Chapter 6:

Our Family Part l


I closed my eyes and concentrated.Bookmark here

Think, Kamiko. What would Toshiro do?Bookmark here

That's right. Even for someone like Kingston, he placed himself in harm's way.Bookmark here

But even if I can do the same, it wasn't a smart idea. All of us will die.Bookmark here

To that angel who I keep seeing in my dreams, please, if you can hear me, help me.Bookmark here

I heard the screech of the little demon's voice rung inside the towering walls of this room; she stomped onto the glass floor. Inevitable cracks echoed which made for a colorful noise amongst the yells from my brother and friend. Bookmark here

"YOU KNOW WHAT, JUST GET OUT OF MY WAY!" Then, she leaped, sending a shockwave behind her. Bookmark here

I shot my eyes open. Bookmark here

Her face mirroring mine, our grins hardly contained. Except I had unknowingly generated a pair of combat knives and slashed the kid demon across her face. She yelped and fell backward, rolling multiple times as her body impacted a wall. Bookmark here

Pieces of a mural twinkled as they fell, clattering onto the floor as soon as smoke emitted from the damaged site. Bookmark here

It was an adrenaline moment, I didn't have time to think about what had caused this phenomenon. My left eye felt heavy, but my mind was refreshed.Bookmark here

It was strong.Bookmark here

I glanced at Kingston, who sat on the floor with mild injuries. His shocked expression gradually turned into one of approval and amazement. Bookmark here

"A silver eye eh? You're just like an Arch," he teased, "especially with that insignia on your shirt."Bookmark here

"Oh?" I looked down to my stomach to see that there was a symbol imprinted onto my long sleeve. Bookmark here

I recognized it. Bookmark here

It's the same insignia the angel I've met years ago carried on their sleeveless jacket. Bookmark here

"It suits you," Kingston stuck his tongue out and winked. His smirk was contagious. Bookmark here

"Aw yeah! This is awesome!" I exclaimed. I held the knives in front of me. They were built slightly differently than those that humans typically used, but it didn't matter. Bookmark here

"Grrr," the kid demon staggered, her pigtails ruined and her stockings ripped, "You're...You can't be a Terranian! T-that feels..."Bookmark here

She gulped.Bookmark here

"That feels like an Arch's power running through your veins!"Bookmark here

"And so be it." Bookmark here

I stepped forward, my shoes gently hitting the glass. The aura of the room changed. Bookmark here

The murals reflected the light illuminating my aura, glass pieces started to shake like an earthquake was occurring, and the little demon's eyes begged for mercy.Bookmark here

My eyes glanced to Toshiro, who laid still after being tossed like a toy. He's alive, I knew of it. However...Bookmark here

"No one messes with my brother," I announced as I held my knife in front of the kid demon, "We will always protect one another, even if it means fighting demons like you." Bookmark here

Yu Irda
Kuromaru (クロまる)
L. Moonlight
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