Chapter 13:

Chapter 3.3: The Makeover

If i had emotions, would the world seem more beautiful?


The sound of the high heels that Tsubasa had taken off at the entrance, echoed into our ears.

“Hm? Shoes…?”

As Tsubasa glanced at the multiple pairs of shoes arranged neatly by the doorway, she made her way towards the living room and kitchen, where we were.

“Yuu. Are you here?”


“A beautiful girl.”

The 4 of them who were in the room all said in harmony.

“Ahh. The women in the picture.”

Seeing Tsubasa as she entered the room, Anna immediately saw her as the same Tsubasa who was in the picture she found.


As Miyano heard Anna talk about a picture, Kagura went ahead and took the photo which Anna was hiding behind her.

Curiously, the 3 others had gathered around and looked at the picture. They turned their heads towards Tsubasa and yet again at the picture. Making sure that they were the same person.


Tsubasa was murmuring in a small voice when I was trying to claim back the photo from the others. As I turned around, I saw my sister silently sobbing while she looked at us.

Although at this point, I was sure this was another one of her exaggerated acts.

“You brought friends over…This is…”

“Hey, miss. What’s your relationship with Yuu?”

Anna casually walked up towards Tsubasa and began to question her. Meanwhile, Miyano, Kagura, and Ken were looking at Tsubasa, wanting to hear the answer to the question as well.

Tsubasa walked up to me, grabs me by the head and begin to ruffle my hair.

“Hey…Tsubasa, cut it out.”

“Good for you, isn’t it? Yuu.”

The others looked surprised by her sudden actions and before they were able to speak up.

“Ah. Sorry for the late introduction. I’m Kanjouu Tsubasa. The sister of this guy right here.”



“Heh… So, you guys are part of the same club.”

“Yup we are.”

Somehow, the scene unfolding before me seems to be way too strange. What was supposed to be just a baking lesson, turned to the members of the Keikenbu, sitting around my sister as she answers all their questions. Miyano was also replying to whatever questions my sister had for her, making Tsubasa glance over at me every now and then as I never told her or my family of my actions often.

“And Yuu over here was the one who started it. Heh….”

Seeing her give off a slight smirk, similarly to the one Anna had while glancing at me. I looked off elsewhere, trying to avoid eye contact.

“Yuu over here never tells me anything about himself. I will be counting on you girls to report to me!”

“You got it.”

“Seems like fun, isn’t it, Yuu?”

Yet again, a nerve-wracking promise was made between my sister and the girls.

Wait, since when did they get so close? They looked like they had been friends for a long time now. Could this be the power of girls yet again or could it just have been Tsubasa? Then again, Tsubasa had never had any trouble getting along with someone.

Platinum Blonde hair, flowing all the way down to her waist, crystal blue eyes that looked as clear as the ocean and eyelashes long enough to make you wonder if they were real. With how Tsubasa looked, one would think she was a celebrity. This was another one of the reasons why she could make friends with people easily.

“Ahem. So, why did you come here, Tsubasa?”

“What, do I need a reason to visit my little brother?”

“You know that’s not what I meant.”

Tsubasa had never come here without reasons. Sometimes, it would be just to visit me, others would be to crash at the huge house that obviously should not be for one person and at times, she would come here to request me to help with something.

Currently, it was just me and Tsubasa in the living room. As it was getting late already, the rest of them decided to call it a day and went home.

“Hehe. I want to crash here for a few days, work is quite far from home and your place is closer.”

“Sigh, I knew it would be something like that.”

“Isn’t it fine? Tomorrow is a weekend anyway, we could head out together.”

“I am planning to stay at home all day tomorrow”

“So, its decided then. We are going shopping tomorrow.”

“…Did you even hear what I said?”

As usual, Tsubasa did what she wanted and couldn’t take no for an answer. My weekend where I should be getting some peace and quiet alone at home had been ruined by her sudden appearance.

Tsubasa had already made plans for me to go shopping without even a word of my opinion and went on to shower and sleep. It looks like tomorrow will be another hectic day.


As usual, per my morning routine. I was getting ready to go for a run around the park for exercise.

“Good morning.”

Turning around, I saw Tsubasa who was also dressed in sports attire like me.

“What are you doing?”

“Hm? I’m going to run with you obviously.”

“I would rather not, you will draw too much attention”

“How so?”


A beautiful girl who doesn’t know the power of her appeal. It is a sin.

“Fine, let’s get going.

As we are jogging around the park, the onlookers increase rapidly with all of them staring at Tsubasa, be it a guy or a girl, the elderly or even the children. Of course, the one in question does not suspect a single thing and continues to run normally.

“The stares hurt…”

“Hm? What was that you said?”


We stopped by a park bench and took a small break. The sight of Tsubasa who had her hair tied up in a ponytail, revealing her bare nape while gulping down the bottle of water in her hand had garnered much attention from the people here.

“Phwaa… So how is school these days?”

“Same as usual…”

“Even though you started a club?”

“Nothing much had changed yet.”

Tsubasa and begun to ask about my club and school life recently like she always does whenever she meets me. However, this time, she sat up straight suddenly and began to ask.

“So, which one of the 3 girls is your type?”

“Pffh! *Cough cough”

Due to the sudden question, the water which I was gulping down from the bottle all came gushing out like a fountain.


“Like I said, which one of the 3, Miyano, Kagura or Anna. Who do you like?”

“Like? You should know full well I can’t feel emotions like those.”

“Hehe. True, but you would still have one or two you fancy or are interested in huh?”

“…That’s ridiculous…”

“Is it now?”

“Kagura seems like she got her mind somewhere else. Miyano looks super cheerful and a great girl. However, that friend of yours, Ken was it? He’s in love with her, isn’t he?”

