Chapter 13:

1.13. Distracted From Studying

The Writer's Illustrator is Stuck in Cookie Cult (LN)

As Shin, I find that being part of a family is troublesome. From what I’ve experienced, trying to change from a poor student to an exemplary one isn’t only about changing oneself. Bookmark here

Yes, changing oneself is the only thing one can do as the only person we can change is ourselves. However, staying consistent with that change long enough so the others in our surroundings change is what is difficult.Bookmark here

What I’m I getting at here?Bookmark here

I’m being negatively influenced by Avner’s very own family.Bookmark here

There’s a need to protect myself.Bookmark here

“What are you doing big bro?” Lia peeked across the couch.Bookmark here

“Listening, and drawing.”
Listening to inspirational stuff. Anything that I can to flush out the dark dismal illusions of the real, bright, world.Bookmark here

With technology at such an advancing stage, opportunity is everywhere. Most people don’t see it because they attune their minds to the hopeless and bad.Bookmark here

Take for example the current NtBM epidemic. It’s everywhere on SNS. Bookmark here

And while the death count and infection count is rising, I just learnt that the second generation Mars colonists have emerged. Bookmark here

Mars. Can you imagine? People have actually successfully colonized Mars in this universe. Not to be mistaken with the chocolate energy bar.Bookmark here

Not everyone would understand the significance of attuning their minds by listening to the positive. It isn’t something you do once a week. It’s something you have to do every day, for years. Bookmark here

SNS and the new networks attract attention by digging into a human’s most primitive nature: fear and threat. That’s how they sell ads. We humans love fear, that’s why we intentionally tune into political scandals, gasp at the horrors of war between two countries, keep telling others about the ever increasing inflation and watch horror movies.Bookmark here

Yes. Human nature.Bookmark here

That’s why it’s important that we use our brains to outsmart our primitive conditioning.Bookmark here

“Big bro can draw? I didn’t know that.”Bookmark here

“It’s not that great as you can see.”Bookmark here

“You call this not great?! Are you blind?!”Bookmark here

Finger painting is about the best I can do. With AR glasses, the way people draw has evolved. I did some research, and though there are a number of artists who recommend using drawing pads to create digital art out there, there are also those that find convenience in drawing on air. Bookmark here

3D art is more developed in this respect. Which led me to finding this product known as the air haptic drawing stylus for both 2D and 3D art.Bookmark here

As I’m an illustrator. All I need is my glasses, a flat, white surface and the stylus to create artworks.
The big issue is, I won’t be getting a stylus any time soon. Bookmark here

I should consider asking for one. Though, my obstinate grudge is holding me back from doing so.Bookmark here

Lia reached out and drew a few strokes on my shabby art.Bookmark here

It ruined it, or did it?Bookmark here

I analyzed my own work with a fresh pair of eyes, and realized how queer what I created was. My drawing proficiency shouldn’t be this high. How was I able to create an entire scenery in just a few strokes? This should be beyond me.Bookmark here

Or was this my cheat for this world? Every character drops into a world with a cheat code cliché.Bookmark here

So better art is my cheat? Bookmark here

Though I feel kinda disappointed, I will admit that I’m happy now that I’m better at drawing. Bookmark here

As I was stuck in thought, I felt Lia touch my neck from behind.Bookmark here

“Did I scare you?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, somewhat.”Bookmark here

Xe drew closer. I could feel hirs breath on my neck.Bookmark here

What’s this?Bookmark here

I was ready to push hir away at a moment’s notice.Bookmark here

Lia never did appear in <Cookie Cult> despite being in the same school as Avner. I have no info on hir when it comes to the main storyline.Bookmark here

“You’re not a vampire, right?” I asked, keeping calm.Bookmark here

“Not a chance. I want to know why you changed so much, there’s no bite mark. Did you get a girlfriend?”Bookmark here

“Not a chance.”Bookmark here

Oh, so she wanted to see if there were two holes on my neck. Too bad Novelle wrote that the nanomachines would heal the wound in seconds.Bookmark here

“There’s no way, the big brother I know is like this.”Bookmark here

“I’m both your big brother and some guy who ended up in his body.”Bookmark here

“Should we tell father to take you to the hospital? I heard that people that get infected aren’t aware until it’s too late.. I’m scared.”Bookmark here

