Chapter 14:

1.14. Secret Crush

The Writer's Illustrator is Stuck in Cookie Cult (LN)

<Pu'er Greenwood>Bookmark here

He’s been acting weird since yesterday. I can’t wrap my head around why.Bookmark here

Both his deep miasma gauge and superficial miasma gauge dropped significantly two days ago. Which makes me worried because it means something big must have happened to him.Bookmark here

What is this miasma gauge thing I’m talking about? Bookmark here

It’s an ability I had since birth. I asked my mom about it, and even went to scour the internet but there’s no explanation to the two bars floating on top of someone’s head.Bookmark here

I realised sometime in my childhood that this was something only I could see. A supernatural phenomenon. Like how some people are believed to have a third eye and are able to see ghosts, I’m able to see these weird gauges.Bookmark here

It took me some time to figure out what these gauges mean, but I think I’ve seen enough to make a rough guess.Bookmark here

I secretly took notice of him as he made his way to his seat. It was a few tables away from mine. Bookmark here

He then began to work on something. What is that.. Bookmark here

[Pst, your crush hasn’t completed his homework.]Bookmark here

Oh, I know! His homework!Bookmark here

Huh? He’s planning to do it by himself this time? He normally borrows from me though..Bookmark here

Should I help him? He doesn’t seem to be struggling with it.. or maybe he’s struggling secretly? His grades were never good to begin with, and he has trouble understanding what’s being taught.Bookmark here

There’s this neat trick you can do with the camera to magnify something. Used properly, you can zoom in and see what others are doing from far away.Bookmark here

[Initiating stalking mode.]
He’s doing algebra..Bookmark here

Ugh.. that’s it!Bookmark here

“Avner, here..”Bookmark here

Can’t he just open his mouth and ask if he needs the answers? Bookmark here

“Thanks.. no thank you. I can do it myself.”Bookmark here

He pushed it away..Bookmark here

“Huh? Why.. oh. Okay then..”Bookmark here

W-W-Wha.. was he ever this good in algebra? How, what in the world? He’s so fast?!Bookmark here

“I appreciate it.” Bookmark here

“Yes.”Bookmark here

Something is wrong with him..Bookmark here

He’s not acting normal since yesterday. It’s like he became a genius overnight. Bookmark here

“Did you always know how to do these?” Bookmark here

“Not particularly. I just know.”Bookmark here

That’s not convincing in the slightest!Bookmark here

“Did something happen to you?” Bookmark here

“I guess so. And just for your information, it’s not because I was bitten by a vampire alright.”Bookmark here

He turned to me.Bookmark here

“I’m not lying.”Bookmark here

There’s no way no one would suspect that you’re a vampire.. please don’t be a vampire..Bookmark here

“Everyone thinks you’re acting odd.”Bookmark here

You’re the odd one, Avner. What happened? Tell me please?Bookmark here

“I know.”Bookmark here

He knows? Then tell me what’s wrong!Bookmark here

“You’re.. really fine right?”Bookmark here

“I’m fine. I’m really fine, I need to get my homework completed.”Bookmark here

He returned to his work just like that.Bookmark here

I was ignored.Bookmark here

I.G.N.O.R.E.D.Bookmark here

“What should I do..” I muttered in a whisper, barely audible for my AI, Lily, to hear.Bookmark here

[Maybe it’s his family? Data I snuck in from various sources suggest that some conflict had been aroused recently.]Bookmark here

Not again..Bookmark here

Though.. it’s comforting to know that I’m not alone. I know your pain Avner, can’t you share them with me?Bookmark here

Eh?Bookmark here

What should I do? I can’t just stand around.. Bookmark here

[I suggest staying with him. A play hard to get approach may not work in this situation.]Bookmark here

Good idea Lily!Bookmark here

Terry’s seat is wide open, I’ll borrow your chair for a bit.Bookmark here

I sat down. Bookmark here

This is awkward.. he’ll find out at this rate. I need to do something.Bookmark here

I know! l’ll continue farming TinyArmies.Bookmark here

I’ve already claimed all the daily rewards, there’s nothing much I can do for today except weed out spies from my friends territory.Bookmark here

Huh? Bookmark here

“You weren’t online yesterday,” I said.Bookmark here

“Exam is coming up, you know?”Bookmark here

“Because of your parents?”Bookmark here

“You know me well.”Bookmark here

You were right Lily..Bookmark here

“My parents are like that as well.”Bookmark here

“Really?” Bookmark here

My soulmate indeed! Eh, um.. please don’t show up on my face! I can’t let him know that I..Bookmark here

“I played it sneakily last night,” I wink at him to hide my embarrassment.Bookmark here

“I didn’t even touch it.”Bookmark here

“The date hasn’t refreshed yet, it's not too late to log in.”Bookmark here

Avner thought about it, and only after some thinking did he decide to open his account. It’s like he’s more interested in algebra than this game he obsessed me about.. Bookmark here

I only played it because you play it you know? Don’t tell me you’ve lost interest.. that’s not surprising. You’re more into V-tubers these days.
Nevermind. I’ll help claim the resources. You’re busy with your homework.Bookmark here

“Thanks Pu’er.”Bookmark here

Eh? Ah, sure. Bookmark here

“No problems.”Bookmark here

The Avner I know shouldn’t be like this..Bookmark here

===Bookmark here

Our eyes always meet, and that’s how I can tell that he’s interested in me.Bookmark here

But.. Avner left the class with Ares without looking at me like he used to. What’s worse is that he didn’t even turn around from his seat to look at me at all during class.Bookmark here

It was as if he’s deliberately avoiding me.Bookmark here

W-Why?Bookmark here

[Something is wrong indeed. My calculations suggest that Avner has become much smarter.]Bookmark here

“What is that supposed to mean..” I laid across my table in resignation.Bookmark here

Is he playing hard to get because he realized what I was doing?Bookmark here

Avner.. what happened to you? Bookmark here

[Avner may be able to ace his exam this time around.]Bookmark here

“Seriously?!”Bookmark here

[WARNING]Bookmark here

Opps.Bookmark here

I can’t forget that AIs are banned in school grounds. The only reason why I’m able to communicate with Lily is because I downloaded this application that creates a backdoor for AI.Bookmark here

I can’t see Lily’s avatar, but the AIs message shows up as tangible text and audio that’s only perceivable to me. Bookmark here

“Pu’er, are you alright?” Julien waved hirs hand in front of me.Bookmark here

“I’m alright. Just worried.”
“About Avner, isn’t it?” Brunette said in a jest. Bookmark here

Shut up! Bookmark here

===Bookmark here

ANNOUCEMENT!!Bookmark here

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And I think it would benefit you more if you actually read the database from my website cuz I seriously need you to look at the illustrations!! Bookmark here here

Also. I just want to say here to ya'all here that I really appreciate the 'likes' and comments you leave for this series.  Special shoutout to Momentie and Blueberry (I just saw a spike in likes so I thought I needed to say my thanks <3)Bookmark here

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