Chapter 1:



Light and Shadow.
Two constants that keep the universe in perfect balance.
Where a Light shines, a Shadow will accompany itself just out of its reach, where Shadow dwells, a Light will pierce through with radiance.
Ruling over these two necessary constants are two powerful deities--intimidating, but fair and just. They acknowledge each other's stark differences and use their misunderstandings of one another to better the world they govern together. With Light's warmth, enthusiasm, and good will, and Shadow's cold, rigid, rule-abiding uniform, they create the law of the universe. Yet neither of them would have come to being without another's being.
A greater being presides over Light and Shadow--dubbed the Starmaker--who maintains a silent vigil, as for all its power, it lacked a perceivable form. And yet these two deities can sense its support; its encouragement and undying faith in them. While the Starmaker does not have a means to personify itself its role in the universe is no less significant for it creates the heavenly bodies of that take up the cosmos; from the stars that shine in the night to galaxies that are home to life and beyond.Bookmark here

When the creation of life came about, the Starmaker took particular interest in its development. One form of life struck their interest in particular--Humans.
While weak and fragile, humans bested the odds put against them. They hunted and gathered food, built civilizations, fought among each other, conquered new lands, fought among each other some more, and accomplished great deeds in a short amount of time.
They were the most savage, yet refined of lifeforms. They fascinated Starmaker so much that they longed to be more like them.
They wanted to become human.Bookmark here

And so, Light and Shadow watched as something resembling a human began to take form in their home.Bookmark here

Hair as blue as a cloudless day's sky and shaped like comet streaking across the night's sky.
Eyes that sparkled and gleamed like countless stars that filled the universe.
White skin to match the illuminating soft light celestial bodies emit.
The deities knew from the aura this fragile body emanated, this being was the onewho watched over their every endeavor and triumph. Bookmark here

The Starmaker, now in their new body, spoke their first words to the two deities with a warm smile: "I wanted to be human, so I made this body so I could be with them. You two be good while I'm gone!"
And with that inappropriately casual farewell, Starmaker left, leaving the deities in bewilderment.
And as Starmaker said, they existed with humans. They found a loving and open family who would take them in. Starmaker lived with humans, taught them, nurtured them, and at times would grow angry with them but shared both the happiest of times and the saddest. Starmaker loved being human. Maybe more than the cosmos they put all their tender loving care into creating. They wanted to continue their existence as a human for as long as they could. Starmaker was happy.Bookmark here

This went on for a long time. Bookmark here

Decades passed, and then centuries. Bookmark here

As Starmaker lived with humans, one thing about humanity bothered them.
One thing that stayed constant that Starmaker had completely forgotten all about. One thing that humans could do that Starmaker couldn't:

Humans died.
But Starmaker could not.
One day, Starmaker returned to the two deities, their eyes red and face damp yet carrying an sardonic smile. The deities were jubilant at Starmaker's return but perplexed about their current state. Starmaker did not utter a word despite the deities' non-stop questioning. Bookmark here

Until finally...Bookmark here

"I want to die, too," Starmaker said.
"If humans disappear forever then I want to disappear forever, too."
"That's crazy!" the Light Deity cried in trembling frustration, "Why would you say something like that? How insensitive could you be?!"
"That's too much--" the Shadow Deity interjected before being drowned out by the Light Deity's continued rant.Bookmark here

"You left us to do something you wanted so fast that we didn't know what to do! But we let you do whatever you wanted because we appreciate everything you've done for us. Why shouldn't you get some time off from your job, right? Now you come back and say that? Screw that! What would the world do without you creating the universe? What would we do without you? You can't die! You're too important to us--to everyone! Everyone loves you! Even if they don't say it!"
Starmaker could not make a rebuttal. They never thought of their own significance to others before. They had become so enthralled by humanity and becoming one with it that they had forgotten about their loved ones. Starmaker couldn't begin to apologize before the Light Deity wrapped their arms around them. The deity was sobbing into Starmaker's chest and their body was trembling. Starmaker returned the gesture by holding onto the deity and stroking their head.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry. I said something irresponsible, didn't I?" Starmaker finally spoke in a gentle tone.Bookmark here

"I realize I left so suddenly, and I'm happy you both supported my sudden decision. But, for now, I think I'll retire this 'being human' thing. For my sake and for your sakes."
The two deities nodded in agreement.
"Thank you so much, you two. Thank you for being there for me."Bookmark here

With a smile, Starmaker's human body then evaporated.
Time had made any thoughts of Starmaker becoming human again fade away. Life for Starmaker and the two deities had gone back to its normal grind but this did not stop Starmaker from watching the humans like they had done before. They still adored humankind, but at the same time they did not want to make the deities upset with them again.Bookmark here

Starmaker loved the cosmos, they loved the deities they watched over and they loved the humans they fawned over every day.
Maybe someday, they thought, Maybe I’ll find a place where I can live with them all.
Maybe that’s just impossible.
But, that’s okay. Everything is okay the way it is.Bookmark here


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