Chapter 1:

Birth of Crux

Particles of Paradise

Urban legends. These gossips went around the world, as countless as the desert sands.Bookmark here

    Like the urban legend of the Slit Mouthed Woman.Bookmark here

    Every state has an urban legend that has spooked the residents for years, spanning from aliens and monsters to ghosts and the supernatural. Urban legends have inspired a slew of scary literature and films, from Bloody Mary to the spider bite. These legends are based on true stories, however they are not necessarily correct. To put it frankly, they're obviously nonsense. These legends are primarily developed by fellow humans' dread of the unknown; nevertheless, legends pass back in the closet as individuals gain more knowledge.Bookmark here

    So, there are urban legends numerous enough to light up the sky. What isn’t as well known is that some of them are actually true.Bookmark here

    For instance, a rumor too surreal to believe becoming an urban legend. Here is an example of such a rumor. It’s a rumor, whispered around earnestly on the Internet, of a place named “ Avalon”. It’s a place populated only by chosen people, they say, it's a place where knowledge is free, where you choose your destination, where learning has no bounds, where every particle has a beauty of itself, where the atmosphere has its own charm, where everyone is free as birds, where everything is so bizarre that you would feel as if you are dreaming They say humans dream to escape reality, but this place will make you question reality itself.Bookmark here

    After reading these descriptions by different people you must have started forming an image of the places like a Utopian society or perhaps heaven, but that’s not it, in fact, this place is a school, yes, that place you probably hate the most, believed to exist in some other realm really close to yours, only chosen people have access to this place, it is believed so that is. You'll probably think, “No way.” Of course, that’s what everyone thinks. How can such a place exist and completely hide its presence, why is it that no one ever stumbled around it, and such questions arise in people’s minds, and thus, gives birth to more unbelievable rumors.Bookmark here

   “That place is associated with the Illuminati.”Bookmark here

   “It is controlled by the government, they are hiding it from the public so that they can do experiments.”Bookmark here

    Etc., etc. Thus, a new urban legend is slowly born.Bookmark here

    But now enough talking about this “Avalon” place.Bookmark here

    It’s time for the MC to come in.Bookmark here

   ▪▪▪Bookmark here

“Man... what a boring day it was, there's nothing special about this school. I wonder why everyone wants to get their kids in here. The only thing I find fun in there is playing basketball, but now they don't allow that too due to exams, duh…”Bookmark here

    It’s 15:00 and this young man is walking down the road in his school uniform, with not a very pleasant look on his face. His life went from a pleasant dream to a nightmare of infinite depth.Bookmark here

    He enters his single-room apartment and throws away his bag into the corner, his wall covered in anime girl posters, hiding the cracks of the wall. The room was pretty clean for someone his age living alone, there was a table sitting on which was a desktop system with a few RGB lights, a normal keyboard, and a mouse, you can see Dickcord open on the second monitor, meanwhile, the first one had a browser window with multiple tabs open, one the other corner of the room was a dustbin with food wrappers in it, besides which was a chair stacked with clothes, on the opposite side of the table was a mattress. There was only one window in the room that was covered so the only light source was the monitors.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

   He changed his clothes and collapsed on the mattress as if it was a really tiring day, he opened his phone and checked his social media apps looking really tired but showing no interest in rest, after some time he ate some packed food and started playing games on his PC till midnight, after that just collapsed on the mattress again completely forgetting that he even has homework to do.Bookmark here

   “You know what... I really don’t need to do that stuff, now can you stop dissing me, I’m literally the MC of this story. Now let me sleep...”Bookmark here

    And he fell asleepBookmark here

    This boy’s name is Tachibana Yuki (橘幸), with Yuki being written in the Japanese Kanji for Happy(幸) ,sixteen, student, single, 176 cm, introvert, weeb. A young man with black hair, a kind but sharp voice, in pants and an orange t-shirt that says, “人間”(humans). Bookmark here

Bookmark here

✳✳✳Bookmark here

Bookmark here

28th JulyBookmark here

Bookmark here

    It’s 6 o'clock on a Wednesday morning and the alarm goes off. Yuki woke up and started brushing his teeth while preparing some tea for himself before going to school. After changing his clothes he set off for school towards his bus stop. Pretty much a normal day for him.Bookmark here

