Chapter 4:

1.4. Genders

The Writer's Illustrator is Stuck in Cookie Cult (LN)

“You know what you need to do if you want to avoid this in the future.”Bookmark here

My father was driving me to school. Lia seated at the backseat, in dreamland. Lia was 2 years younger than me, 13. Bookmark here

“I know.”Bookmark here

Yes. I know it very well. Bookmark here

There’s no way to avoid this. My grades aren’t the problem. I can get straight As and conflict will still happen within the family. Bookmark here

I’ve experienced it in my previous life, so there’s no question in denying my claims. I was the punching bag for my mother to vent. Bookmark here

I now know at least that I don’t need to blame myself because of someone else’s attitude.Bookmark here

“Don’t say you know. Prove to me with your results,” my father said, thumping on the car dashboard. Bookmark here

“Don’t lie to me again this time, alright?”Bookmark here

Just like the father in my past life. So desperate in wishing her wife wouldn’t get angry. How funny. Brainwashing kids to think that they are responsible for the family conflict. Bookmark here

My father parked at the usual spot. I woke Lia up. We took our bags and headed to the school gate. Bookmark here

I waved my father goodbye, his car left.Bookmark here

I looked around. It’s your typical private school. Nothing too futuristic about the architecture. Doubting sci-fi? Just you wait, I haven’t shown you what this world has to offer.Bookmark here

I tapped the side of my glasses twice to activate the AR.Bookmark here

A loading circle appeared before the world came to life with vivid lights, digital sign boards and directions marks drawn on the floor. Bookmark here

There was a Electromagnetic Light Rail Transit, ELRT transit nearby that linked this school to practically every region of Alska. Bookmark here

And, this country, by the way,Bookmark here

Is angel territory.Bookmark here

There were also numerous advertisements pasted on the walls of various buildings. An AR blimp counter in the sky showing the current number of infected and deaths. Bookmark here

Deaths outnumbered the approximated infected count by approximately 5 times. The mortality rate is absurd.Bookmark here

That didn’t mean the nanomachine causing vampirism wasn’t contagious. WHO declared it to be a pandemic even though there were less than 1000 cases in the entire world, currently. That’s how serious this issue was. Bookmark here

I pity the MC of this story. And just for your reference, I’ll term the villain as MC, and the heroine as the heroine. Not to be confused with heroin.Bookmark here

Lia walked ahead of me and had already entered through the gate.Bookmark here

I guess xe’s angry with me. I’ll leave xe be for now, xe’ll calm down in time. I sighed.Bookmark here

I need to review the materials for the upcoming exams first.Bookmark here

“How about the baking club?” I muttered to no one.Bookmark here

The <Cookie Cult> story revolves around the baking club. It’s where the vampire virus will begin spreading. Odd right? I knew Novelle had a knack for making things confusing. I just can’t believe it’s working against my favor right now.Bookmark here

I glanced at the AR school logo floating on screen. I didn’t design the logo, so this is the first time I’m seeing the real thing. Bookmark here

Amidst the small gathering of students crowding the gate, I made my way in.Bookmark here

Lights and warning screens popped up on my glasses. AIs were disabled in school grounds. Saint High is strict when it comes to these things.Bookmark here

I checked the amount of currency I had loaded, a few bucks. Probably enough for a bowl of noodles at the cafeteria later.Bookmark here

“Morning.”Bookmark here

I greeted Ares when I made it to class.Bookmark here

“Yo, morning. What’s up? You’re looking spirited today?” slightly chubby guy, bubbly hair. He’s a ball of fluff. This is Ares. He isn’t my friend, he’s my classmate.Bookmark here

“I just came to an epiphany.”Bookmark here

“Epipha what? That’s some high-fi word you’re using there. What epipha?”Bookmark here

“You know, the usual.”Bookmark here

“Don’t tell me.. you won yourself a sick NFT?!”Bookmark here

“What? No.”Bookmark here

“You said you joined the stream didn’t you?”Bookmark here

“I did but..” Avner Cross didn’t get picked by that V-tuber in the end. He got the short end of the stick.Bookmark here

