Chapter 7:

Chapter 6: Crimson Beyond a Fleeting Eternity


The fire was always something that I was afraid of. I have never found it beautiful by seeing it from afar, as many say it is. Every movement it made was to ruffle my skin, dread flourishing deep inside me. They always told me to be cautious about it while being near it since, however much it illuminated the darkness, it was strong enough to extinguish the ones that reside inside our hearts.

Meanwhile, she was the opposite. She pacified my fears no matter how bright they glowed with that same warmth.

I remembered my burning cheeks.

The world falling at my feet.

The branches, leaves and flowers.

The screams.

The attacks.


Everything was so clear.

So vivid I felt it once again very close to me.

Her firm back in front of me, using all her strength to protect me.

As delicate as a flower. A beautiful and elegant flower that fought against all adversity. The screams returned, again and again, and again. Everything withered; it perished. I would also do it, like them.

United for live towards something that we can never be free of.

So small, but I was so small. I did not understand the world around me.

My wings burned.

I noticed that they were falling, turning them into ashes.

It looked like rain made of ash.

I extended my hand, trying to reach the distant back in front of me.

Red and orange blinded me, causing the greenness of her hair to get lost in the smoke. I kept coughing, choking when I breathed.

Someone came towards me, moving me away. I did not want to be taken away.There was no point in trying to save me if they could not save her.

Maybe we would be able to die in the blaze no matter how much they dragged me. However, she had protected them with magic. Something that I set out to learn at that exact moment. If I had gone with her at that moment, I would be fighting at her side. As much as I was part of the council, I was not able to do much.

I only had the ability to hear the voices. Nothing good that would bring her support.

"Protect her in my stead. Take care of her for me."

She lifted her neck one last time, saying those words.

That distant person, with that green hair that was losing its colour, used the little that was left of energy. The leaves of the tree fell, enveloping her as if they were playing with her abilities. It seemed a beautiful, dazzling and wonderful sight. But only me and the being who dragged me to get me out of there knew the truth.

She withered for my sake.

I grabbed the bracelets she gave me against my chest, preventing my crying from continuing.


I lost consciousness by being unable to breathe, only repudiating the colour that started the massacre.

Seeing the violet of his eyes brought me memories I wanted to forget completely. Memories that I can not erase entirely by having Lehoi by my side. There will always be a ghost that torments us, that pulls us to the depths of what we fear. If the tree was not enough, seeing his face only caused astonishment, confusion, hatred and love.

Love towards my sister Amae.

Even so, I felt a connection with this boy who had fallen from the sky. He was still coughing, perhaps aching from the impact. We were both short of breath from the blow, causing him to react more slowly than usual. The black hair that received me reminded me of an endless night, without forgetting that his skin resembled the same snow. He had wounds, probably from his recent crossing in a forest. Having him so close caused me to want to blush because of the embarrassment since I usually am very reserved with strangers. I wanted to calm things down. Having the nymphs arguing had not been a good start, and then to sabotage their plans by saying that I was going to request an audience with the unfortunate dictator we have as king.

Until the snake appeared, laughing.

At that moment I remembered my weather forecast when I went with the unbearable pixie. It was going to rain. Surely it was already happening outside.

"Ah... I knew a storm was coming."

It was not the right time to remember fragments of a past that I can never amend and recover. To yearn for someone who will never come back. I must go on with my life, and if I wanted to fulfil my plans, I had to avoid to become the dinner of a snake.

I hit the boy with great force, noting in my mind to apologize later. I thought he had gone far, far away without mercy but, after my actions, I noticed that I had been hurt in the process. Our heads collided with a large blow causing both of us to shout for pain.

He looked angry but didn't say a word.

His gaze told me he was analyzing me. Every part of me. Detail by detail. I felt exposed and even naked after being inspected with such precision. Being something competitive, I entered the same plan, avoiding looking at his eyes. This time I decided to focus on what he really was and not just his appearance.

