Chapter 12:

1.12. Distracted From Studying

The Writer's Illustrator is Stuck in Cookie Cult (LN)

I made a drink and sat down on the living room floor, the warm milk in front of me.Bookmark here

You know, the human body wasn’t initially designed to digest cow milk. For babies, it would be alright as the level of lactase in their body was high. As we grow older, lactase concentration in our digestive system becomes scarce.Bookmark here

Though said, some humans have evolved to drink milk. I think I might be one of them, since I have no recollection of Avner ever becoming sick or bloated after a glass of plain cow juice. Bookmark here

“Big bro, big bro. Want to play?” Lia came messing up my hair. There was a floating window display of some 3rd person building game. Bookmark here

“I’ll be studying now. I’ll decline so no thank you.”Bookmark here

Lia looked disappointed for a moment, and at a point, decided that it was best to respect my time.Bookmark here

“Thank you.”Bookmark here

I pulled up the file, and took out the past year papers for History.
TBH, I can only rely on whatever meager knowledge I have of my own world. The history in the <Cookie Cult> universe is similar to the one in my previous life. The main difference being the change in geography of and names of nations. Past year papers would inform me of what to look out for. Bookmark here

A few minutes passed as I browsed through the questions. I made marks on some. Slowly, the milk emptied itself from the cup.Bookmark here

I felt drowsy, and soon I came to realise that I normally don’t drink or eat anything during my study sessions. Enjoying food or drinks while reading boring material would only disturb my focus.Bookmark here

I messed up. Bookmark here

I rubbed my nose and forced myself to focus. If I can’t take it, I’ll stop. For now, I can still cope with the drowsiness.Bookmark here

The Influence of Christianity.Bookmark here

The Black Plague that struck Ronchester Front.Bookmark here

The death of the Monarchical ruling.Bookmark here

The Industrial Revolution.Bookmark here

The Second World War.Bookmark here

The Information Age.Bookmark here

It’s funny how things that I used back as Shin like the smartphone and computers are considered old technology. Can you imagine the absurdity I’m feeling? Realizing that pandas had gone extinct?Bookmark here

My attention snapped when I heard the sound of a basket being placed on the floor. Smartphones have become obsolete, but not baskets. That is the logic of <Cookie Cult>.Bookmark here

I watched my aether drop the clothes into a specially designed rack. Fall in one end, pulled out from the other. Just like that the clothes become folded.Bookmark here

“How does that work?”
“Hm? How long have you been living in this house?” Aether asked in a stingy, bubbly voice. It sounded like xe had both good and bad intentions hidden behind her words.Bookmark here

“Since my birth.”Bookmark here

Aether looked at me, hirs ears flinched. Xe didn’t reply, and continued to run the clothes through the rack.Bookmark here

I meant that as a joke right? What’s up with that reaction jeez.Bookmark here

I decided to put off that decision and went back to studying. If it weren’t for the fact that-that machine could only fold clothes one at a time, I would’ve decided to help my aether.Bookmark here

“Avner. How are you feeling these days.”Bookmark here

My aether spoke in the moments after. Xe’s ignored me intentionally, apparently.Bookmark here

“Me? I’m feeling alright. You’re concerned about my sudden change in character, right?”Bookmark here

“Yes. Did something happen?”Bookmark here

Maybe they aren’t used to the way I speak? Should I consider telling them the truth? That I’m both Shin and Avner? Bookmark here

“Something did happen. I’m not contracted with NtBM, that’s for sure. It’s something else.”Bookmark here

“What do you mean? Your Randell has been telling us to bring you to the hospital.”Bookmark here

I shut off that lil’ guy because it’s one, too distracting, and two, I’m not used to having an AI blare unnecessary information. I’m prone to over stimulation. Quiet time is something of importance to me.Bookmark here

“Don’t you think it’s best to tell your mother and father about this?”Bookmark here

“My change? Even If I told you what caused it, you won’t believe me.”Bookmark here

“Since when have we ever doubted your words?”Bookmark here

“Since the day I was born.”
There was tension in the air.Bookmark here

“I’m no longer just Avner.”Bookmark here

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that,” Aether gave an irrelevant answer in a regretful tone.Bookmark here

“It’s alright. Things happen.”Bookmark here

I looked at the screen once more. The mood for studying has left me entirely.Bookmark here

What should I do?Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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