Just by meeting them for the first time and barely talking to them. She already has a grasp of each of their personality and interest. What a fearsome woman.

“And Anna, hmm. She seems like the type who will dominate over you and knowing you, you probably wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.”

Hearing what Tsubasa said made me think back to yesterday’s events where Anna had controlled everything from making me question her actions and appearance to teasing me about the picture as well as manipulating me to call her name.


“Hit the nail, did it?”

After our break, we headed home, and I laid on the bed right after my shower.

“Yuu! Let’s go.”

Before I even got comfortable on my own bed, Tsubasa slams open the door in a new outfit and approached me.

“Go where?”

“Shopping of course.”

“I didn’t agree to it.”

“You don’t have to”

As she quickly assures me that I have no way out of this, she grabs me by the hand and dragged me along. Within an hour, I found myself at the shopping mall.

“This is the popular mall where everyone gets their clothes shopping done.”

“Okay… but what are you telling me for?”

“You are the one who is going to be buying clothes of course.”


“I brought you out here to get some clothes and fix your hair”

“You don’t need to, I’m fine the way I am.”

“Well I’m not, I want my brother to look good too, your sense of fashion is way too bad.”


“Let’s go.


“Hmm, this might look good on you.”

In a flash, I was being used as a mannequin with Tsubasa putting all sorts of clothing on me.

“This could be good…Ah, but that looks nicer, but this too…”

“Sigh…what did I get myself into.”

Feeling even more tired by Tsubasa’s action, I let out a small sigh and a familiar voice had rung out behind me.

“I’m back Mom.”

The petite voice and the way the person said it, I was sure I had heard the owner of this voice somewhere.

“Alright, just put it on the counter.”

The voice seems to belong the daughter of the owner of the store. I turned around to the counter behind me to discern the owner of the voice.



Looking surprised by each other’s appearance. I called out to the familiar figure.


“Yuu? What are you doing here?”

“Hmm…is that Anna-chan I see over there?”

“Ah. Tsubasa-san is here too. What are you all doing?”

“I brought Yuu here for a makeover”

“I never agreed to it.”

“A makeover?”

“Yup, some new clothes, and a haircut.”

“Am I being ignored…”

After seeing Me and Tsubasa, Anna began to talk to Tsubasa about why we are here. As if I was gone from the picture, they continued conversing until…

“If it is for Yuu, then these clothes would fit I think.”

“Oh, you are right. And with those pants. Alright, Yuu. Go try these on.”

Being inched by Tsubasa and Anna who was shoving the clothes in my hands, I went into the changing room.

“You work here Anna-chan?”

“Yup. I’m helping my Mom when I’m free. Clothes are a passion of mine you see.

“Anna, could you pass the tape by the counter?”

“Got it.”

The voice that reached out to Anna was her Mom. A tall slender build, with blonde hair like her daughter and even shorter hair, but, fitting her so well. I finally found out where Anna might have gotten her attitude from. From seeing how her Mom had interacted with the customers and Anna, it was like how she would act in school.

“I’m done.”

Coming out of the changing room, Anna and Tsubasa were looking at me in the set of clothing they had chosen.


“Not bad at all.”

“Yuu, come here a little”

Tsubasa had pulled me closer and out of the changing room, she began to style up my hair by pulling it backward and styling it to the side.

“…That’s Yuu?”

Anna had exclaimed out at me by the time Tsubasa was done.

“Who’s this, Anna?”

“Ah, Mom. He’s my friend from club at school.”

“Hmm, not a bad body build and face”

Anna’s Mom began to eye around my body after her customers left.

“Ah, I’m Akii Kanade, Anna’s Mom.”

“Hah…nice to meet you.”

“More importantly, I think these would look better with your style and build.”

Just like how Anna and my Tsubasa had acted, Kanade-san had begun taking some clothing and compared it to my current one. Like Mother, like daughter, I guess.

“Ho… that is good taste there.”

The repeating sequence of me trying on clothes and their conversation had continued for a few more minutes before we began to take the clothes to the counter to pay,


“Seeing how you are Anna’s friends, I will give you a discount.”

“Heh…Thanks miss. Your clothes here are excellent, I will patronize more.”

“Hehe, that’s a promise.”

It seems like Tsubasa would kick off well with Kanade-san in terms of clothing and apparel.

“Hey, Tsubasa-san. You said Yuu wanted to get a haircut, didn’t he?”

“I didn’t say tha…”


“Let me bring you to the best salon here.”

“Oh, that would be a great help.”

Before long, I would find myself in the middle of a salon with Tsubasa telling the hairstylist what to do with my hair.

“Sigh… do I not have any say in any of these?”

Before long, the stylist began snipping off my hair and styling it. After roughly half an hour, I was sent to wash my hair before coming back for the final touches. Tsubasa and Anna went off to get a drink while I was cutting my hair and I was told to meet them at the store again.

After a little while, my hair was all done, and I was in the new clothing I got due to some of the hair that got into the one I wore out. I began to head back towards the store.

Walking past the whole mall, I saw how crowded it was. Bright stores with salespeople walking about. As I was walking toward the store, I began to feel a lot of eyes on me.

‘Is my haircut bad or something?’ I had thought to myself. It was after a long walk that I had arrived back at the store.

“Hey, Tsubasa, I’m done already.”

“Oh, let me se…”

“Hm, Yuu is done with the haircut? Let’s see here.”


“Yuu…is that you?”

Tsubasa had called out to me as she was eyeing my appearance.

“Huh? What are you going on about now?”

“Yuu, you look really different…”

“Is it that bad?”

“Take a look.”

Anna began to pull me towards the full body mirror in the shop. Even then, I could feel multiple pairs of eyes on me from the customers in the shop. I then came to a stop in front of the mirror, ready to see just how bad could it be.



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