Chapter 2:

1.2. Reborn a Demon

The Writer's Illustrator is Stuck in Cookie Cult (LN)

<Avner Cross>Bookmark here

Sentience came back to my senses, my consciousness flowed. I felt myself drop into some existence.Bookmark here

I opened my eyes. It was night. I rolled over and hugged my pillow as if it was the most natural thing I should do at this point. It’s so comfy..Bookmark here

Pillow? That's familiar. What?Bookmark here

I jolted awake and pressed my hand to my forehead. I felt a little disoriented.
This.. isn’t my body. Bookmark here

Then I noticed something at the corner of my vision. There were ominous purple outlines tracing the edges of my nails. I waved my hand around, the outline seemed to leave afterimages. That’s sick but considering my situation, I shouldn’t be playing.Bookmark here

I remember that my name is Shin Dew. Bookmark here

Or was.Bookmark here

I’m calm. Oddly enough. I’m not panicking. Was it because of this boy’s constitution? I need to analyze what’s going on.Bookmark here

Novelle died in an accident, in front of my very eyes. And somehow, because of her death, I died too? Did her death perhaps induce a cardiac arrest? That’s not right.Bookmark here

I pondered for a moment.Bookmark here

And couldn’t come up with anything so I did the next best thing. Bookmark here

I looked around.Bookmark here

This was an atypical room. It’s got everything a teenager would want. Poster of some anime v-tubers, a lava lamp, and a good al’ teddy bear. The place is quite clean.Bookmark here

The next question that came to mind was: is there a mirror? Apparently not, this wasn’t a girl’s room, so a mirror was a no go. I’m curious whose body I entered.Bookmark here

I got up from bed, and wore my glasses as if it were normal. I’ve never worn glasses. It’s an odd feeling.Bookmark here

[Bzzt.. Master is awake?] Bookmark here

I turned to the 2D square thing on the top of the low cabinet. It was a cute file icon with a face, floating on the display of the glasses. Bookmark here

“Randell,” that was the name this person gave the AI. Looks like I do have some of his memories. Bookmark here

Avner Cross. That’s my new name.Bookmark here

[Master, what’s wrong?]Bookmark here

From Avner’s memories, he had programmed this AI to call him master. The factory setting was to just address the person by name. Bookmark here

“What’s the time now?”Bookmark here

My voice sounded the same as I remembered it. Maybe it’s to do with the: you sound different from how you actually do phenomenon.Bookmark here

[It’s currently 4:44 am in the morning. Is there anything troubling you, master?] Bookmark here

Randell swam around in digital matter.Bookmark here

“It’s nothing, I need to go to the washroom,” I yawned even though I feel wide awake.Bookmark here

As I made my way out of the room, I went through Avner’s memories.Bookmark here

A 15 year old junior high school student. Going to enter senior high school next year. Also aware that the world is entering a technological revolution, the industrial complex is going to die out soon, so Avner has been planning to make a living by becoming a NFT collector.Bookmark here

???Bookmark here

What kind of information was this kid exposed to– oh right. Bookmark here

This is the world of <Cookie Cult>, and this Avner guy isn’t a mob character. He’s actually one of the four male routes in this series. The real story starts in senior highschool. That would translate to next year.Bookmark here

It’s otome, but here’s the twist.Bookmark here

It’s an otome set in the nearer future, where NFTs, blockchain, AR technology, cryptocurrency, and the crumbling of the middle class society are happening.Bookmark here

‘The future now’, was something Novelle had said.Bookmark here

Now I’m really glad I read the final draft for the third and half-written fourth volume before I arrived here. Bookmark here

I walked into the bathroom, the lights came on automatically. I saw Randell over at the light switch. Wow, so the entire house is rigged up to the AR network.Bookmark here

I looked at myself in the mirror.Bookmark here

I couldn’t help but grimace. Bookmark here

Grey tuffy hair still messy from sleep, sharp blood red eyes. I’m a soon-to-be a protag shota. Bookmark here

No, sorry, I’m not short. So shota was a lie.Bookmark here

I took in a deep breath. My shoulders trembled.Bookmark here

[Master?]Bookmark here

“Randell, what date is today? And what are my school grades again?”Bookmark here

[Today’s date is the 16th of October of 21XX, are you sure you want to bring up sad memories again, master?]Bookmark here

“Just tell me. All Fs right?”Bookmark here

[Master! At least you scored a C on English Literature!]Bookmark here

I held back from slapping the guy reflected in the mirror. Avner Cross, one of the four character routes you can take. Based on the concept of Novelle’s story, he’s the thug to the other 3 prince-charmings. Of course, that’s just the base. The other twist is that the novel stars an MC who wakes up as a villain. So I have that to consider.Bookmark here

