try to find her!

Ni dives into the water.

SHIRO (to Kobai & Mi): You two go help her.

Shiro takes off his shirt.

KOBAI: Do you need me to take you down?

SHIRO (takes off shoes & socks): I can get down myself.

Mi grabs Shiro’s clothes. Shiro dives into the water below. Kobai grabs Mi & flies down.

Mi hands Mayla Shiro’s clothes. Shiro pops up out of the water. Kobai & Mi head down the river.

SHIRO: Mayla, throw me my sandals!

Mayla reaches into the basket, grabs a pair of sandals, and tosses them to Shiro.

SHIRO (puts sandals on): You two stay here in case she comes back.

Shiro swims downstream. Ni heads down the river jumping like a dolphin. Kobai & Mi fly over the river. Shiro gets to the edge of the river and runs along the bank.


Xena is thrown about by the current. Ahead is a shallow bed.


Xena climbs onto the shallow bed of the river and catches her breathe.

As Xena finishes catch her breath, a shadow comes over her. Xena opens her eyes to see a bear cub over her.

Xena turns over, sits on her knees, and looks at the cub.

Momma bear comes up from behind the cub with a fish in its mouth.

The cub turns and sits. Momma bear gives the cub the fish.

Momma bear comes up to Xena. Xena is awestruck by the giant bear.

Momma bear nuzzles Xena. Xena enjoys it.

Up the river, Shiro runs close to the river.


In the air, Mi & Kobai soar around trying to spot Xena.

KOBAI: Xenaaaa! She’s couldn’t have gone far.

Mi spots something.

On the ground, Xena plays on momma bear’s belly with the cub.

MI: Ko, do bears have nicely groomed heads?

Kobai looks in Mi’s direction.


Kobai swoops down towards Shiro.

KOBAI: Dad we found Xena! She’s with a bear!


Kobai takes the lead. Shiro follows.

Over with the bear, Xena smiles with her new friend.


Xena & the bears look up the river. Shiro runs into the river.

XENA: Daddy? (gets off bear) What’s wrong?

BOOM Ni bounds out of the river at charged up.


Ni goes in with a lightning punch.

Xena gets in front of the bear to defend it.

Ni is confused by what she is seeing.

SPLASH Ni flies over the bear crashing into a deeper part of the river.

Kobai & Mi land next to Shiro.

The cub comes next to Xena & nudges her.

KOBAI: I guess the bears think Xena is one of their own.

SHIRO (moves towards Xena): Are you hurt?

Momma bear growls at Shiro and stands on her hind legs.

Xena runs to Shiro and stands in front.

Momma bears calms and comes down. The cub runs and tackles Xena. Xena plays with the cub.

Ni pops out of the water.

KOBAI: I guess being inside has lessened the smell of people on Xena.

MI: Or they think she’s a bear.

Shiro watches Xena having fun with the cub. He hasn’t seen Xena smile this much in her life.

Shiro walks over to the bank of the river. Kobai & Mi are perplexed by Shiro’s actions. They follow him.

Shiro gets a few feet into the woods and sit down facing the river. Mi & Kobai wonder what their dad is doing.

Ni watches Shiro from the water. She turns her attention to Xena.


Xena plays with the cub. Xena’s smile seem to get bigger and bigger as the two continue to play.



Xena & the cub have fallen asleep.

Shiro picks up the sleeping Xena and puts her on his back.

Momma bear picks up her little cub and heads into the woods.

Shiro sees the bear off with a smile.


Shiro carries a worn-out Xena up the riverbank. Mi & Kobai walk with him. Ni swims with them.

The waterhole comes into view. Mayla & Calif see Shiro & the other and wave out to them.


Xena is buckled in the back seat of the car. Shiro watches the worn out Xena sleeping so soundly.

Mayla places the basket in the back. Kobai & Calif stand outside the van with Shiro.

Mi & Ni comes from the restroom.

MI: Ah. I don’t think I can stand places like this long.

NI: I didn’t see you in there.

MI: I know. Once was enough.

NI: But did you go?

MI: You didn’t need to go.

NI: I will not soil my swimwear with my pee.

MI: Geez, someone call the fashion police over here.

SHIRO: Okay, you two, get in. Anybody else need to go?

CALIF: Nope.

KOBAI: I have lost a sufficient amount of bodily fluids today. I should be fine.

Mi, Ni, Kobai, & Calif load into the van.

MAYLA: Where were you guys?

SHIRO: Xena found something interesting.

MAYLA: What?

SHIRO: A friend.

Mayla is surprised. She looks at Xena.

Xena smiles in her sleep. Mayla smiles & gets into the van.

Shiro starts to head for the driver’s side.

A growl comes from the forest. Shiro sees momma bear at the entrance of the park. She lets off a growl and heads back into the forest.

Shiro sends a smile to Xena’s first friend.

Shiro gets into the van. The van drives away from the park.

NI (O.S.): Hey Dad, do you think we can come back?

SHIRO (O.S.): I think we’ll be coming here a lot.