Chapter 2:

The Runaway Part I


Were you ever the reason a car accident occurred?Bookmark here

That feeling is unbearably terrifying for the driver.Bookmark here

I don't blame Toshiro for panicking. If someone died, he'd suffer from episodic breakdowns for the rest of his life.  Bookmark here

"I..." His lips quivered, clearly, his entire life flashed before his eyes.Bookmark here

I rubbed Toshiro's arm trying to calm him down when my peripheral vision caught a glimpse of the individual getting up from the side of the road. By this time, the smoke had cleared, and to our surprise...Bookmark here

The mysterious individual only glared at us with disdain and contempt.Bookmark here

"Dude, watch it!"Bookmark here

??????????Bookmark here

That human- no, actually we weren't sure if that figure was even human, for his eyes glowed with a streak of green light emitting from his pupils. Bookmark here

In addition to this foreign ability were the grass colored translucent arms floating beside this individual. He wore the longest blue cloak I’ve ever seen, which covered practically his entire body.Bookmark here

The man groaned and rubbed his back with one of those arms, then blinked twice. The floating arms dissipated along with the streaks in his eyes.Bookmark here

 Then it was an awkward staring contest. Bookmark here

We were flabbergasted, but it's amusing how our reactions differed. Bookmark here

"Huh,” My brother stayed completely still in his seat.Bookmark here

"Hold on, do that again!" I cheerfully beamed at the stranger. Without hesitation, one foot was out the door while my hand grabbed onto the handle. Bookmark here

“Ah, crap,” Bookmark here

The figure contemplated escaping the scene. His back was half turned from us and he leaned forward as if he was about to propel himself. Bookmark here

But for whatever reason, he simply sighed and glanced to the side.Bookmark here

With obvious frustration written on his face, I cautiously stepped forward and waved in front of him. He didn’t dare to look at me.Bookmark here

“Heeeeeey,” I said slowly, “Are you human?”Bookmark here

“Ah tch! Kamiko!” I heard Toshiro from behind, “you can’t be asking people if they’re human!”Bookmark here

“Oh don’t be so modest,” I hollered back, “You’re thinking the same. Hey, you-“ I squinted at the stranger who finally stared me down, “so, what are you?”Bookmark here

“Ugh,” the stranger did an exasperated sigh, “Fine, not like I can’t get out of this one seeing that SOMEONE doesn’t know how to operate their own machine.”Bookmark here

“Hey!” Toshiro stormed toward us, “you were the one crossing an uphill street at a TURN. Anyone with half a brain would know that’s a random and dangerous spot to be walking!”Bookmark here

“Well then pay attention! If it’s that dangerous then you humans shouldn’t make turns in roads!”Bookmark here

“Aha,” I interrupted, both of the men turned simultaneously, “I knew it. You’re totally an alien.”Bookmark here

“Alien?” The stranger chuckled at the thought of it, “wrong term, miss. The name’s Kingston, and I’m a Fallen.”Bookmark here

“A what?”Bookmark here

“You humans call us demons.”Bookmark here

“A demon!” Toshiro clenched his teeth, yet the curiosity never left him, “you look more human than demon to me. Where are the horns? The bat-looking wings? Are you an Oni in disguise?”Bookmark here

“Toshiro!” I smacked his arm, “you can’t be asking people where or what their body parts are!” Bookmark here

“Fine fine, you have your point,” Toshiro focused his attention back at Kingston, “but no, seriously. This is your last chance to stop messing around with us.”Bookmark here

“I didn’t expect you to believe me,” Kingston stepped forward to observe Toshiro’s damaged hood, “eh.”Bookmark here

Without a second thought, the demon blinked, resurrected the two translucent arms, and lifted the car.Bookmark here

This time, those floating arms were visually more muscular, but what surprised me more was how much larger the hands were to be able to grab onto the vehicle. Bookmark here

Woah, can he control the size and shape of those things?! Bookmark here

I turned to look at Toshiro, only to burst out in laughter when I saw the expression on his face. Someone who got slaughtered, that’s what. Bookmark here

"Alright idiot, where are we taking this machine?" Bookmark here

Kingston's question snapped Toshiro out of his trance.Bookmark here

"Huh?"Bookmark here

"What do you mean huh! I asked you a question! Unless you don't need my help." Bookmark here

"This is not how I envisioned our first day of vacation."Bookmark here

"What he means is he appreciates it," I chimed in, "And I do too. Well, it would've been great if our car wasn't damaged on our first day of break but Toshiro knows how to maintain stuff like this."Bookmark here

Kingston raised an eyebrow. The young man's glistening red eyes reflected the damaged bumper as he turned around. Bookmark here

"A 'car', so that's what it's called."Bookmark here

Toshiro began to walk ahead of us. The path to Grandma's house was only a couple of miles away, and it was obvious that none of us will be getting a ride there. Bookmark here

"As much as I don't want that stranger touching my car," Toshiro stubbornly huffed, "It's better than to call towing services."Bookmark here

"That's the part where he reminds me of our dad," I whispered to Kingston, "He can be a bit of a cheapskate so he fixes everything on his own."Bookmark here

"I CAN HEAR YOU!" Bookmark here

*****Bookmark here

Rows of cluttered trees waved along with the wind and greeted us toward a small town located on a plateau of the mountain. This was our father's home, a place where people knew each other by name, while others call their friends "family". Bookmark here

It's a cozy little area; among the slithering roads were shops opened by small business owners trying to share their marketable skills with their community. The crafts of jewelry, paper planes, candles, and even a small performing arts stage to entertain the elderly. I remembered Grandma used to visit the stage just to see what the local high schoolers in drama class would perform. Bookmark here

