Chapter 10:

1.10. Angel-Demon War

The Writer's Illustrator is Stuck in Cookie Cult (LN)



Time stopped, and everything went silent.Bookmark here

In the monochromatic world which appeared before me, I could only hear the sounds of my heart thumping.Bookmark here

What’s a MINE? Bookmark here

I turned around to see my body frozen in place. Everyone else was also frozen. Bookmark here

Is this an astral body? I feel both light and heavy, and I look like I’m glowing.Bookmark here

Weird. Should I be calling for someone?Bookmark here


{You have no contact}Bookmark here

{CONTACT FAILURE}Bookmark here

“Who do we have here?”Bookmark here

I turned to the source of the voice. It was a senior teacher. Like me, his body was also shining.Bookmark here

I recognize this person.Bookmark here

Cain. Bookmark here

The teacher in-charge of the baking club. And in <Cookie Cult>, he’s the one who supported the NtBM victims and kept the club situation a secret from the rest of the school. He had always been a capable, but enigmatic character in the story.Bookmark here

“Servant of Satan, why are you here?”Bookmark here

“What?”Bookmark here

I’m hearing some eight grade syndrome. Bookmark here

He moved.Bookmark here

By some miracle, I shifted my body in time and missed his punch. Bookmark here

His hands turned into a mechanized plasma blaster kind of thing. It’s got rotating engines and pulsing blue rings along with wires and such. I would've liked to admire it if not for my dire situation.Bookmark here

What in hell.Bookmark here

“Not bad.”Bookmark here

He tried to smash me with that gigantic thing.
I ducked and rolled.Bookmark here

His legs blurred. He tried to kick me, I cushioned the impact with my hands crossed. Bookmark here

A pain different from reality, but pain nonetheless.Bookmark here


He pointed the glowing muzzle at me from a distance at less than five meter. Orange and blue particles condensed themselves into a dangerous violet point at the..Bookmark here

I used my legs to push my entire body forward. An electrical sensation passed above my spine. I dodged the first shot, how many more to go?Bookmark here

Btzz. Btzz.Bookmark here

Lasers were fired in succession. It was clear as day that he wasn't taking me seriously. And I’m glad he didn’t because I’m barely coping.Bookmark here

The lasers disintegrate the moment they come into contact with any surrounding objects. And to repeat, everything was monochromatic. Objects are immovable due to some mysterious force.Bookmark here

I couldn't even take the macarons off the plates and use them as rock. So I did the next best thing. Bookmark here

Find cover.Bookmark here

“What tenacity.”Bookmark here

“Can you stop..”Bookmark here

No one to contact. No help.Bookmark here

Yet, I’m calm. This is unreal. What’s wrong with me?Bookmark here

It was a battle between an advanced angel versus a demon who has not a clue to what in the world is going on.Bookmark here

Another laser fire, I ducked under a counter.Bookmark here

Think Shin. What is the next course of action now? Bookmark here

Then I’ll have to push past him and run to the exit. Bookmark here

It’ll be a tight squeeze with Ares and Brunette in the middle of the doorway. I don’t have much of an option. I can’t die yet.Bookmark here

I don’t know when he’ll stop firing.Bookmark here

Whatever the case, I’ll run the opposite direction and fle..Bookmark here

“Have you given up?” He asked.Bookmark here

“Yes I have. Can you stop now? I’m going to die at this rate.” I raised both my hands to the air. Don’t shoot them please. I still need them to draw.Bookmark here

“There’s no ping even at this time.. Could you perhaps be a fledgling?”Bookmark here

“What’s a fledgling?”
“You..” Cain replied in a flabbergasted tone.Bookmark here

I’m not joking. I haven't a clue what is going on. There’s no mention of this phenomenon anywhere in the story, nor have I ever heard Novelle tell me about this.Bookmark here

“You’re.. what’s your name young demon.”Bookmark here

“Avner.”Bookmark here

“Avner Franc?”Bookmark here

“Avner Cross.”Bookmark here

“Really?”Bookmark here

I peeked out from the corner, ready to dash the other way. Somehow, his mechanical hands had returned to normal.Bookmark here

I don’t understand why but he’s looking at me with amazement. Bookmark here

“Your memories have been erased. Of course you wouldn’t remember,” he muttered, the wrinkles on his face seem to increase.Bookmark here

“I think I saw that somewhere on screen..”Bookmark here

“What class operative are you this lifetime?”Bookmark here

“Class operative.. frigate. What’s this about anyways? What do you mean this lifetime?”Bookmark here

“Frigate. How unfortunate. It would’ve been too coincidental if you ended up with the same class as your previous reincarnation,” he laughed.Bookmark here

“Um.. sorry. But can you explain what’s going on? I’m supposed to be a demon right?”Bookmark here

Now that everything has calmed down, it hit me that I’m part of this angel-demon war. I think I walked into a trap set up by an angel. TBH, I never thought Cain was an angel. That would make a lot of sense in terms of plot. No sane teacher would hide the fact that his students are vampires.Bookmark here

Since he’s an angel and I’m a demon, aren’t I dead? Not sure how I should define ‘dead’ because I’m outside my body right now.Bookmark here

“Pardon my rude actions earlier. You may not remember, nor would you recognize me. But I’ve always been a fan of yours,” he showed a wrinkled smile. “As a demon, to earn the respect of this angel is no simple matter.”
A demon working alongside an angel? What did Avner of the 233rd reincationation do? If I run under the assumption that Avner had been through 234 lives; The 234th being the current one I’m in, what have I been doing over the past 233 lives? This was beyond the scope of the story I know.Bookmark here

I’m starting to feel like a frog. Bookmark here

Maybe I am a frog.Bookmark here

“What will happen to me now?” Bookmark here

I could still die. This sudden shift from imminent death to holding friendly conversation isn’t something that should happen in reality.Bookmark here

“I concede.”Bookmark here

I don’t believe you.Bookmark here

“I would’ve contacted the other angels by this point. But, you see, I have already retired from service, now awaiting for my next life. My parts have been damaged and I can longer operate in the war,” he grabbed his right arm with his left arm and twisted his wrist a few times.Bookmark here

That did seem to be the case as I saw some broken parts and loose wires dangling before this.Bookmark here

“As a fledgling, you must be confused. No matter, I’ll tell Your Holiness what should be known.”Bookmark here

The angel-demon war is divided into two fronts. The mortal sea, otherwise known as the mortal realm, and the spirit realm. I’m a demon operator in the mortal realm.Bookmark here

Each time a demon or angel dies, either by natural or supernatural deaths, their souls will be recycled and be placed into another body. Reincarnation, in short.Bookmark here

Angels and demons are divided into classes, and in the mortal realm, classes are based on warships it seems. Couldn’t Novelle’s imagination be any weirder I wonder? Bookmark here

Cain’s class is a submarine.Bookmark here

Mine’s a frigate.Bookmark here

===Bookmark here

Announcement!!:Bookmark here

Are you a curious person? There’s more to my series than what you’re reading here you know? So that’s why I’m going to bash you with these announcements until you go! GO! GO!! I made it for <some> of you, the readers, for a better reading experience, world immersion, so don’t miss out on it!Bookmark here here

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