Chapter 1:

Tomorrow's River

Eyescape of Dreams

The story so short, the message too tall.You woke up changed, body, face and all.

You try to find that, which is your soul.You cry, "I can't find it, I can't find it." Along with the love you have left behind it.

You swore you'll have it back, No matter the cost. But as the search went on, You found yourself lost. 

You have lost your love, face, and soul. Now, you have lost your way back home. 

As you cry alone, deep in the woods, she finds you laying sprawled--a man misunderstood. 

She helps you back up, unveils your tattered hood: Eyes that have cried rivers, and lips quivering from the cold. 

She walks with you past the trees, through the night. And both of you laid there, on a field under the starry sky.

She asks for your name, you say you don't know. Laughing she says, "I'll give you a name then;

You are now My Tomorrow."

Riri R. Palette
Stella Procella
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