Chapter 2:

First Knight Lea

Do I Really Have to Solve Every Problem in This World?!

[The City of Valentia, representing idealism, intuition, romance, generosity, creativity, wisdom and tolerance as a beacon to other kingdoms in the world. Our story begins here believe it or not with a young boy full of talent, charm and mystery to discover!]


Yuuta was still flustered at the sudden kiss moments ago though clearing his head he felt a sudden gush of wind blowing towards him as if something, or someone was coming.

' that?' He thought turning towards where the wind blew from behind.

After squinting a little he realized this was no ordinary wind as a figure suddenly came into view which he had very little time to react to as something slammed into his head causing him to be dazed for a moment.

'An...orb?' Yuuta thought before falling to the ground with the orb on his chest.

The orb was a transparent white though barely visible to recognize its brilliance was shown through the brief display of colors before assuming its original state.


He sat up as the orb bounced into his lap in response, the warmth from it was rather peculiar and friendly as something flashed in his mind.

"Are these... memories?" He muttered in awe as his pupils were filled with images that he couldn't deduct immediately but he only remembered the face of a woman looking at him dearly.

Tears began to fill his eyes as he suddenly realized this he began to rub them.

"Why am I crying?" He said puzzled then standing up and looking around patting himself.

A notification sounded from his earpiece as he quickly checked it. It was from "First Knight Lea" as he then tapped the message it displayed a silly image of a girl in a dramatized pose from one of those magical girls shows that's been airing recently...

"Where are you Ta-kun?! The exam is starting soon and we need to go over our strategy for the upcoming battle!" Lea pouted clearly disappointed.

Yuuta laughed at this but dismissed the UI as he then looked at the orb and looked back towards where it came from.

'There must be some reason this came to me, but for now I have other things to tend to.' 

Turning towards the school he made a quick look back as he then quickly began running. A soft glow emanated around him as he smiled then bowing his head.

"O Spirits of Wind, grace your servant with your breath. . .Ventus!" He shouted as an emerald light shone from his feet as the wind heeded the call then allowing him to speed along the road.

He soon came upon the academy entrance as he noticed out of the corner of his eye a flicker of light. He immediately stopped as a figure suddenly burst out from the corner only to leap on his head as he fell as his vision turned dark as well as his breath.

"Top of the morning Ta-kun!" a voice rang in his ears.

"M-Mmrf Gur! (Who is it?!)" He spoke though he was struggling to get up.

The girl laughed as she got up with and smirked proudly as Yuuta gasped for air then looked up. At first glance you'd think she was just another girl with pig-tails and her school uniform but her free-spirited face really hit home in the adventurous department especially her wardrobe choices.

'Of...all...times...' He thought as he stood up.

"So, you ready, Rank of One?" The girl spoke soon after he recovered as she flicked her fingers as sparks of fire appeared.

"Of course I am, First Knight Lea-san." He responded candidly as a gust of wind blew around them with sparks tingling around him.

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