Chapter 11:

1.11. Angel-Demon War

The Writer's Illustrator is Stuck in Cookie Cult (LN)

List of combat-classes:Bookmark here

Corvette (specializes in scouting and acts as a patrol. Also has antisubmarine attributes)Bookmark here

Craft Carrier (specializes in nurturing ‘crafts’ to be mobilized)Bookmark here

Cruisers (specializes in independent warfare)Bookmark here

Destroyer (specialized in powerful full front attack, commonly found working together in a fleet)Bookmark here

Frigate (specializes in protecting other vessel, a slower version of a destroyer)Bookmark here

Minesweeper (detect and pluck planted mines)Bookmark here

Submarine (specializes in covert operation, also has the capability to plant mines)Bookmark here

===Bookmark here

List of other involved bodies:Bookmark here

Mines (invisible to most classes, pushes an individual out into the astral plane)Bookmark here

Crafts (a non-angel mortalborn or non-demon mortalborn cooperating in the war)Bookmark here

Tankers (transportation of large amounts of materials)Bookmark here

Merchants (transportation of moderate amounts of materials, you can also buy stuff from them)Bookmark here

===Bookmark here

There are also such things as rankings. Which made me wonder if Novelle intended to add some supernatural action genre into the already grounded slive-of-life <Cookie Cult> universe. A competitive system like this just breaks my heart.Bookmark here

Avner in the 233rd reincarnation was a cruiser. He was an advocate for peace on both the demon and angel front. He left the demon realm and sided with the angels. His initial declaration wasn’t well received. Nevertheless, he pushed on anyway.Bookmark here

His influence grew alongside his charisma and devout worship towards God. He fought the demons mercilessly, and had even turned a war on its head, bringing victory to the angels.Bookmark here

He became the first ever demon to be granted the title of God’s lamb.Bookmark here

A few months after being granted such an esteemed title, mysteriously, he just vanished. Disappeared. No one knew what happened. Every piece of information about him had been stripped from written records. Even so, it was impossible to remove traces of his existence from the minds of the living. Bookmark here

Be it angels or demons, they will be recycled when their lives come to an end. And eventually, all traces of his contribution will be wiped out from history.Bookmark here

If so then how was Cain so familiar with the 233rd Avner?Bookmark here

The information espoused from his mouth may be inflated as when Avner of the 233rd reincarnation was still alive, Cain had only just become a fledgling. Most of the stories he heard were second hand at best.Bookmark here

And here he was running his mouth over how amazing the 233rd Avner was. I glared at him with cold eyes. Bookmark here

He flinched at my gaze, but recovered, looking ever more passionate.Bookmark here

“His stare could kill. It seems like the legend proves true.”Bookmark here

“I’m so sorry Cain, but could I ask if you’re trying to buy time so you can kill me? I’m actually getting worried?” I turned and looked at my colourless body. I was about to trip into a fall.Bookmark here

“Your Holiness, I swear by God’s name, I hold no malice towards you.”
Your Holiness. To be called in such a ridiculous manner. What exactly did the previous Avner do?
This is so troublesome. Bookmark here

I think this 234th Avner will have to make some big decisions. I don’t think it’s wise to continue what the 233rd had hoped to achieve.
“Okay. So.. can I go now?” I find it hard to believe that I’m talking to an angel, something that’s supposed to be my enemy.Bookmark here

Though I may not have any recollection of the 233rd Avner, my guess is that I’ve inherited some of the skills from Avner’s 233rd life. I can’t come up with any other conclusions to how I was able to strategically buckle, dodge and even organize counter attack plans all at once.Bookmark here

“Before that, I have a request.”Bookmark here

“What request?”Bookmark here

“As an apology, I would ask if it is alright I serve under you as your mentor? You may not feel much of it, but your presence in my life has helped me in ways you couldn’t even fathom. Even what you’ve shown me prior, the fact that you were able to fend off against me despite knowing nothing can only be considered a great blessing from your predecessor.”Bookmark here

Ridiculous. Avner is more of a protagonist than I thought. I’m curious if in the original storyline, Avner knew Cain.Bookmark here