Rurita Nightingale, the original MC, the villain. Then she became a vampire.Bookmark here

Or at least, she contracted a vampire disease which was caused by an error in nanomachine technology. The basic gist of it revolves around the mutation of the pluripotent stem cells in the bone marrow, causing the creation of mutated stem cells that requires the nanomachine in the body to be kept alive. Bookmark here

Normal red blood cells last up to 120 days. And so the cells undergo a creation and destruction recycle process in the body. But for people infected with the nanovirus, it is said that hematopoiesis stops happening. Which is to put it simply, the cessation of the blood recycling process. On that note, the nanomachine, which was supposed to be for medical use, altered one's body in some unrealistic ways.Bookmark here

Improved recovery, alteration of the bone structures, and heightened physical ability.Bookmark here

I won’t go too much into detail on the vampire disease. For now, just know that Novelle added a lot in detail.Bookmark here

The key plot here is the depiction of Rurita trying to hide the fact that she’s a vampire. Though it was described in the prologue to catch the reader, the incident only happened after she had attended school for a week. By then, she had already regained her memories and was trying to change her fate.Bookmark here

Which turned against her favor.Bookmark here

Okay, what’s next?Bookmark here

The possibility of the government wanting to wage war against the infected? The world enters an apocalyptic state? Vampires take over the world? Humans become livestock? Bookmark here

No. The disease is simply regarded as a dangerous pandemic that needed to be contained. That’s all. It’s a slice-of-life novel, mind you.Bookmark here

I looked at my hands one more time. The glowing lines on my finger tips only seem to grow brighter with each..Bookmark here


{YOU ARE A DEMON}Bookmark here

{Length of service: 233rd reincarnation}Bookmark here

What the..Bookmark here


{Memories of the previous life has been erased}Bookmark here

Memories of previous life? So the reason why Avner had all that crazy strength in the novel was because he has a system buff?Bookmark here

{Class Operative: FRIGATE}Bookmark here


{Karma: [CALCULATING..]}Bookmark here

What the hell.. you’ve got to be joking. I didn’t know Avner had a backstory like this. Bookmark here

And here I thought reading up to the fourth volume would provide me enough information. I know there are a lot of red herrings spread across the initial three volumes about this character, but this? It’s beyond the written story. Since I’m also Novelle’s editor, I already know most of what to expect.. Bookmark here

Hold on, what if Novelle’s verbal ideas that hadn’t been put into paper were also valid? If so then wouldn’t it mean that Avner is involved in some angel-demon war?Bookmark here

[Master~?]Bookmark here

I let the automatic tap run and splashed water onto my face.Bookmark here

Avner is an enigmatic character that hasn’t gotten his own arc in the story, yet.Bookmark here

Novelle was planning to give the reader a deeper dive into his world in the 5th Volume.Bookmark here

As such, I can only assume that most of what I know about Avner will not be from the written word, but from what Novelle has planned for the story.Bookmark here

“Novelle.” Bookmark here

If you’re in this world, I’ll definitely come and find you.Bookmark here

{Karma: +254}Bookmark here

{You have contributed abundance to the well-being of human kind in your past life.}Bookmark here

Oh. That’s nice to know. I wonder what benefits I would get.Bookmark here

{A penalty shall be granted.}Bookmark here

Fuck. That’s right, I’m a demon.Bookmark here

{PENALTY A2sFFL9IA_a1)c$)_@(*)_7!1}Bookmark here

{Initializing interference system: PENALTY_CURSE_REMOVED}Bookmark here

Ah.. what? I recall Novell saying that Avner is afflicted with a curse. I just don’t know what kind of curse.Bookmark here

{Find me, and call my name <Novelle>}Bookmark here

{I’m waiting}Bookmark here

I knew it.Bookmark here


“Looks like things aren’t all hopeless after all..” I exhaled in relief.Bookmark here

Now I know, my prime objective is to find Novelle. Seriously, how did we end up in this world?Bookmark here

===Bookmark here

dotturndot: Oh, another one of these cliche moments. Ah, yep. The question now is will Avner be a passive recipient of what comes his way or will he be shitty obstinate? As the author, even I have no idea. There’s the crazy phenomenon whereby the characters develop without my awareness. Hahaha– that’s hella scary. Not.Bookmark here

What do you think? Aren’t the AIs hella cute? A file icon you know? You should look at the illustration.Bookmark here

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