   ▪▪▪Bookmark here

   “Goooood Mooorninggg”Bookmark here

   “Good Morning class, you may sit down now”Bookmark here

   “Before we begin today’s lecture I have an important announcement to make, from today onwards we will have a new student in our class, please come inside and introduce yourself”Bookmark here

 A girl with short brown hair walked into the class, she had round eyes with brown pupils, her height was near the average girl height, nearly 5'5, she looked at everyone and spoke.Bookmark here

   “My name is Sasaki Naomi (佐々木直美), the Kanji is from help (在), tree (木), straight (直), and beautiful (美). I will be joining you from today onwards, I am looking forward to making new friends and having fun.”Bookmark here

   “Thank you, please go and sit on the third seat with Harada Daisuke, he will tell you about how things work here and introduce you to new people as well.”Bookmark here

     She did just as the teacher said and sat with Daisuke. Yuki looked at her for a sec and then thought to himself一Bookmark here

  (She looks cute, but she is far out of my league. Boring dudes like me can only have 2D girls. I'll just continue with the class. Let's see what they are teaching today.)Bookmark here

   “So continuing with the class, today we are going to learn about Greek Mythology.”Bookmark here

   (Oh... looks like I’ll just complete my sleep... I’ve played King Of War so many times that I know about Greek Mythology more than the teacher... haha…)Bookmark here

    The teacher continued teaching and Yuki showed no interest in the lecture and just completed his dear sleep.Bookmark here

▪▪▪Bookmark here

    The school bell rang indicating that it was lunch break already, Yuki who woke up by the sound of the bell realized that he had slept through 3 classes straight.Bookmark here

   (I should get some food from the canteen for myself.) He thought, clearly not bothering about anything around him.Bookmark here

   He went to the canteen and bought the most inexpensive food available and sat in the most cornered seat, and quietly ate his food whilst reading a novel, the name of which was "Ways To Survive", apparently he came across it while randomly surfing and found it really interesting.Bookmark here

   “Hello, are you eating alone?”Bookmark here

A familiar voice broke Yuki’s attention, he looked up from his book to see the new transfer student Naomi.Bookmark here

   “Yes, why?”Bookmark here

   “I thought I could share a seat with you, can I?”Bookmark here

   “I don’t mind, but I suggest you not.”Bookmark here

Showing no intention of accepting the suggestion she sat on the chair while asking “Oh, why so?”.Bookmark here

Yuki understood what she wanted and diverted his eyes back to his book and said “I am the most introverted guy you can find, I won't be enough to amuse you"Bookmark here

   "Oh my, now I didn't expect that kind of response... I'm not in search of amusement, but now you have my curiosity."Bookmark here

   "...So… I think I made a wrong assumption…explain."Bookmark here

   "Huhh? What? Explain what? I didn't catch it? What do you mean by explain? And look at me and not that goddamn book!"Bookmark here

   "sigh… I meant why are you so interested here? There are other interesting characters in the class too."Bookmark here

   "Oh yeah there are, but none of them dare to sleep straight through 3 classes he-heh."Bookmark here

   "I see, so you are one of those observant ones一"Bookmark here

   "No, I'm not."Bookmark here

   (She sure is cute but she is weird, I don’t like dealing with weirdos so I’ll just pass一)Bookmark here

   "Hey! Stay here, I'll refill my water and come back, till then don't move."Bookmark here

   "Oh my, you look progressive, I'll wait for you here."Bookmark here

   And Yuki lied. He ran off not to fill water but to get rid of her. (一Tsk, what a weirdo, I clearly don’t want to interact with these people, I'll just go on the terrace and read my novel…)Bookmark here

▪▪▪Bookmark here

    On the terrace of a three-story school was Yuki, sixteen, single, sitting alone, peacefully, reading a novel, this boy wanted nothing but peace of mind in his life, he is introverted but knows how to talk to people, and yet he still decides to not talk to them as it is a waste of time and energy for him and he gains nothing from the conversations. He likes reading books until now he has read thousands of books on the internet. He truly belonged to the world of the internet, spending all day doing stuff on the internet and ignoring homework is not that easy after all. He didn't have much money so he bought very few books but has read thousands of pirated books online. He used the internet as an escape from reality. But it’s not like you can stay far away from reality, no matter how much you run away, you can never escape reality.Bookmark here

