Chapter 0:

Magic Circle

What Cliche Hath the Gods Wrought

Life is sometimes boring and repetitive—that line was true, every bit of it. What one would do to make that life a bit more interesting? The answer was simple yet unique—it came in all shapes and forms. It varies from person to person, but it ultimately was just our hobbies.Bookmark here

Such hobbies could be intense sports or comfy reading. Such hobbies, that we have, can give us enjoyment or escape whenever we think of the words: ‘I wish…’ These two words have gone through our minds at some point in time. Such times were also the same for our hero.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

The most homely and comforting feminine voice a boy could hear is their mother's.Bookmark here

“Akiro! Wake up, you'll be late for school!” pressed someone’s mother.Bookmark here

Akiro Hiroto, an eighteen-year-old senior high school student, jumped out of bed. “Coming, Mom!” But he overly hurried and slid in his blankets to the floor.Bookmark here

Akiro was not an outgoing student; he was just an average boy who loved FPS games and novels.Bookmark here

Reluctantly, He prepared his things and left his room entering the bright, loud, and monotonous routine of a senior high school student.Bookmark here

Clasping his hands, he bowed to his father’s portrait in the corner of his room before leaving the house.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

“I hate clichés,” muttered Akiro reading a pocketbook. “It’s an overused trope; it would be so cringy to read if it was poorly executed. If I were in one, I'd say ‘Fuck it, cut off all ties, and do what I want.’”Bookmark here

These were his thoughts as he walked to school, but those fantasies would never happen, or will they?Bookmark here

“Yet another day at school. It’s normal. Too normal,” he whined. His steps seemed heavier with every sigh. “I wish something were to happen. Anything!”Bookmark here

As if in response, a hand swatted his head.Bookmark here

Annoyed, Akiro glared at the suspect, “The hell?”Bookmark here

And that suspect was Ayama, a well-mannered delinquent who somehow became the student president. Crazy. “Lost in thought?” Ayama joined in his stroll.Bookmark here

Akiro rolled his eyes, “Was.”Bookmark here

Ayama snickered, clutching his sides, “S-Sorry my bad.” An exaggerated reaction.Bookmark here

“It's alright,” he sighed, excusing Ayama’s crudity. “Anyway, it's Monday again. I didn't get much sleep last night.” Bookmark here

Ayama facepalmed. “For someone on the top of the national leaderboards in video games, you got no friends other than me. You are an anti-social eunuch.”Bookmark here

“What's with calling me anti-social?! You're a virgin too!” Akiro deflected.Bookmark here

“What does that have to do with anything?”Bookmark here

That banter was distracting enough that the two arrived at school in no time.Bookmark here

On the plaque by the school gate, it read, ‘Sengoku High.’Bookmark here

“Anyways, I can’t hang out today,” he states with disappointment. “Student council work.”Bookmark here

Akiro heaved the heaviest sigh, “Oh, well, nothing we can do about it now, do we?”Bookmark here

“Welp, this is where we part. See you at lunch. I'm going to be busy with student council work.” Ayama waved his hand and left.Bookmark here

Akiro waved back, “Alright. Good luck.”Bookmark here

Entering the same room tidied the week prior was now again a mess. Though he greeted Ayama goodbye, they entered the same classroom but headed in different directions.Bookmark here

Near the teacher's podiums we have the class officers:Bookmark here

Amaya Nobu - the President.Bookmark here

Isa Tsukiko - the female Vice PresidentBookmark here

Okuda Keiichi - the male SecretaryBookmark here

By the left corner of the room, we had the popular students, ones with influential backgrounds and wealthy families were:Bookmark here

Yasutake KeijiBookmark here

Takeshita EriBookmark here

Shimizu SangoBookmark here

Haruto ItsukiBookmark here

Maki Tahara and Katsumi TaharaBookmark here

The group on the right side of the center of the room was the athletic group because they are filled with athletes, they were:Bookmark here

Kenji Hinote of the basketball clubBookmark here

Yamazaki Toshyuki of the soccer clubBookmark here

Nishimura Hitome of the kendo clubBookmark here

Hashimoto Mari of the volleyball clubBookmark here

And second, to the last was the bully group; they were real jerks—total assholes. They were:Bookmark here

Hamasuki Masashi Bookmark here

Onishi AkiraBookmark here

Matsumura ShigekoBookmark here

Yasawa YasoBookmark here

The last group was the rest of the students who were scattered along the hallways doing whatever they wished.Bookmark here

The bell rang and everyone got to their respective seats.Bookmark here

Ring!!! Ring!!!! It was time for lunch. The teacher dismissed the class and instantly many students rushed to leave the boring classroom.Bookmark here

As the excited early-leavers were about to touch the door, a circle of glowing light suddenly emerged on the floor. The walls became pure white. The only things you could see were the desks and students with confused expressions. Bookmark here

And the alike minds of Ayama and Akiro thought, “No way this is happening!”Bookmark here

Loud thuds and groans were the only sound that was heard until,Bookmark here

“Welcome Heroes from another world!!” echoed in their ears.Bookmark here

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