Chapter 1:

Level 0: Hello world.



The exhausted tone came from a black-clad figure heaped on the floor staring at a distant naturally formed volcanic rock ceiling.

Beside them lay a corpse, blood still freshly flowed down ridges and cracks in the rock floor.

“How long did that take?” The figure questioned idly, their voice hoarse and distant. They took another few breath-full moments before rising, picking up a blood-coated sword beside them.

As they tried to stand, their right leg buckled, and unable to react fast enough they fell back to the floor, landing in a pool of their own collected blood.

“I didn’t feel those hits…” They looked back at the corpse. “...When did I last feel anyway?”

Reaching into a pouch on their waist with their right arm they produced a vial holding a crimson liquid and proceeded to drink the whole vial. Moments later they rose again. But again, they stumbled, catching themselves with their sword this time and using it for balance.

Slowly hobbling to an already open great stone double doors, with gigantic ironically angelic carvings in each door. Picking up their pace slightly, dragging themselves closer and closer to the door, just before it they stumbled once again, falling to a crouched position.

For a few silent moments, they stayed crouched, slowly catching their breath, looking ahead at the stairs just beyond the doors that they still had to climb.

“I hit much harder than expected.” They remarked with a smirk after a few heavy breaths, with one last glance towards the corpse that still lay on the other side of the room.

Picking themselves up again they forced themselves past the door’s threshold, before halting at the first step, staring ahead with an air of finality. With a heavy huff of the stale stifling air, they started to climb the stairs, with each footfall a dull echo carried up and up signalling their imminent arrival.

“I hope I am not too late.” They spoke huskily, prompting them to cough, producing a smattering of blood and bile that painted the stairs ahead.

“My time is almost up…” They stated while staring at the blood and bile. “...but I still have my vow to fulfil. Only then can I rest.”

“It’s time for a Demon and a God to meet.”

* * *

The screen faded to black for a moment then came back looking at the character it had just been following so cinematically.

Oh, is the cutscene over? A woman sat in front of her computer screen and proceeded to move her mouse a little—which moved the game’s camera—just to confirm she had control back.

I think that's a good place to stop. Just as the thought formed, the woman pressed a key on her keyboard to bring up a pause menu and then located the exit game button, closing everything down until her desktop background lit the room.

She stared at the clock in the corner of her screen. 2:13.

“I really need to get to bed.” As she spoke, she simultaneously moved her mouse cursor to the shutdown button and rose from her chair. After having done so she collapsed into her soft but cold bed just to her right.

As the dark and silent minutes passed all she could think about was the game she had just been playing.

I didn’t think I would have to fight a reflection of my own character. The writing is a little overdramatic. But Ryan Law and ReFocus Games did an amazing job with the direction and world. I wish I had played this much sooner.

She turned over and caught a glimpse of her clock, it read 2:55.

I need to get some sleep.

“Work is going to be such a drag.”

As the warmth of her body returned to her sheets, sleep closely followed with its comfortingly peaceful nothingness.

I wish I could go to another place, another world. it would be so much more exciting. Life might actually feel worth living.

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