Along the main roads were smaller, denser paths that led lost individuals into the neighboring forest. Bookmark here

This was the path Toshiro ended up taking because none of us wanted to be spotted with a demon. Or rather, it wasn't his looks that would be hard to explain to the adults trying to protect their children roaming in the playgrounds. Bookmark here

It was his powers.Bookmark here

Almond-shaped eyes illuminated a streak of light, which I had correlated with the reactivation of those...floating arms. Nothing exhilarating about them other than I can somewhat see through them with a green filter. Apparently, he can also adjust the size of them too. Bookmark here

How convenient. Bookmark here

"So like, I have a million questions."Bookmark here

I walked next to the demon, with the car over our heads to cover us from the scorching hot sun. Toshiro, however, remained frustrated and continued to walk ahead of us. Bookmark here

"Sure, out with it," Kingston gazed ahead, "Gotta satisfy the human curiosity."Bookmark here

"What's your full name?"Bookmark here

He widened his eyes. "Uh, well..."Bookmark here

"Do you not have a full name? Or is it just Kingston?"Bookmark here

"N-no, I do, it's just," he shook his head, "actually never mind. The name's Kingston de Leaux."Bookmark here

"de Le-lux, de Lyn- I'll just call you Kingston."Bookmark here

Toshiro immediately turned around. I practically heard the roars of a mighty lion going off.Bookmark here

I returned a playful smirk at my brother. He stared at me with a disapproving look.Bookmark here

"And uh, what are your names?" Kingston asked.Bookmark here

"I'm Fujisaki Kamiko, and that there is my brother, Fujisaki Toshiro!"Bookmark here

"Ah, siblings," the demon chuckled, "hah, that's brilliant. Do you guys get along?"Bookmark here

"Nah."Bookmark here

"That sucks," he replied, maybe my sarcasm wasn't obvious enough, "I can see your point. Toshiro would rather rot under the sun than stay cool with us."Bookmark here

My brother spun around and stomped his way back to us with seething anger. I had probably blinked once; his face already in front of Kingston's.Bookmark here

"It's Fujisaki to you," Toshiro said, "Just because you're a demon doesn't mean you get special treatment."Bookmark here

"Get out of my face, dimwit," Kingston retaliated calmly, "Don't forget who has the ability to drop your car off the side of this mountain."Bookmark here

"Hey," I slowly pushed my brother away from Kingston, "Toshiro, I know you're stressed out about the car, but we need him to help us right now. Arguing isn't solving anything."Bookmark here

"NO!"Bookmark here

Toshiro's yell threw us in a shock. It was rare to witness my brother being the guy who lost his temper. Bookmark here

Then again, he was always playing the bigger person. I was simply the observer. Bookmark here

"No, Kamiko!" Toshiro let out a deep breath, "I just got back from renovating a house and remodeling our rooms. I wanted to give us- you- a good break for once and now the car's ruined! And then an ACTUAL demon shows up out of nowhere, which, by the way, IS A BIG DEAL. Do you know what this means! It changes everything! He's proof that aliens-"Bookmark here

"Demons."Bookmark here

"DEMONS EXIST. But not the kind people imagined. If word gets out de Leaux is with us, imagine the paparazzi! News outlets from all over the world! The GOVERNMENT IS PROBABLY GOING TO LOOK FOR US-"Bookmark here

"You can call me Kingston," the demon interjected, "I don't...I'm not fond of my family name."Bookmark here

"All of this is overwhelming," Toshiro rubbed his forehead, "And this should be overwhelming to you too, Kamiko. But you're..."Bookmark here

He's right. From a different perspective, I probably acted as if meeting a demon was just another day at school. A new gossip, that's how I treated it. A bunch of questions to know the juice of something foreign. Bookmark here

"Toshiro," I stepped away from Kingston and exposed myself under the sunlight, "I know all of this is very sudden. But please, until we know what's going on, I don't want you to panic."Bookmark here

"Easy to say that, sis," Toshiro clenched his fists, "After all, I was always the one who-"Bookmark here

He paused, realizing he could've spoken words with damage that couldn't be retracted. Bookmark here

In return, I had taken a leap and embraced him with a hug. Bookmark here

"Kamiko, what-"Bookmark here

"It's okay, Toshiro," I sighed and let go of him, "I'm not a child anymore. You don't always have to feel like you need to protect me."Bookmark here

"I'm not trying to protect you, I'm just doing my job to make sure you're fine whenever you have troubling things going on."Bookmark here

"And that's my problem. It's like the nightmares. What exactly can you do? Those battles are my own to fight. I appreciate the times when you stayed by my side to make sure I slept well, but, you don't need to do that anymore."Bookmark here

Toshiro glanced at me. His eyes sparkled with the warm light of the sun. The trees danced a little, signaling for us to continue our journey down the path. Bookmark here

"Sorry to burst in your moment here," Kingston approached us and covered our heads from the heat with the car, "But uh, how much longer do we have until we arrive at your house? This thing's heavy."Bookmark here

Both of us widened our eyes. "Oh."Bookmark here

"de Lea- Kingston," Toshiro said slowly, "My bad for lashing out. We're just going through a lot. A car accident and the revelation of demons existing were the last things in my mind to expect."Bookmark here

"Dude it's fine, yelling is a common occurrence from where I came."Bookmark here

That sure raised suspicious eyebrows. Bookmark here

"Speaking of you," I still had 999,999 questions left, "Tell us your story."Bookmark here

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