Chapter 9:

1.9. Vampire Virus

The Writer's Illustrator is Stuck in Cookie Cult (LN)

“Where are you going? The cafeteria?” Ares called.Bookmark here

“Yeah. You joining?”Bookmark here

“Of course. Hey Julien, you coming?”Bookmark here

“In a bit. You two can go first,” Julien was struggling to answer the history revision homework the teacher left us with. Since it wasn’t obligatory to complete, I’ll just look through it.Bookmark here

“Julien, want to go to the cafeteria?” Brunette and Cailly called out to xe just as Ares and I walked out of the door. I heard Julien decline, something along those lines.Bookmark here

“So, want to go to the baking club today?” I asked.Bookmark here

“I knew you’d ask. Sure. But what’s up with the baking club? You bake?”Bookmark here

“I want to confirm something.”
“You don’t even participate in the gaming club whenever I invite you.”
“Sorry about that. I suck at games.”Bookmark here

“No shit.”Bookmark here

You didn’t need to hit a sensitive spot there.Bookmark here

Looks like that’s something Avner and I, Shin have something in common.Bookmark here

Come to think of it, I’m having a hard time integrating into Avner’s identity.Bookmark here

This time around, I got the curry rice while Ares got cricket noodles. Plain water for me, mango shake for Ares. My parents gave me extra allowance telling me there is no next time.
Julien came, tagged along with Brunette and Cailly. The food they ordered varied.Bookmark here

“Mind if we joined?” Brunette asked.Bookmark here

“Yes, please.”
“It’s supposed to be no,” I corrected Ares.Bookmark here

“What’s the difference?” He looked at me with dead eyes.Bookmark here

“Nevermind.”Bookmark here

“Is it just me or does Avner act more calm these days,” the person making this statement was Cailly. Shoulder length black hair, black eyes.Bookmark here

“True. You’re not sick are you, Avner?” Julien asked.Bookmark here

“He lost his NFT and got so sick he became like this. That’s all I know,” Ares joked.Bookmark here

“Eh.. which one?”Bookmark here

“Which one was it again?”Bookmark here

“It’s the one from AmilyChasesAFrog. He wanted the smug frog with the big sunglasses.”Bookmark here

Avner wanted this thing? NFTs are really confusing.Bookmark here

“Yeah, that one.”
“You don’t seem particularly sad about it.”
“No. Of course I’m not.”
“He’s beyond sad.”Bookmark here

I rolled my eyes at Ares’ melodramatic assumption.Bookmark here

We enjoyed our lunch in peace.Bookmark here

“Club activities are scheduled for later, are you going to go? I’ll be headed off to the library to study for next week’s exam.”Bookmark here

“Bah. You’re already a member of the reading club, what’s the difference?”Bookmark here

“The kind of books I guess?”Bookmark here

“Are those old books really that good to read? Don’t people these days just read on the glasses?”Bookmark here

“It’s got a different feel, is what I can say.”Bookmark here

Which reminds me, I hadn’t started exploring the literary works of this world. Bookmark here

I did pick up a few bits of information regarding art. Anime is still a trend, though it has greatly shifted to 3D modeling. 2D art is phasing out because of AR and the development of autodrawing technology. Bookmark here

That’s troubling to know.Bookmark here

“See. He’s all quiet now.”
“Sure is.”Bookmark here

“Yo bro, you okay?”Bookmark here

“I’m fine. I’m just thinking.”
“What are you thinking about?”Bookmark here

“Hah? What art?”Bookmark here

Explaining to them would only cause more confusion, so I decided to dodge the topic instead.Bookmark here

===Bookmark here


The message rang up again.Bookmark here

“Where are we going?” Brunette asked, pulling me back to the present.Bookmark here

It’s quite clear now that they can’t see these purple words.Bookmark here

“Baking club,” Ares answered.Bookmark here

“I don’t think I ever invited everyone to join me besides Ares,” I said.Bookmark here

“Is there any reason why you can’t let us join?” Brunette asked with a critical tone.Bookmark here

“I won’t be able to do my work there.”
“What work?”Bookmark here

“Just looking around. Basically.”
“There should be active members in the club,” Cailly added. That’s also another reason why this is the perfect timing.Bookmark here

The club room, or kitchen was on the third floor. The directory pointed us in the right direction, passing many students making their way through the hallway. Bookmark here

“I just realized, I forgot to put on my running shoes,” Cailly bent hirs knees and looked at hirs legs.Bookmark here

“In your locker? That’s pretty far away.”
“I think I’ll have to go. I can’t be late for training.”Bookmark here

“Okay, be careful. And good luck.”Bookmark here

“Alright.”Bookmark here

Cailly left.Bookmark here

The fact that each student is assigned a locker in this school prompted me to think about mine. How long has it been since Avner last checked it? I’m curious. Fact is, I’ve never used a locker in my life.Bookmark here

“One down, two to go.”
“Do you want us to leave that bad..”Bookmark here

“I’m joking.”Bookmark here

“That doesn’t sound like a joke.”Bookmark here

“Avner, I can leave if it’s really something private, it’s not a problem for me.”Bookmark here

“So?”Bookmark here

Ares prompted me for an answer after what Julien had said.Bookmark here

I actually plan to talk to someone, which Avner had never met. And the topic was a sensitive one. I only called Ares, thinking it would be nice with some company. Though, now that I think about it, it would’ve been better if I came alone.Bookmark here

“It’s alright. I only came to talk to someone.”Bookmark here

The baking club was located next to the cooking club. If Avner’s memories prove correct, there’s a sort of rivalry between the two. During last year’s school open day, both clubs made pastries to sell. Rumor had it that a conflict broke out between the two departments.Bookmark here