His presence. I must focus on his presence. The fact that he has fallen from the sky is already very suspicious. He has characteristics of a humanoid but he does not seem to be of our species, including Lehoi's. Therefore, it is discarded. He must come from the outskirts... I do not detect the presence of some mythological being camouflaged.

After noticing that he was also being examined, he frowned. I fell back into the pattern of the colour of his eyes, deconcentrating. Suddenly, an idea came to my mind.

I do not want to reach hasty conclusions but... if he's not a mythological being... and he has a humanoid aspect, it's more likely that he comes from the plane of mortals. If so, how did he enter this place? All accessways have been closed... besides, if it's from that place, he could do something with magic, everyone uses it over there. Although... those eyes... those eyes belong... no, Verenise. Do not think about those things.

"When do you plan to solve this, freak?"

His voice was strange.


I did not know how to explain it. It was graceful, although somewhat serious. It did not sound very masculine either, indicating that he still was not coming of age. I felt that I floated in the clouds that Lehoi so adored but, at the same time, it sent chills down my heart.

As if hiding a sinister and twisted personality.

"..?" I kept analyzing his words.

"Just lovely. Don't you hear me with those ears of yours? You have to solve this, freak!" He pointed to his head.

I raised my gaze, to realize the detail: our hair had become entangled in the fall, which is why, when I kicked him, there was no effect. The two antennae of my hair had interlaced with the only one of his, forming a vine that got worse when I kicked it. I wanted to resolve things peacefully but his attitude was not entirely correct.

"If you want to ask for a favour, you have to do it kindly," trying to swallow my pride, I pretended to be calm.

"I do not need to ask for it, I'm ordering it," he narrowed his eyes, crossing his arms.

"I am not a servant to obey you, least of all a freak. What's with that attitude? We are in a serious predicament right now, and not only do I refer to this accident," I pointed to the snake, who patiently watched our quarrel.

In the distance, I thought I heard the laughter of Lehoi and Arroila.

They must be dying with everything that is happening right now.

"Untangle me!" Shouted the boy who fell from the sky.

"You should set your priorities straight! I have many doubts right now!" His attitude was exasperating me. "Not every day a person falls from the... sky!"

"And I hope this is the last time I do that," he turned his back on me, pulling me a little after doing so.

How many times has this humanoid fallen? And there seem to be more of them...

Having been immersed in the boy with violet eyes, I took into account the other characters that had appeared on the scene. One was a man who dressed very similar to the boy who was still talking only about our current predicament. His eyes were a grey-blue, scaring me a little because they were so dark. He smiled away, probably noticing that I was watching him. With that feeling in mind, I trembled a little. It gave me a bad feeling. Then, unlike the mysterious individual who was standing untouched, a woman walked with knees on the ground, trembling and very nervous. She murmured many things, which were barely understandable. I did not know if she was scared or on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I wanted to repair more in her appearance but, something else caught my attention.

The little girl.

She was looking from one side to the other, able to control each one of her emotions. Immediately I realized that she had noticed the existence of Lehoi and Arroila, losing herself in their charismatic personalities.

Black hair, long, silky and beautiful. A pink ribbon that seemed taken care of with love. A delicate skin that reminded me of a princess. Everything was perfect in her until I felt the inexplicable union between her and the bitter boy.

They are also violet. What kind of...? Who are these people? The boy says it was an order for me to untangle our antennas... don't tell me...

I shook my face violently, listening to his complaints.

"You're going to have to stay still for a long time," exhausted, I resorted to tearing off both ends.

"Are you crazy?!" He tried to stop me, only to end up evading, at all costs my intentions. "I will not let you cut it!"

"It will grow again, it's hair! Also, that priority is the least you should concern yourself with. Do not you realize the animal that is right beside us?"

"Obviously I do! I was fleeing from that disgusting thing," hearing the poisonous words of the boy, the snake hissed in response.

"Don't provoke it!" I placed both hands in his mouth. "You are insane!"

"Do not touch me with your dirty hands, freak!" A strong blush had flooded his face.