“Mentor, as in?”Bookmark here

“I will be your guide. If I must, I shall help you regain the strength of your past zenith.. no. Beyond that.”Bookmark here

“Does that mean I’ll have to join the baking club?”Bookmark here

“I would be honored if Your Holiness can..”Bookmark here

“Please stop with the title.. I no longer have my old memories. Please just treat me as a student.”
“Very well.”Bookmark here

He looked me straight in the eye, an unwavering resolution.Bookmark here

“Avner. Please become my disciple.”Bookmark here

Disciple. TBH, it would be incredibly valuable if I can learn a thing or two about this angel-demon war. No. It won’t be just a thing or two. Bookmark here

There’s no way someone like him doesn’t have a lot of experience under his belt. I could feel it.Bookmark here

I know I don’t want to be part of this war. But with the way things are going, encountering other angels and demons sometime in the future is inevitable. I can’t run from it, I can only face it head on.Bookmark here

“Thank you,” I lowered my head.Bookmark here

“I should be the one thanking you, Avner. For now, shall I suggest a time and date to meet again?”Bookmark here

“Sure.”Bookmark here

“Next week, after your exam. Come see me in the office.”Bookmark here

“Okay. Next Friday.”Bookmark here

“Yes. I’ll be sure to remind you. One more thing. Avoid coming into contact with a corvette. The likelihood of one to be in this territory is low, but you shouldn’t let your guard down.”Bookmark here

“I’ll take note of that? How would I know if the person is a corvette?”Bookmark here

“You’ll know when it approaches. Best wishes to you Avner. May God be with you.”Bookmark here

He snapped his fingers. I felt a strong current pull me, the world spun and I knocked the ground hard. Fatigue hit me.Bookmark here

“Wow?! Dude are you okay?!” Bookmark here

I’m so nauseated.Bookmark here

“I’m fine..”Bookmark here

Not fine.Bookmark here

Ares helped me on my two feet, I held my head to stabilize myself. Bookmark here

“All because of one girl,” Brunette muttered.Bookmark here

Julien only shook hirs head.Bookmark here

“Thanks Ares.”Bookmark here

“You okay? What happened there?”Bookmark here

I looked behind me, and met Cain’s wrinkled smile. I smiled back.Bookmark here

Turning back to Ares, I said.Bookmark here

“I tripped.”Bookmark here

Tripped on a mine, that is.Bookmark here

===Bookmark here

Come to think of it. Was it alright to trust an angel so readily? Bookmark here

I’m a demon.Bookmark here

What if he didn’t recognize me as The Avner? What would’ve happened to me, a demon fledgling? I would’ve died, wouldn’t I?Bookmark here

I may not be sure if it’s alright to trust the angel Cain. The fact that I got out alive is itself a blessing. He might be trying to trap me, though, if he did intend to do so, I wondered if there was no need to bring up Avner’s legend?Bookmark here

I lacked information, so in such a situation, I can only follow my guts. And it’s telling me to not avoid Cain. I’ll go meet him next Friday.Bookmark here

I suppose Novelle had developed Avner’s backstory in the back of her head as she wrote. After all, she works under the principle that each major character should feel like a main character. That’s the method she uses to inject realism into character personalities. Bookmark here

Now then. The real question. Could this infinite reincarnation have anything to do with why Pu’er is close to Avner? I know that she’s an angel, but is she aware of it?
What if she hasn’t been awakened as one yet? That’s a possibility.Bookmark here

When will she awaken then? I don’t think hatching, and becoming a fledgling has anything to do with one’s birthday like how TALENTs worked back in my world. Perhaps it’s random? I’ll keep an eye out on her then.Bookmark here

Speaking of which, I should’ve told Cain about Pu’er. Bookmark here

Whatever. Bookmark here

I’ll talk to him about it next week.Bookmark here

===Bookmark here

dotturndot: As some may have realized, I’m basing the class systems and related astral bodies of the angel-demon war on navy related stuff. Not something I’m familiar with (I actually had to search it up on Google and do some research on Wikipedia). Anyhow, this only makes the story hella confusing ain’t it? Bookmark here

Combat scene. Rate on a scale of 1 to 10. Comments below!Bookmark here

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