“That’s too bad.. too bad,” Ares patted my back.Bookmark here

“It’s cool.”Bookmark here

“Sure is..”
I looked around class. One important thing to note here is how everyone, and I mean, absolutely everyone is wearing glasses. Bookmark here

It has become as prevalent as the smartphone. Except that the smartphone industry is on the brink of death, from what Novelle told me. Bookmark here

A few of my close homies– not my homies, came to talk to me. I gave them a light few words and they left after learning that I didn’t win yesterday’s NFT giveaway.Bookmark here

I sat down at my seat and waved my fingers, rapid movements reanimated the purple-red lights. The words appeared again.Bookmark here


{Class Operative: FRIGATE}Bookmark here


{Karma: -4}Bookmark here

What exactly does this mean? I’ve only heard Novelle hint about an angel-demon war without really understanding how it all plays out in the story. Bookmark here

A system function is a good cheat, but if I can’t use it, what’s the point? I’m locked out from usage. Maybe I need to go to this so-called demon association to get it activated?
The risks of doing so are– would it outweigh the risks?Bookmark here

I need to recall. There must be more info I could use here.Bookmark here

I pulled up the photo gallery and searched for today’s class time table. First period, science. Don’t we have a presentation today? Bookmark here

I pulled up another tab. There were quite a number of notifications on TalkMS. My group members are Julien, Brunette, and Cailly. All three of them are elves. Bookmark here

It seems I played no part in the creation of the presentation material. The three have decided to ignore me and went on to create everything themselves. What a good student you are Avner. Can you die for me?Bookmark here

What should I do about this? I don’t remember Avner being such a slacker. Isn’t he one of the four character routes? A guy who always made the temperature of the class drop by a few degrees celsius?Bookmark here

Wasn’t there this part in the first volume where it hinted that a divorce happened? What happened to my family in the story anyways? Avner played a part in it didn’t he? With that kind of crappy attitude.Bookmark here

Crazy. I need to do something about this.Bookmark here

No, hold on. Let’s not pull the cart before the horse. I better make it up to my group members first. I’m familiar with the presentation topic of photosynthesis. Might need to read up on photolysis and the Kreb cycle to recall bits that I’ve forgotten.Bookmark here

I glanced around class. The students were either holding conversations with one another, playing games, or using SNS. You could see them swiping the UIs floating in front of them, which I find to be an amazing feature.Bookmark here

I took off my glasses. All the fancy AR disappears and I’m left seeing burly people waving their hands in empty air. It’s a funny sight. Though, I can’t possibly not wear these glasses because Avner has short-sightedness. Not too serious, but it’s to a degree where I can’t see the white board. Bookmark here

The teachers do use the white boards occasionally.Bookmark here

“Morning, Julien, Brunette, sorry about not contributing anything for the presentation. Is there anything I can do to make up for it?”Bookmark here

Julien was an elf with short, curly dull blue hair. Xe’s eyes were the same colour, and xe had more of a male orientation. Brunette was brunette. Xe’s eyes were also brunette, female orientation.Bookmark here

“Excuse me?” Julien looked like hirs eyes were going to pop.Bookmark here

“We’ve already done everything, it’s too late,” Brunette harumped.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry.”
“What’s over is over,” Julien dragged the presentation file and opened the screen, “Is it alright if I gave you this simple part then?”Bookmark here

“I can.”Bookmark here

“Thank you.”Bookmark here

“Don’t mess it up,” Brunette warned.Bookmark here

“I’ll do my best.”Bookmark here

It’s a part talking about why chloroplast is green. It’s got one line of explanation on.Bookmark here

It contains chlorophyll. Bookmark here

TBH, this is such a weird feeling. What happened to the molecular equation of photosynthesis? How about oxidation and reduction? Dark reaction? Photolysis? Bookmark here

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