Chapter 35:

Adventurer’s exam! (Part 2) – Chapter 35

Summoned as a Ghost in another world

“You over there.”

Aya’s body started trembling as that guy was staring at her. But seeing that Aya wasn’t responding, the instructor came towards us with a pissed look on his face.

“u-um…” ( Aya )

“How dare you come into this place looking like that?” But that guy didn't stop in front of Aya, behind us was another guy who was wearing fancy armor and a shiny sword.

“Huh? As you expected, you can guess that I don't need to take the exam at all. My armor is made with Mythril.

Hahahaha, it's okay, you can just put me in the highest rank of the guild. Is it A or perhaps S rank?

Hahahah.” He proudly said as he was looking at the instructor. But the instructor was even more furious than before.

“You bastard, you think this place is a joke to you?”


“You get your parents to buy you the most expensive stuff and now you think you can become an adventurer just like that? Don't make me laugh kid! I can tell from your posture that you have no experience in swords. Because of guys like you, our guild keeps getting complaints and trouble all the time!

Get out of here before I beat the shit out of you!” The instructor snapped at this guy with no mercy at all.

“Tch! You’ll regret this!”

“I don't think so.” After that guy left, the instructor came back to his spot and started the exam.

“In order for you to become an adventurer, not only reflexes are needed, but also the way you think it's going to be an important part of your life. Your task is to make the right decision while I throw some attacks at you.” And that's how the instructor started the first exam. But things weren’t as easy as everyone thought. Not only did they have to dodge all of the attack from the instructor, but also to protect a small spherical glass that they had to keep on one of their hands. Of course, not all of the participants managed to protect the spheric glass.

“Okay, next!”

All of the participants finished taking the first exam and now it was Aya’s turn.

“huh? You aren't in a party?” He said with a surprised look on his face as Aya was coming towards him.

“N-no, I'm not in a party.” ( Aya )

“So you are a solo, hmm... Interesting.” I can see why he would be surprised since most of the participants were already in a party with three or seven members.

Aya grabbed the spherical glass on one hand and on her other hand, her dagger. This was a dagger which we found in Aito’s house. It wasn't as strong as the first dagger we found, but it still did a good job in killing monsters.

“That's a nice weapon you have there, let's see how you manage to use it!” The instructor said as he charged towards us. Aya could barely react from the sudden move of this guy, but it wasn't impossible to track him down. Even though he had one arm, he managed to completely destroy most of the participants in this room. That's when I knew that this guy shouldn't be taken easily.

[Aya calm down and breathe, If you lose your cool here, you are going to lose.] I said to her in order to calm her down. Differently from a monster, we were fighting a human who has much more experience than us. We were at a disadvantage since the instructor was using a long sword while Aya had a dagger. After the first swing of his sword, Aya barely managed to dodge it by leaning back a bit. I wasn't sure why, but holding the spheric glass in her hand was becoming a little heavy and hard to move around.

“Even though you are a little girl, don't expect me to go easy on you!” But his attacks didn't stop there, he continued throwing attacks from every direction, making Aya almost trip by her own feet.

“Weh!” ( Aya )

“If you take your eyes off your enemy, you might lose your head.” He warned us as he swung his sword at Aya’s neck without mercy. Aya managed to dodge it once again but I wasn't sure for how long she could continue going like this. If Aya continues to get pushed back like this, she is going to lose, not to mention that the spherical glass is getting heavier than before. The instructor said that in this exam he will be testing us if we can make the right decision while dodging his attacks. But there is one thing that I don't understand. What does the spherical ball have to do in this exam? He did mention that we should protect the ball made out of glass, but he never mentioned what kind of decision we had to make. None of the participants managed to perfectly protect the ball and the instructor wasn't happy with any of them. Was it because they couldn't protect the ball in the best condition or was it actually something else.

If I had to judge this kind of exam, then I have to say that it's very hard, especially for the newbies.

Hold on…

The instructor never mentioned that he must protect the spherical glass at all costs. So that means that Aya doesn't have to carry it all the time.

[Aya, I have a plan.] After making up my mind, I rolled the ball out of Aya’s hand and used her legs to dodge one of the attacks from the instructor.

[Okay!] ( Aya )

After the ball made out of glass was out of reach from the instructor to damage, me and Aya charged towards him with all we had. At first, sharing our skills like this was a bit hard, but after we practiced a bit, we somehow managed to get in sync with each other. Aya charged towards the instructor and aimed at his heart. The instructor on the other hand had a surprised look on his face as he was preparing to block Aya’s attack. But that was our plan from the beginning! Now that the instructor knew our next move, we immediately slid down his legs and got up from his other side.


This was our chance to hit him from his blind spot since we already knew that we wouldn't be able to beat him in a fair fight. But our attack was blocked once again by the instructor. His expression on his face had immediately changed, that's when I started feeling an immense killing intent from him.

“H-hhuuh?!?” Even Aya was trembling a lot from the sudden change of his behavior. And in the next moment, we saw his sword coming towards us. It was really fast for both of us, but we barely managed to block it with the dagger. But even after blocking his attack, we were pushed some meters back from the force of his swing.

“Oh, sorry, I accidentally went all out for a second.” He showed a smile as he said that to us.

“Huh?” ( Aya )

“But I have to say, you are the first participant that threw the ball away when the situation became much harder.”

“Is that a bad thing?” ( Aya )

“No no, you made the right decision by throwing the ball away instead of keeping it. One of the mistakes that adventurers make is when finding a valuable item. Of course, they intend to keep it even if they are in danger instead of fighting for their life.

So this is why we decided to make this the first exam in order to become an adventurer.”

I see, so I was right about throwing the ball away instead of keeping it and risking the match.

“But I have to say, you were pretty good there. You caught me off guard when you were about to hit me from behind. If I hadn't gone all out at the last seconds I might have lost.”

“S-so do I pass?” Aya’s heart started beating as she was waiting for an answer.

“You definitely do.”

Aya celebrated in happiness after she found out that she managed to pass the first exam of this guild. But I wonder what the other exams are going to be like…