Chapter 1:

Story [ I ]

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

It’s been a long day, I don’t even know how these 12 years passed by. As when I look back, it feels as if I have been in a constant war with myself. My name is Jake and I own a real estate company.

“Oh, so it’s New Year’s Eve today”.

Mom called me earlier today, telling me how everything seems so lonely without me.

“Yeah, I haven’t returned back home for a year now.”.

I should mention this since currently, I am not living with my parents,

“Work you see!”.

Well, today was definitely amusing,

I encouraged my subordinates to have a total blast tonight with their bonuses. But to be honest I didn’t have anything in my mind myself, might just want to go with anything that suited my mood. I was then walking towards the city though.

Why am I not in the city? Well, it’s simple I just want to smoke without getting annoyed.

“Hey, wait!!”.

“Hey! wait up.”.

Ohh man already! And here I thought I could have some alone time!

“That voice though! It does sound quite familiar.

“Oh!! Hey, it’s you”.

“Long time no see”.

I suddenly stopped and looked up. It was Lisa, her voice that I have been listening to all this time and after all these years she was finally standing right before me. I was thrilled to see her as I looked at her face. It has changed quite drastically and she is now a fine and matured woman. Oh! Hey, stubborn monkey, you look so different now, it’s quite a change!

“You’re a monkey not me!” she said.

“Yes, you are!” I fought back.

“No, I’m not” she resisted.

“Yep, definitely you are. Besides I see you’re still as stubborn as ever.” I exclaimed with a sigh.

I still remembered her being a cheerful girl who would fight against anyone to achieve what she wants. I remember, the time when she fought against everyone for her admission test. Even I told her to stay where she was but she was not one to listen anyways.

“Haha! Remember what you did then, you lied to everyone saying you were going to attend the exams when you actually hadn’t intended to in the first place and then you somehow ended up taking another exam. And luckily enough you even got selected.” I told her.

“So how have you been?” I asked.

“Fine I guess” she exclaimed.

“Yeah! You must be. I saw your Instagram post yesterday, you looked really happy, with your husband and your kids. Yeah! Your kids, remember you once told me you wanted twins. Funny that you actually ended up having twins just like you had wished for. Talk about fate. Fuck me! You’re way too lucky.” I replied.

“And yeah! I still smoke; it’s more than a habit now you see” I added.

I think I couldn’t stop smoking because I had nothing to do anyway. I know she hated this little habit of mine, much as I hated her being stubborn. Well, it seemed like she somehow fixed that issue now and looked much more reasonable. I also can’t forget the time when she fought over the question of whether she should go out at night or not. Honestly, I only denied that because I know that place and how horrifying it was.

“Yeah! It’s been twelve years.” She said.

“Now, you know I got settled and no room for another person of course. You have been successful with grace.” I replied.

“And what do you mean by, I am successful,” she said.

I might have got myself immensely successful, but hell she was successful in her personal life. At least she had a life for goodness sakes. C’mon I couldn’t fit that stupid person in her now. She was just different. And I still love her and hate her.

“Hey, old man! Who the fuck are you talking to?” she mocked.

“Old man! Fuck you. I am thirty. And shit!!! I was enjoying that vision.” I replied.

“Anyways my imagination was getting wilder. Though it was nice thinking about you for a change. Yeah! back to smoking. Fuck did I wasted my entire cigarette? Anyway, I got more.” I laughed at it looked her as she said.

“Umm!!! Ahhh!”.

“Well, I never thought that you would ever change.”.

“let me! just lean on to this pillar. People are making way too much noise this year, I almost feel like everyone is over exaggerating” I sighed.

“Anyways it was also a New Year Eve’s evening, right? When we finally broke up for good.” I looked her in the eyes.

“Actually, should I call you sir! Now that my husband works at your company. Hey, I’m really grateful to you for lending me and my unemployed husband help even though we broke up.” she asked him.

“Well I’m a strong person and I learn from my mistakes!”.

“Once Bitten, twice shy,” I said.

“Wow you still use that phrase when you try to be a little extra careful, ahh!” she exclaimed adding.

“So, I am the reason for your success; is that what you mean to imply?”.

“Well, I can’t exactly deny cause it’s your sorry face that fires me up to achieve more and more and looks down upon you” I exclaimed.

“Sir who’re you talking to?” a man from behind suddenly asked him.

“Ohh! don’t worry she only talks to me.” I smiled replying him back.

“Actually!” I went up to that person.

I suddenly turned back and saw that she’s gone and I smiled looking down saying.

“That’s to be expected anyways.” I thought to myself.

“Let me tell you a story, it’s got a lot of treachery, drama and a whole lot of tension and the catch is that in the loser is actually the one who wins for real,” I said.

“And who’s that loser” the man asked to which I replied saying.

“Well, that would be the one you think of as a victor!”.

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