    The school bell rang indicating that the recess was over, Yuki returned to his class and sat on his desk, namely the last one. He saw Naomi entering the class and they locked eyes, she didn’t have a pleasant look on her face, of course, who would be pleased after getting ditched. The classes then resumed until school was over and then everyone left for home, Yuki too was heading out and Naomi chased him from behind, Yuki sensed her coming and tried his best to ignore her.Bookmark here


   “...”Bookmark here


   She caught up with Yuki and started screaming in his ears while Yuki did his best to ignore her.Bookmark here


   “What are you talking about? We never began to finish in the first place, now don’t bother me.”Bookmark here

   “HMPH! I’m letting you go because I have some work, but I’ll see you tomorrow, don't forget!”Bookmark here

   “It’s not good to torture your classmates at the school you just transferred to… and as of tomorrow, don’t even bother to find me”Bookmark here

   “Yeah yeah we will see that. Bye-bye! See ya tomorrow!”Bookmark here

   “...Bye... never see you again...”Bookmark here

    Yuki returned home and changed his clothes, and continued reading his novel, after some time he decided to take a short break and play some Counter Attack: Condition Worse. After playing around 20 matches and losing only in 2 of them he realized that it’s already 7 PM. He prepared some instant cup noodles for himself and while slurping them he was browsing what degenerates like him normally surf at night, yes, it was p0rn.Bookmark here

✳✳✳Bookmark here

29th JulyBookmark here

    It’s 6 o'clock on a Thursday morning and the alarm goes off. Yuki repeats his daily activities and goes off to school.Bookmark here

    On his way to school, to his bad luck, he ran into Naomi一Bookmark here

   “Heyyyyy! I have something interesting to show you today, meet me during break time.”Bookmark here

   “Huh? Didn’t I tell you yesterday to not torture your classmates at the school you just transferred to… I don’t want to see anything… I won’t com一”Bookmark here

   “You WILL come, it’s really important and interesting hehe.”Bookmark here

   “....fine… I’ll come.”Bookmark here

   “HUH!? Did you just agree with what I said? Am I hearing right?”Bookmark here

   “I take that back一”Bookmark here

   “NONONO! DON’T! You are coming.”Bookmark here

   “, okay”Bookmark here

   “...”Bookmark here

   “...”Bookmark here

   “Okay! See you later!”Bookmark here

   “...”Bookmark here

    Saying this she left. Yuki just stared at her back and proceeded to class. As he had enough sleep last night he didn’t feel like sleeping in class but nor did he feel like paying attention. So for the whole class, he was just gazing out of his window. He may have philosophized in his head.Bookmark here

    As said Yuki was waiting for Naomi at her desk while there was no one in class, she soon entered the class with a bright but rather concerning smile, concerning for Yuki that is一Bookmark here

Bookmark here

✳✳✳Bookmark here

Bookmark here

    They were heading towards the back of the school through the big playground.Bookmark here

   “Can you tell me where you are taking me?”Bookmark here

   “Oh, you will soon find that out”Bookmark here

   As they were walking some guys from their class decided to interrupt, apparently, they were the bullies.Bookmark here

   “OYE! HAPPY BOY! LOOK HERE!”Bookmark here

   “HUH? Why are you calling me? What do you want now?" Yuki replied to them.Bookmark here

   “Oh ho, why are they calling you ‘Happy boy’? Is it because you are with a cute girl like me? hehe.”Bookmark here

   “No, my name means happy.”Bookmark here

   “...Ironic…”Bookmark here

   Yuki looked dead into her eyes and said “I know right.”, saying this he proceeded towards the bullies but Naomi interrupted一Bookmark here

   “Yo big bois, we are kinda busy right now, would you mind if you talked to him laterrr?” She said, jumping in between them.Bookmark here

   “Huhh? Aren't ya the new transfer student? What business ya got with our happy boy?” Bookmark here

   “It’s some really private business, have you got any problem?” Naomi purred, whilst closing up to Yuki.Bookmark here

   “Hey, stop! You will give them the wrong idea idiot!” Yuki shrieked.Bookmark here

