Chapter 15:

1.15. Secret Crush

The Writer's Illustrator is Stuck in Cookie Cult (LN)

“I will admit, he’s weird. Any chance that he’s actually a vampire?” Cailly suggested. Please no.. my heart feels like it’s going to sink.Bookmark here

“I didn’t see any bite marks on his neck though.”Bookmark here

“NtBM spreads through saliva-blood contact. Maybe someone in his family got the disease?”Bookmark here

“Then he should’ve been absent from class.”Bookmark here

“You’re right..”Bookmark here

“Please don’t be a vampire,” I clasped both hands together and prayed.Bookmark here

“Pfft. Pu’er, you’re totally exposed.”
“He doesn’t know.”
“I think it’s about time news will reach him though..” Julien exchanged gazes with Brunette and Cailly.Bookmark here

“It wont.” definitely. The problem is that Avner is an airhead that will only keep running in circles until either he, or I confess.Bookmark here

“We’ll keep it a secret. Wouldn’t want to ruin your chances with him.”Bookmark here

“Good luck Pu’er. I’m rooting for you.”
“I’ll tell you if I learn why he’s acting all weird these days, alright? Don’t worry about it.”
“By the way, do you want to join us for lunch? Want to use this opportunity to get closer to him?”Bookmark here

“Ah, it’s okay. I already have my own lunch.”Bookmark here

I dismissed them.
“Okay then. Enjoy your bread.”
“I wonder what kind of bread it is today..”
The three friends left the classroom.Bookmark here

Which means I’m back to being alone. Aha…Bookmark here

I dropped my face back on top of the table.Bookmark here

“Avner.. what happened to you..”Bookmark here

I pulled the wrapping open from underneath the table and tore a bite out of the now cold sandwich.Bookmark here

I forgot to add pepper.Bookmark here

===Bookmark here

The pickup zone of the school was bustling. Though, if you compare the statistics, most students actually go back by train. The people waiting for their parents' pickup are the minority.Bookmark here

[It’s an emergency! It’s an emergency!]Bookmark here

Huh? Eh?Bookmark here

“W-What emergency?” I hid behind the pillar.Bookmark here

[I found a suspicious short on your ShareWiw feed!]Bookmark here

“What video?”Bookmark here

Don’t scare me like that. And here I thought it’s because someone found out that I was using my AI.Bookmark here

I watched Avner enter his car with his etler. Xe has a very cute face. The car turned a corner, now obstructed by the school gates at the bend, he left in peace.Bookmark here

I normally don’t stalk him but.. I can’t help it! He’s been avoiding me. At least give me some hints or something. I’m scared that he gave up on me..Bookmark here

Why would someone all of a sudden lose interest in someone they secretly had a crush on?Bookmark here

I feel like there can be many reasons. I suspect it has to do with his family, I want to know what’s going on in his mind. If I could.. I don’t want that ‘thing’ to be the obstacle between us. Bookmark here

If I have to.. I’ll even initiate the confession..Bookmark here

But what if he never had any interest in me? What if he never had any interest in me, that it was all just my mind? Bookmark here

[“Fine. I don’t know why you want my contact but don’t try to spam me. That’s all I ask.”]Bookmark here

[“Lynda, why?”]
[“Isn’t it a senior’s job to help a junior?”]Bookmark here

[“You’re right.”]
[“Jeez. You should just say if you’re interested in the baking club. Feel free to ask me any questions.”]
[“Thank you. I’ll think about it.”]Bookmark here

[“Done? Now go away.”]Bookmark here

“Eh?”Bookmark here

[Rewind to timestamp: 0:03]Bookmark here

The video looked crude and unedited.Bookmark here

[“Lynda! Your boyfriend wants to see you!”]Bookmark here

[“What nonsense are you spouting!”]Bookmark here

The person filming zoomed in at the people near the entrance of the kitchen.Bookmark here

[“I thought you liked Pu’er?”]Bookmark here

[“Yeah, I know right.”]
[“Fucking hell..”]Bookmark here

Avner.. cursed.Bookmark here

I’ve never heard him curse before.Bookmark here

Huh? Avner likes.. me? Right? RIGHT?Bookmark here

[It is very obvious now to everyone that you and Avner are in a relationship.]Bookmark here

“W-Wait.. who filmed this?! How could someone..”Bookmark here

[It’s from an account from a student in class 4I. From my analysis, Avner is actively denying the fact that the two of you are together.]Bookmark here

“I know.. then that means he understands my intention.. right?”Bookmark here

Avner knows that I already like him. That’s what it is? Is that why he’s acting weird? He’s playing hard to get? That’s what it is right?Bookmark here

Then.. who is this girl? Why did Avner go to this place in the video? Bookmark here

Brunette was involved, I’ll ask her.Bookmark here

[“Brunette. I just wanted to ask, why did Avner go to the baking club?”]Bookmark here

I crumpled the screen and tossed it aside. Bookmark here

I’ll look at the message once I get home.. Bookmark here

[Prognosis of the situation is still positive Pu’er, calm down. It’ll be alright.]Bookmark here

I hope so.. I really do hope so.Bookmark here

No. I can’t think negatively. Think happy, positive thoughts. Avner is alright. He’s fine. He’s just like me, he has his challenges. Maybe once he passes that hump, he’ll be back to normal. Everything will be fine..Bookmark here

“What if he..”Bookmark here

There’s no way. He sent me chocolates for Valentine’s day. I still remember. Nobody would send a girl chocolate on Valentines day unless the person has an ulterior motive.Bookmark here

I just realized. I didn’t give him anything in return did I?Bookmark here

What if.. he actually misunderstood? What if he thought I didn’t like him?Bookmark here

“Ah.. calm down, calm down,” I knocked my head with my fist a few times.Bookmark here

Things will be alright. Avner still likes me. He still likes me..Bookmark here

All I need to is..Bookmark here

Ah, my car is here.Bookmark here

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