Near the door was a floating panel displaying the baking club logo alongside a basic description, members and a few interactable options. Bookmark here

I peeked into the club room. It’s got metal tables, cooking stations, pans, ceramics. Most notably, the smell of flour and sweet caramel butter.Bookmark here

Orange hair, where are you.. there.Bookmark here

A club member wearing an apron came out to greet us. I remember him from the story, Daniel.Bookmark here

“Is there anything we can help you with?” He welcomed us with a warm smile. I laughed secretly at the fact that there was a piece of dough stuck on his face.Bookmark here

“I’m here to find a student by the name Lynda?”Bookmark here

“Lynda? Oh, please come in,” Daniel invited us to try a few pastry samples before turning to the kitchen and shouted, “Lynda! Your boyfriend wants to see you!”Bookmark here

“What nonsense are you spouting!” came a reply back.Bookmark here

I felt the stares of Ares, Brunette and Julien pierce my body. I almost choked on the cookie.Bookmark here

“I thought you liked Pu’er?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I know right.”
“Fucking hell..” I cussed.Bookmark here

“Chill bro. Want another cookie?” Ares fanned my face with his hands.Bookmark here

“So we’re right?” Julien asked.Bookmark here

“It’s a misunderstanding.”
“What boyfriend?!” Bookmark here

The orange haired girl with a ponytail complained to Daniel who continued to show her a mischievous smile.Bookmark here

“There, that guy.”
“I never said that, Daniel.”Bookmark here

“Hey, how do you know my name?”Bookmark here

I pointed at the information details in the club description. It only served as a useless diversion.Bookmark here

“Excuse me, so, what are you here for?” Lynda narrowed her eyes at me.Bookmark here

“Can I talk to you about something? If not, is it alright if I got your contact?”Bookmark here

“Avner you..” Brunette raised a strained voice.Bookmark here

“He’s gone cuckoo.” Ares said.Bookmark here

“Avner, should you go for a check up? Just in case?” Julien poked my shoulder.Bookmark here

Oh right. Why did I assume that I can calmly approach a random girl and ask for her contact? It’s very suggestive, isn’t it? Ain’t I weird?Bookmark here

“Why?” Lynda’s expression froze up.Bookmark here

“You’re in danger.”Bookmark here

“Huh? What kind of danger?”Bookmark here

“That’s the point.”Bookmark here

“Are you trying to woo her or something?” Daniel stepped in, realized how our conversation was going in a weird direction.Bookmark here

“Actually, give me your contact too Daniel, that’ll make things easier.”Bookmark here

Daniel was the fourth or fifth to be infected in the story.Bookmark here

“What? Really?”Bookmark here

There was an awkward silence.Bookmark here

“Fine,” Lynda relented, “I don’t know why you want my contact but don’t try to spam me. That’s all I ask.”
“Lynda, why?” Daniel was perplexed.
“Isn’t it a senior’s job to help a junior?”Bookmark here

“You’re right.”
“Jeez. You should just say if you’re interested in the baking club. Feel free to ask me any questions.”
Lynda said, and at the same time, an invitation window popped up. I accepted her request.
“Thank you. I’ll think about it.”Bookmark here

Depending on the situation, I may also have to get involved with the baking club. I have the knowledge and information required to support them if an outbreak does happen.Bookmark here

“Done? Now go away,” Lynda showed me a disgusted expression and walked away. I heard the other club girls giggle.Bookmark here

“Thanks Daniel, sorry about this.”
“Okay..” he drawled.Bookmark here

“See you around.”Bookmark here

“Yeah. Can’t wait to see your face in our club.”Bookmark here

I might be making an early conjecture but can I safely assume that Lynda hasn’t been infected yet? So will it be something that happens in the future? There wasn’t a specific date given to when she’ll tackle her first victim. But it’s definitely going to happen this year.Bookmark here

It’s October. There’s still a month to go before school break.Bookmark here

I’ll have to keep tabs on her.Bookmark here

“Avner. What was that about?”Bookmark here

“Just wanted their contact.”Bookmark here

“That’s not it isn’t it.. is there something wrong? You’re like a detective.”Bookmark here

“We’re here to listen if you need an ear.”Bookmark here

“Nah. It’s fine.”Bookmark here

Not a big deal. Rather, it’s something only I can handle.Bookmark here

“We should return to class. I’ve done what I need to.”Bookmark here

“I didn’t know you planned to join the baking club,” Ares said as he bit into another cookie.Bookmark here

Everyone stepped through the door, I was about to do the same when I felt myself spill out of my body.Bookmark here



===Bookmark here

dotturndot: otome, reincarnation, sci-fi, systems, angels and demons, what else I’m I missing? Who knows.. Mine? OH, MINE! What’s a mine? Bookmark here

That asides, all that detail about the NtBM virus– that’s the result of studying in the medical field. You might have to google up some of the terminology, I’ve tried to describe the infectious process in a way that sounds realistic.Bookmark here

Tell you this: zombies can’t exist. The issue isn’t the virus. Say, even if a virus, bacteria, or parasite that can turn a human into a zombie exists, the biggest problem is homeostasis. Blood pours out from the wound, no blood left, no oxygen, no ability to move a single muscle. Or rather, imbalanced nutrition from eating flesh can cause seizures (due to electrolyte imbalance) so the zombies wouldn’t even bite. Worse, zombies don’t drink water so basic life processes can’t even be carried out! Fuck all those ‘zombies can exist’ theories out there! I’m from the medical line and I say it’s impossible! AHAHAHAHA!!Bookmark here

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