Chapter 1:

The Little Genius

Do I Really Have to Solve Every Problem in This World?!

*tic-tic-tic*Bookmark here

"Mmm..m-?!"Bookmark here

Yuuta slowly opened his eyes, though sudden realized he couldn't breathe as he struggled to escape this unusual anomaly. He realized that it was pillow and sighed in response as he hopped off his bed sliding into his slippers.Bookmark here

"Morning, Claire." He smiled as a pair of glasses softly landed restoring his vision
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"Good Morning Yuuta." She replied as she adjusted his glasses with a smile.Bookmark here

The young woman kindly stood up as the sunlight illuminated her presence as if she knew it would shine precisely at that time...Bookmark here

Yuuta then proceeded to his desk but was abruptly stopped by Claire.Bookmark here

"Yu-kun, you must get ready for your test." She replied curtly presenting his school clothes and his backpack.Bookmark here

"Ah...that's right..." He replied rather weakly as he let her dress him.Bookmark here

'My name is Yuuta Moriyama, or Yu for short. As you can see, I'm a busy man despite barely being 10 years old with my research constantly reaching new heights every day.'Bookmark here

While getting dressed he realized he forgot about something as he turned towards the camera with a gentle smile.Bookmark here

'Who's the girl? Well that's Claire Yamikaze, my friend since I was a little baby. She used to take care of me while our parents were busy with work on a daily basis. However, at the age of 6 my parents and her mother went missing after their flight crashed somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle. Her father, didn't take it well and drowned himself in despair leaving her to raising me in the process at the age of 12. Fortunately for her I was an educated child and rather self-reliant though every day she made sure to be back home before sundown.'Bookmark here

After getting dressed, Claire stood up and admired the young boy before her.Bookmark here

He was rather well-dressed for an elementary schooler though the backpack really did seem to enhance his baby face in the process.Bookmark here

"Well, I guess I'd better be going then!" Yuuta remarked walking towards the door.Bookmark here

"Make sure you eat your breakfast!" Claire said as he walked down the stairs as he placed an earpiece on.Bookmark here

"Of course! I can't wait to eat it!" He replied as his vision was replaced with a UI (User Interface) with 999+ Notifications on his tab along with a message from "First Knight Lea"Bookmark here

'Alright, now to sift through this...' He calmly thought as he sat at the table a surge of windows filled his vision as he viewed them all while eating his egg omelette and rice layered with melting mozzarella cheese allowing him to eat rather quickly.Bookmark here

As he came upon the last notification he stopped abruptly as it was for his upcoming test.Bookmark here

"Good Morning Students! We hope you had a nice break, as you are all aware today is the Placement Exam which will determine where you will be learning this upcoming spring season. We wish you good fortune and success today!"Bookmark here

Principal SparrowBookmark here

'Interesting, I expected more actually.' Yuuta said while finishing off his orange juice.Bookmark here

He then hesitantly opens up his message from "First Knight Lea" and immediately closes it as an image of what may appear to be a bunny girl though he sighed as he reopened the message as the video played with the girl in question disappeared as a young, smirking little girl looked at Yuuta.Bookmark here

"Morning Momo-kun! I hope you liked my awesome present to start your day?!" She said as the image appeared again though in a different pose this time.Bookmark here

'This girl....' He thought as the message continued.Bookmark here

'So this is Lea Misaki, my classmate and rival at the Stalwart Academy. While she is the rank of two I hold the rank of one so she's always been with me throughout my schooling. Whether I am reading in the library, gym class, or even the bathroom she always tries to take shots at me and in some cases I just have to let her win because when she pouts, she attracts a lot of unnecessary attention to me.'Bookmark here

"Anyway, I just wanted to warn you to bring your best today because today's the day I'm going to beat you!" She said as she began to laugh haughtily.Bookmark here

'Here we go again....' He thought.Bookmark here

He smirks closing the windows and closing the UI as Claire walks in joining him at the dining table. Her school outfit complimented her radiant smile which was rather a usual sight for Yuuta but he kindly gestured for her to eat.Bookmark here

"So, are you ready?" She asked piercing the omelette as steam puffed out lightly.Bookmark here

"Of course I am, reviewed the material a thousand times and I didn't even need the review sheets!" Yuuta said confidently as she began eating her breakfast.Bookmark here

"Oh well you really do uphold that title don't you?" She smiled in response.Bookmark here

"Yeah...I guess I do don't I?" He replied blushing a little.Bookmark here

"The Little Genius, such a cute nickname for you in school right?" She says then wiping the steam from his glasses further showing his embarrassment with a smile.Bookmark here

"I mean you don't have to call me that..." He replied then pushes his glasses rather fervently as he then hops off the table.Bookmark here

Heading towards the door he realized he forgot to grab his lunch then turning he was met with her kissing his cheek as his glasses immediately fogged up with his face flushing red as she handed him his lunch.Bookmark here

"I'm...going now." He says weakly as he stumbles out the door.Bookmark here

"Have a good day!" She replies happily blushing a little.Bookmark here

'Why does she do that?...' Yuuta thought.Bookmark here

[Author's Note - Hey everyone! Glad to be here, I hope you've enjoyed the beginning of this series and I hope you'll enjoy every step of the way as the story moves along.]Bookmark here

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