Chapter 14:

Chapter 8 - The Silver City |PART 1|

Utopia Book 1: The First Journey and the Awakening (Volume 1: Green) *ON HOLD*

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Mayu's eyes opened wide, and her jaw dropped as she stared at The Silver City. "Layo, what is this place?" she asked in wonder.Bookmark here

"It's my home... Alvarien City." he answered.Bookmark here

Mayu was dumbfounded by what she saw,Bookmark here

"This place is beautiful! How have I never heard about this place?" she asked.Bookmark here

Mayu was still looking out at the beautiful city, but still sat in wait for an answer,Bookmark here

"Well, I can explain that!" Elphina interrupted.Bookmark here

"You see, Alvarien City is a very strange and unique place. It's unknown to most of the realms because of its high technological state. Most realms don't have the technology that we do. That's why when others see the city floating above them, they call it The Silver City, the home of the gods." She explained.Bookmark here

By then Mayu's attention had been drawn towards Elphina, Bookmark here

"The home of the Gods? but Elphina, you’re from there are you not? Bookmark here

“Yes…” she answered.Bookmark here

“But I haven’t actually seen you do anything weird… and you look just like me obviously…”Bookmark here

"Exactly! Really were no different from everybody else on the ground, but we do have some perks-” Bookmark here

“Are you talking about that weird thing that Layo did on the ship?!” Mayu interrupted.Bookmark here

“What weird thing?” she asked clearly confused.Bookmark here

“Well it was kind of weird, but I felt a cold breeze cover over my body, with the cold air, came a warm kind of energy, and before I knew it I could feel it begin to swell up inside of me. Soon after that, I was half awake when I caught a glimpse of us falling out of the Alto Phantom… but there was some sort of light that surrounded Layo’s body… I’m not sure what it was but it looked like some sort of blue energy.”Bookmark here

“Blue Energy?” Elphina was quite shocked, but not more than she was angry.Bookmark here

“Layo… you didn't use it did you?!” she asked him.Bookmark here

Layo could feel the cold sweat on the back of his head,Bookmark here

“Use what?” he asked pretending not to notice her anger towards him.Bookmark here

“You did didn't you?!” She spat.Bookmark here

Layo was now looking away nervously.Bookmark here

“What… what did he use?” Mayu asked Elphina.Bookmark here

She looked at Layo with complete seriousness and replied,“Oh it’s nothing too important, I’ll explain everything when we reach our base in the city.” Bookmark here

Layo could see Elphina’s giving him a deadly glance… he couldn’t help but to be a bit frightened.Bookmark here

“Okay…” Mayu responded confused while scratching her head.Bookmark here

Elphina turned back around and focused on her steering, “So you can see it huh?”Bookmark here

For a moment Mayu thought she heard Elphina whisper something under her breath, but quickly dispatched her thought and focused on the city before her.Bookmark here

The entrance looked like a circulish tube. Mayu stared at it for some time wondering how they were able to create such a city. They were still pretty far from the entrance. Mayu couldn’t see no more than ten to fifteen feet into the hole. She started squinting to try and see a little bit further when suddenly, something blurry appeared on the floor of the entrance.Bookmark here

“Is somebody down there?” she asked to herself.Bookmark here

Mayu quickly rubbed her eyes to see if she was seeing properly, but when she looked again , the figure was gone.Bookmark here

“Hey Elphina… did you see something down there by the entrance?” she asked while pointing at the huge circle.Bookmark here

“By the entrance?” Elphina took a quick look out, but the only thing she saw was the busy traffic of Rovers in front of her.Bookmark here

“No… nothing unusual, why?” she answered.Bookmark here

“Huh? Well I uh... it was nothing...” Mayu responded.Bookmark here

Mayu’s attention turned from the entrance to what was around it. She couldn’t help but think that for some reason, it seemed as though the outside wasn’t preserved as much as the city inside. The rim was rusted and torn, piles of junk were clumped together in the wall around it, it was truly a mess. Mayu soon realised that, like herself there were many waiting for the gates to be opened. It wasn’t long before Mayu could see a small beam of light from within the cracks of the door. Before they knew it the gates that protected the city from the outside began to open. Bookmark here

