Chapter 0:

See You Centuries Later, My Angel


Do you believe in God?Bookmark here

I looked up and saw a beautiful creature surrounded by falling snow. Magnificent under the moonlight, with hair reminiscent of the sky and sea. Their wings fluttered with such gentleness.Bookmark here

They smiled. Hovering above me was an angel. Or at least, they must be, with wings imitating those seen in drawings and an aura that radiated light. Bookmark here

Their crystalized eyes carried hope and curiosity, and I was fixated on them. Bookmark here

"God?" I repeated.Bookmark here

That's right, I heard their voice echo within my mind, God- at least- that's the name given by humans. Bookmark here

The angel leaned in, but not before playfully poking my nose, What's God to you?Bookmark here

That's a good question, I thought. It didn't matter that I hadn't spoken, it was obvious even to a child like me that this being can hear it all.Bookmark here

To some, God is part of their religion, they caressed my cheeks and held my face up, to others, God is an idea. Maybe God's not real, or maybe God's in what humans use in a phrase- something like...'Oh my God!' Bookmark here

"Yeah, Mommy says that all the time!"Bookmark here

Mhm, the mysterious angel silently giggled with me, their wings flapped against the chilling air of winter. Bookmark here

"Hey," I blinked and finally asked them the question I've been craving answers to, "How come I can see you?"Bookmark here

It happened during the dead hours of a snowy night. I was five, probably six when I sauntered down a lonely alleyway inside a deserted neighborhood. Bookmark here

It had been a couple of hours since my parents fought, and in an impulsive rage, I ran out of the house before my brother could catch me. Bookmark here

I didn't know the world was bad. When I was a kid, I didn't think of consequences.Bookmark here

I just wanted them to stop fighting, to stop the screaming and the unnecessary hate spewed across our rooms. It wasn't fair, I convinced myself, I wanted to leave and never come back.Bookmark here

Not to a home where our parents can't love each other.Bookmark here

I'm so sorry.Bookmark here

That phrase, I wanted to tell my brother so badly, but I was scared. Instead, I only caused headaches for him. I knew he was looking for me. Yet as a young boy himself being 3 years older, it was unsafe for him to be wandering in the dark as well. Bookmark here

You'd think our parents cared, but they didn't. And nobody bothered to check in on us. Bookmark here

In this world, it was just me and my brother.Bookmark here

Until that night feelings had escalated and I couldn't take it anymore.Bookmark here

And so, I ran away. A young soul deprived of innocence and healthy relationships, all I wanted was to be free and away from everyone.Bookmark here

I ignored my brother's calls and my mother's threats. My father, too anxious to speak up, said nothing.Bookmark here

After a couple of hours of wandering deep into the desolated streets, all I could see were the decorations hanging from people's homes, filling their windows with color and personality. An inflated reindeer, then several gnomes glaring at me, then a giant Santa Claus peaking from the bushes.Bookmark here

The neighbors are getting creative.Bookmark here

When I reached the park, I finally took a deep breath and collapsed next to the slide. It was lightly coated with a thin layer of snow. Out of boredom, I laid my hand on it. Bookmark here

Making a handprint... it became my way of passing the time. Bookmark here

I didn't know how many times the clock turned its handle. All I knew were the clustered thoughts in my little head, begging for a police officer or a firefighter to come rescue me.Bookmark here

Perhaps it was God that heard my prayers, because I nearly fell asleep, only to be jolted awake to the presence of an angel.Bookmark here

Then the rest became blurred memories.Bookmark here

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