I should really go get a check up, shouldn’t I now? Is there a chance that I came into Avner’s body because I was bit by a vampire? Bookmark here

The prologue of <Cookie Cult> began with a layering poly-narration where Rurita was bitten while the MC died from overwork.Bookmark here

“Just kidding.”Bookmark here

Lia’s light hearted voice pulled me out of my thoughts. Bookmark here

Xe showed me hirs SNS feed. Went into the bookmark and grabbed one of the posts.Bookmark here

It’s surprising how much social media platforms have evolved these days. The current trend seems to be quick videos or images which you snap alongside a short commentary to be sent to a circle.Bookmark here

Each profile can create one circle, and the person from the circle can link different circles to create webs. The way the algorithm works is that it picks out posts from first, people closest to your circle before venturing out further into secondary circles, then tertiary, quaternary, and so on.Bookmark here

“What do you see?”Bookmark here

The algorithm of the SNS is not what Lia has me focus on here.Bookmark here

It’s a post from one of my classmates. I didn’t know who recorded this, and wasn’t too happy with how my privacy was breached. Bookmark here

It was a clip of me and Pu’er, in the morning when I was busy with my homework.Bookmark here

“It’s not what you think.”
“Oh really? Even when xe hirself testified to it?”Bookmark here

“What..”Bookmark here

Lia zoomed in on a comment left by a person by the username [❁SUNFLOWER❁], which was Pu’er’s account. Xe joined in on the conversation it seems.Bookmark here

[We don’t have that kind of relationship.]Bookmark here

[Really? I thought you two were close?]Bookmark here

[I noticed that he’s been hinting that he likes you.]Bookmark here

[I saw him hit on some girl in the bakery club. I really don’t have that kind of relationship with him! Here: /{LINK}]Bookmark here

Where did Pu’er get that clip? I was sure no one was using SNS when I was at the baking club. Or perhaps it’s from one of the members? The angle of the video looks like it was shot from the inside.Bookmark here

“That’s relieving to know.”Bookmark here

If Pu’er is being so blatant about it, maybe it is true that xe doesn’t like Avner. Bookmark here

At this point in time at least. Who knows what will happen once xe becomes an angel fledgling? Bookmark here

“Who is this girl? She looks like she’s our senior, who is she?” Bookmark here

“Lynda. Bookmark here

“Oh~”Bookmark here

“It’s not what you think, alright? The reason why I contacted her was because she could become a victim of NtBM.”
“What? How do you know?”
“I just do.”Bookmark here

Lia wasn’t able to find another excuse, seeing how resolute I was with my reply.Bookmark here

“I know, but I’m also hoping it might not happen.”
I’ve already warned Lynda about the possibility of someone turning her into a vampire. It was stated inside <Cookie Cult>, Lynda got bitten one night. Just one sentence. The details are too vague to make a conjecture.Bookmark here

That said, I wasn’t sure if she paid any attention to my message because she didn’t reply. It wasn’t related to the baking club, so she could’ve deemed it as spam.Bookmark here

“I think I get it now,” Lia nodded as if hitting on something big.Bookmark here

“Of course you don’t. You can let your fantasies run wild, I don’t care. It’s not like I’m going to get into a relationship so soon anyways.”Bookmark here

Starting a relationship with some other elf or girl that wasn’t Novelle just felt crass.Bookmark here

“Being friend-zoned must have hurt. That’s the reason why you changed so much the past few days, isn’t it? But, don’t you think it’s a little early to find someone else to chase?” Bookmark here

I looked at hir.Bookmark here

Xe looked back at me.Bookmark here

What did this elf just say?Bookmark here

===Bookmark here

dotturndot: What do you think? Could Avner be unaware that he’s a vampire? Why the hell am I even asking this. It’s like I’m trying to spoil you and not spoil you at the same time. Bookmark here

P.S. I had to recheck this episode, especially the milk part because the source of the info I got from (Food Theory) got some severe backlash (his video about milk). Fortunately I didn’t write anything too wrong.Bookmark here

And..Bookmark here

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