Chapter 1:

[Chapter 1]


So, let's take a look at what happens so far in my life.Bookmark here

I'm at the prom dance, wearing the blue, three-piece suit that my mom buy for me, just for this occasion. It's actually not a tailored suit, so it's a little tight around my overweight body. Yes, I admit it that I'm fat, but I'm not obese, just a little chubby.Bookmark here

White thin drape blanket the entire gym ceiling and hiding the row of blue and purple lights. Making the ceiling above look like a starry night sky, assortment of flowers decorate the gym, and thin drapes hang on the wall. Students wearing expensive tuxedo and dresses dance to the rhythm of the music. With no teacher in sight, it gave the student more courage to dance tightly to their partner.Bookmark here

Air escape my lips while my shoulders droop, my torso leans forward so I can see my reflection in the punch bowl. It's a little hard to see because the pink punch is not good at reflecting an image back and also it's little hard to see with all the flashing color lights around me. However, I could still see my short dark hair and my generic face. So generic that a classmate of mine once forget how I look after I have been his lab partner for three months.Bookmark here

Okay, stop it. Enough with kicking my own self-esteem down, and let's get back to the present.Bookmark here

Two cups of Mr. Simon's famous drink in my hands, the refreshment taste mediocre at best. I still don't understand why Mr. Simon calls it his famous drink, but maybe it's the ingredients that he uses to make the drink. Somehow, I could taste ginger in it, but I didn't really care, so I shrug my shoulders to it.Bookmark here

Why two cups of drinks in my hands? Well, one is for me, and the other is for Bridget, the most popular girl in school. Glancing behind me, I can see Bridget is talking to her friends, I let out a small smile. Yes, that beautiful girl is my date for tonight and that tight red dress can trigger teenager hormone in a matter of second. With her blonde, wavy hair, beautiful flawless skin and a voluptuous body that even rival a Victoria cover model; she rules the school with beauty and brain.Bookmark here

How do I get such a beautiful girl to go out with me? Well, I just gather all my courage and ask her like a normal person, and it actually works. I couldn't believe it at first, but here I am. However, it didn't come without a price, I had a fight with my only friend; Daisie. She said that Bridget doesn't really care about me and that she is making fun of me.Bookmark here

I didn't believe her, and I accidentally yell back at her with anger in which cause her to cry. A jerk, better adds that to the list of who I am now. I didn't mean to make her cry, but she was pushing my button too far.Bookmark here

Still, her words sting me because I have doubts. Not about Bridget not liking me or doesn't care for me, but at myself. After I went a couple of date with Bridget, I didn't find anything familiar with her and me. I feel that we had no connection at all, but I don't want to break up with her, and I don't want to break her heart.Bookmark here

I don't want to see another girl cry because of me.Bookmark here

However, I don't want to be in this relationship with someone that I didn't truly love with all my heart. I'm feeling confused right now. I wonder if I should call dad and mom to ask them for advice. Oh my god, I sound like a pamper little baby right now.Bookmark here

I let out a long groan of frustration. If Daisie were here, she would tell me to break up with her. I have too, perhaps after the dance, I don't want to do it right here in front of the entire students that would be bad.Bookmark here

"Hey! Andre, what is taking you so long?" I turn around and see Bridget is waving at me with her hand.Bookmark here

I force a smile on my face and start to walk toward her with two drinks in my hands. At the corner of my eye, I can see someone that I unquestionably like to avoid right now, heading toward me, it's him, Jack. If I could rip my face off right now only to avoid him, I would do it, but reality strikes me because I know doing that would cause tremendous pain to myself.Bookmark here

Slick, short brunette hair, perfect muscular body, and tan skin while wearing a very expensive black tuxedo.Bookmark here

The quarterback of the high school football team, and the cruelest person in this school. A bully and a jock, what a combo. A complete stereotype of a bully, if you have seen any teen TV show or movies about high school. He always makes my life a living hell.Bookmark here

Why did he have to come to the prom tonight?Bookmark here

Ahh, I dread this moment.Bookmark here

My legs stop when Jack walks up to Bridget, and place his arm around her waist. They both look down at me with a large mischievous grin on their faces like I'm beneath their level.Bookmark here

"Oh, poor Andre... You still haven't realized it, do you?" Bridget's voice is condescending as she speaks to me, then suddenly she places a kiss on Jack's cheek.Bookmark here

"I was dating Jack the whole time while I pretend to go out with you."Bookmark here

"If you with Jack, then why did you agree to go out with me?" I ask while confused by her statement.Bookmark here

"It was all part of his plan and... mine."Bookmark here

"First, I would go out with you, then make you fall in love with me, and when it's time for prom. I would dump you right in front of everyone, and make you cry like a little baby boy."Bookmark here