   “Huh? You guys are weirdos!" They said with a disgusted look, "Honestly, we are not interested, just fuck off.”Bookmark here

   Saying this they left the place while giving Yuki a weird look.Bookmark here

    Yuki and Naomi reached the end of the playground, it didn’t have any fence so anyone could just run off from here, Naomi pointed to a thing that looked like an old shed. “Do you know what is in there?” she said.Bookmark here

   “I never entered that but it is apparently a storeroom.”Bookmark here

   “Why do you think there is a storeroom out here?”Bookmark here

   “I don’t know.”Bookmark here

   “Because it’s not a storeroom.”Bookmark here

   “Then what is it?”Bookmark here

   “That’s what I’m about to show you.”Bookmark here

   “You joined this school just yesterday, and you're already onto some shit. Just what are you?”Bookmark here

   “I'm from another dimension.”Bookmark here

   “Haha. Funny. Why are you telling me this Ms. Alien?”Bookmark here

   “Because it’s really interesting.”Bookmark here

   “Ugh”Bookmark here

   “There’s a reason for this.”Bookmark here

   “What reason?”Bookmark here

   Instead of replying to his question Naomi pointed to the so-called storeroom and smiled at Yuki. To that reaction, Yuki said, “I see.”Bookmark here

    As they were about to enter that room a man appeared from the shadows, Yuki and Naomi were startled to suddenly see him, when he was completely in the light they could see that he was about the age of 25-30, he had a tall face with and a goatee beard, “You brats should not go in there, it’s not a place for people like you.” he said with a very salty and deep voice.Bookmark here

   “What? That aside, who are you? I’ve never seen you around here, are you some homeless guy living there without permission?” Yuki argued while Naomi was quilty standing there.Bookmark here

   “Brat, do I look like a homeless guy to you?”Bookmark here

   Yuki then looked at his attire, he was wearing a white shirt and brown pants, and a hat, they were kinda dusty but not like something a homeless guy would wear, Yuki then observed his other physical features, he was around 180 cm in height.Bookmark here

   “No you don’t, then what are you doing here? Just who are you?” said Yuki.Bookmark here

   “My name is Shin, you should not go in there, it’s not safe.”Bookmark here

   “Why, and why are you telling me this?”Bookmark here

   “Looks like you brats will just argue, fine, do whatever you want.”Bookmark here

   Saying this he left the place in an instant. Yuki looked at Naomi and asked if she was sure about it, she just smiled and said that he does not need to be worried.Bookmark here

    They entered the storeroom, it was very dusty as no one had entered that place for a really long time. Yuki asked Naomi, “So why did you bring me here?”Bookmark here

   “See this.”Bookmark here

   She handed him a flyer-like paper. It looked like an advertisement or something.Bookmark here

   Bookmark here

Yuki took it and saw, it said一Bookmark here

Bookmark here

   Thou hast acquire a new aura. It shalt becometh the wings of the future yond breakth thy chains of captivty. With the birth of the crux, thou have obtained the winds of blessing yond shouldst leadeth to new power… Thou shalt reacheth the landeth of Avalon.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Address:- 34°42'03"N 136°49'16"E    Bookmark here

Bookmark here

   Yuki’s immediate reaction to it was “What kind of bulshit is this?”Bookmark here

   “It is what you just read.”Bookmark here

   “You believe in this shit? It is just a stupid joke!”Bookmark here

   “Well I know it sounds like a joke, but actually it is一”Bookmark here

   “How can you possibly have an explanation for this!”Bookmark here

   “Listen to me, it has to do with一”Bookmark here

   “I searched the coordinates on it, they are for this storeroom, this is just bullshit, I’m leaving.”Bookmark here

   Naomi just watched his back saying nothing as he was leaving angrily.Bookmark here

   ▪▪▪Bookmark here

 Now let me tell you how these urban legends are made, it’s simply a feeling of “It sure would be cool!” All these urban legends are based on true stories but not true themselves, people tend to see things and make stories out of them, which spread more and more until it becomes an urban legend. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

 Have you heard a rumor that goes like this? Bookmark here

   They say that people who are chosen one day receive an invitation from an anonymous to a place一that doesn’t exist, if you accept it, they say you disappear from this world. And then… they say you're taken to another dimension.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

   …Do you believe it?Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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