It was true…Bookmark here

Alvarien City was a lot different than what Mayu had ever experienced, but then again Mayu had never truly experienced the place called the Silver City, was that actually even the city’s name, or is it just a name that was created from all the stories she heard back home. She had yet to experience the so-called legend called the Land of The Gods. From her home on the ground, she would have thought of it as the Silver City, a land forbidden for her to touch and see. Bookmark here

The thought had slowly begun to pass over her captivated mind as she slowly let it wander onto something else.Bookmark here

As they flew through the Silver city, she saw silver buildings that reached far beyond the clouds, strange machines much like the one she was in floated above the ground, moving at speeds faster than what her eyes could keep up with.Bookmark here

Everything was so fascinating... but what she was about to see would be more fascinating than the rest.Bookmark here

In the middle of this great city was something so beautiful, so wondrous. Inbedded in the centre of its crust, was a tall crystal building that illuminates the entire city,Bookmark here

"What is that place?" Mayu asked, pointing her finger towards the centre of the city.Bookmark here

"Oh that! That's my school," Layo answered.Bookmark here

"Your school!" she said surprised.Bookmark here

Layo noticed her sudden excitement,Bookmark here

"What? Have you never seen a school before?" he asked.Bookmark here

"Of course I've seen a school before! Just.... nothing like that one," she responded.Bookmark here

"Our schools were always so small, and everyone was squished together in one room."Bookmark here

"Oh! Well probably how most schools are down there," he said simply.Bookmark here

As their vehicle began to approach the school, Mayu suddenly pushed herself out in excitement. She wanted to get a better look, so she leaned outwards, onto the edge of the vehicle.Bookmark here

"Wow! This must be at least sixty meters wide! No... a hundred meters all around!"Bookmark here

She looked at the huge tower that stood in the centre of the school. Like the other buildings, it was very tall, the only difference was that this one was bigger than all the rest.Bookmark here

Before too long their vehicle began to move away from the school. Mayu finally pulled her head back into the vehicle and sat down. She closed her eyes and let out a long breath of air to try and calm herself down. After all, she had to, but deep down she knew that nobody could, not after seeing all that.Bookmark here

By the time Mayu opened up her eyes, they were already at the vicinity of the school.Bookmark here

"Wow, that was fast!" she said amazed.Bookmark here

"What was fast?" Layo asked.Bookmark here

"I mean, this vehicle that we're on." She answered.Bookmark here

"Oh, this old thing?" Elphina said, slapping the side of the vehicle.Bookmark here

"Well, it's what you call a Rover." She replied.Bookmark here

"A Rover huh?" Mayu responded.Bookmark here

She looked around the inside of the vehicle. Where she was seating didn't have much to look at, it was only just Layo and the empty seat on her left. She thought that there would be more stuff to look at in the front. So, she quickly leapt up and began to walk over to the front where Elphina was sitting... and it turns out, she had hit a bullseye.Bookmark here

She plopped down on to the seat of her Left and began to look at what seemed to be the controls for the machine. The inside had a light brown colour, it was filled with blinking buttons and golden levers. Mayu had never seen a machine so abstract.Bookmark here

The ones back in Bellsberry were just kind of normal, Mayu had already learned to drive one at the age of five, "it didn't take her long to use one of those machines so this should be a piece of cake!" she thought.Bookmark here

Elphina turned to her left to see a bright smile on Mayu's face. For a moment she thought that Mayu was looking at her, but she was actually looking at the buttons and levers in the front.Bookmark here

"You want me to show you how?" she asked unexpectedly.Bookmark here

"Really?" Mayu asked with enthusiasm.Bookmark here

"Yeah sure, why not?" she answered.Bookmark here

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