My head tilts forward while I replace my smile with a pursed lips, then one of the stage lights shine upon me, and the music stops playing. Everyone gazes gravitate to me while I hold the two drinks in my hands.Bookmark here

"Andre! I'm breaking up with you! You dork!" Bridget's voice is loud, so everyone could hear what she said. Jack let out an evil grin, then he leans his lips against Bridget's soft lips, and their tongues intertwine as they kiss each other.Bookmark here

They break away from the kiss and Bridget said: "Besides your is way smaller than him." Jack laughs out loud at the hurtful comment toward me, made by the beautiful blonde girl while I stand in the middle of the spotlight, motionless and stationary.Bookmark here

"Daisie... was right all along," before I could finish my sentence, a cold liquid drenches my whole body. After turning my head to the side, I can see Jack's two football teammates are holding an empty punch bowl up above me while tilting the content at me.Bookmark here

The pink liquid drip down from my jacket sleeves onto the floor, the ice cold drink causes my whole body to shiver a bit before I adjust to the cold.Bookmark here

The two cups of punch that I'm holding is overflowing with the same drinks while Mr. Simon's famous drink soak my entire blue three-piece suit along with my hair. I can hear waves of laughter coming from Jack's two friends that are standing behind me. Everyone either looks at me with sympathy or pity, but none of them would ever stand up to Jack for me, yet I don't blame them; he is a scary guy.Bookmark here

I wonder if someone else in my shoe, would he be mad or rage out or even cry right now? Well, to inform you the truth, I didn't feel any of that except for gladness and a bit of guilt. Gladness because this girl break up with me before I have too, so I didn't have to tear her heart, and I feel guilty because I was acting like a douchebag toward Daisie.Bookmark here

"I'm an idiot..." I mumble to myself.Bookmark here

"Are you gonna cry?" Jack ridicule me with the most annoying voice he could make.Bookmark here

After inhaling a large quantity of air into my lungs, I raise my chin up with a smile on my face and say, "Thank you for telling me your honest feeling, Bridget. It's a shame that I couldn't be the one, but I respect your decision."Bookmark here

Then, I would walk away with my pride still intact. I could feel the confusion and surprise coming from the stares of the surrounding people in the gym. It's not what they expect of me because they were anticipating an eruption from me, but I don't really care, I really want to get out of here.Bookmark here

"Whatever loser, let's get back to the dance, babe."Bookmark here

I walk through the double door, and my sight is meet with the school parking lot. My eyes wander around and see a bench just beside the double door that I went through. With two drinks still in my hands, my legs walk toward the wooden bench and take a seat on it.Bookmark here

Why do I still have this in my hands?... I let out a sigh, "Whatever."Bookmark here

I place one of the drinks in my hands on the bench and taking a sip out from the other one. Hmm, I'm pretty sure that Mr. Simon put some ginger ale in this. I let out a sigh and hunch my body forward while gazing at the parking lot full of luxurious cars. The cold and damp wind brush against my face causing me to sneeze.Bookmark here

"It's probably going to rain tonight—I should go to Daisie home and apologize."Bookmark here

Daisie, she has always been there for me during the tough time and the happy ones. While I also have always been there for her during the time when her mother passed away, and the time that she won the local Tekken tournament. Why would I doubt her about Bridget? She is the only person besides my family that actually cared about me, and we have been childhood friend since I could remember.Bookmark here

I wonder if she came to the prom with some else, I mean she is cute and adorable under all that tomboyish feature. Coming to the prom with some else, why is that sentence make my heart ache?Bookmark here

She had a cute, quiet sneeze that twitches her entire body, I once laugh at that then she would sulk afterward, and it would take me two days to stop her from brooding. However, the big fight I had with her, it isn't anything like the small playful one I had with her recently. I don't think she would forgive me because I did say horrible things to her in the heat of the moments.Bookmark here

I don't know what to do. I'm so frustrated at myself right now.Bookmark here

My body stands up straight causing a little amount of liquid in my cup to spill onto the sidewalk, then I would scream at the top of my lungs.Bookmark here

"I'M SORRY, DAISIE!! I HAVE BEEN A FREAKING IDIOT AND A JERK!!! I'M REALLY SORRY—that I hurt you... I'm an idiot, so please forgive me."Bookmark here

My eyes begin to well up as I let out another short scream to the empty air in front of me to spill out my frustration. Afterward, my buttock touches the cold wooden seat again while the corners of my mouth turn down as I place a hand on my forehead.Bookmark here

"Apology accepted."Bookmark here

I jerk my head to the right and see Daisie is standing a few feet away from me with both her hands behind her back while a comforting smile form on her face that can soothe anyone heart just by looking at it.Bookmark here



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