"I'm not a freak!" I felt that I lowered myself to his childish level. I resorted to stopping, after witnessing that the red colour was growing more in his face.

He resorted to covering his face with both hands after separating us.

He kept me from seeing that side of him.

All I want is to put an end to this snake and bombard this humanoid-looking being with questions. Especially about that violet that torments my dreams.

"I do not understand why Fazio is ignoring this problem..." he muttered irritably, observing the second man. Then he gave me a deep look. "You are not the only one looking for answers. Rather, I hope that you and all those floating things can explain to me what is going on, whether they want to or not. We need answers. I have... I have to get my sister out of here."

His face fell for a moment, probably saying that last for him alone.

Here's my golden chance!

I turned enough to get rid of the knot that joined us, our faces skimming briefly. I could feel his skin against mine; feelings blossoming as if in spring. There was something there. Something inexplicable. A union that I found difficult to decipher. Something told me that if I wanted to get to the bottom of the recent events, this child would be the key.

That's why when I kicked him, I tried not to use a lot of force. Although, after seeing the small crater that I left on the wall, I had to contain a nervous laugh. I turned my gaze to the snake, indicating that the time had come for which I had expected so much. In the distance, I could hear Belardi and the others discussing what had happened, their quaint voices resonating very little when they were in our natural form.

"Big Bro! Big Bro!"

The sweet voice of the girl stopped me, her connection concerning the eyes making much more sense. I had to put up with the urge to throw questions left and right, concentrating on the eyes of the snake.

"Very well, now it's just you and me," I placed both hands on my waist. "Let the party begin."The beast licked its lips, expectant. We were both ready for action until his irritating voice returned. Unlike her younger sister, it was really hard for me to think that they were siblings after the sudden revelation.

"How dare you!" His yell resounded on the walls. The second man tried to control him, while the boy's antenna moved according to his fury.

"I just saved your life, ungrateful brat! If we had not tangled up, it could have been a different story."

But I would have even resorted to kicking him... Verenise, you have to stop these aggressive behaviours.

"Who the hell has two hair antennae?!" His phrase was the last thing I had to hear to set loose my inner demon.

"Who the hell has a very long one coming out of their head?! This happened due to you falling from the sky!" I turned my back on the snake, returning to a childish argument.

"It's not like I wanted to do it! You're not a very good buffer, it hurt!"

"Do you think that it did not hurt me?! To be so thin you weigh too much! I appreciate not having been in my original form, I would already be dead."

A new presence appeared behind my back.

With just feeling his hand on my shoulder, my heart pounded in advance. Having Lehoi by my side, at that precise moment, was not the best. Memories were still there, relating them. It was hard for me to understand and understand it. The way people are so volatile, changing radically. The shadow of my past does not go away. The exile of his land tried to make me see reason, I was still lost in the labyrinth of fire that tormented me.

After all, this silly pixie had a completely different personality back then. It is not the "mocker" that he now appears to be.

"Veri... I don't think it's the right time to argue." I swallowed, obfuscating the Lehoi of the past. "I understand that you are angry but we have something much more important in front of us."

I tried to return to reality.

"Please, Lehoi! That snake right now is the least of our problems," I said, trying to convince myself that these memories were non-existent.

It seemed to me that the animal recoiled, somewhat offended.

"Veri! It's not time to be stubborn," Arroila was with him, making me feel a twinge.

It hurts to see them together after everything that happened in the past, especially after Amae...

"Seriously, it's not a big deal. It is one of those snakes that appear during heavy storms. Serponidia, you know. These things are taught in elementary school, Lehoi."

I kept my head up, doing my best not to break.

"Anyway!" My blond friend held my hands, stopping all my intentions.

His concern was obvious, so much so that it made me sick. With just remembering the past thanks to that damned violet my world was coming down under rationally. My image of Lehoi changed constantly, as did the memories with my sister. I wanted to swallow my heart and my feelings as if they were a bad dish that I had to put up with.

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