Chapter 19:

1.19. NTBM

The Writer's Illustrator is Stuck in Cookie Cult (LN)

The scream arose from a guy bound to a stretcher. Everyone turned to look. The paramedics, nurses, officers and doctors were rushing him to the ICU.Bookmark here

“Damn.”Bookmark here

“Oh god..”
“There’s no way this is a zombie outbreak right?”Bookmark here

“Let’s hope no one got infected.”Bookmark here

“UWAGGAH!! GAH!!”Bookmark here

His scream continued to echo. Bookmark here

An odd ambience pervaded into the surroundings. Whispers became apparent. This will surely blow up on SNS, I’m sure some managed to film it.Bookmark here

All of a sudden, someone in the que raised his hand.
“I’m sorry but I feel the urge to drink blood right now. W-What should I do.”Bookmark here

Those seated in the surrounding area backed off immediately. My father grabbed my mother and pulled away. Bookmark here

A guy in the center of the rows of seats, everyone avoiding him. You could see the sweat running down his cheeks. His body was pale, trembling all over.Bookmark here

Everyone held their breath.Bookmark here

“This way sir,” until a nurse called out to him.Bookmark here

As Shin, I can’t particularly get used to the fact that people in this world have different hair colours. The nurse that called out to the possible NtBM victim had short green hair.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry..”Bookmark here

“We’ll take your test right away. If the result comes out as positive, we’ll unfortunately have to quarantine you.”
“Is there.. no way to cure this..”Bookmark here

Their conversation was louder in this pin silent room.Bookmark here

“The only treatment method for it is blood transfusion,” the nurse calmly opened up the kit and helped the man. Bookmark here

It involved pricking the fingertips and smearing the blood on a small little device.Bookmark here

BEEP. BEEP.Bookmark here

It was positive. And it didn’t even take 10 seconds for the result to show. His nanomachine concentration in the blood is quite high. He could lose himself anytime now.Bookmark here

A familiar chill ran spread along my arm.Bookmark here

“AHHHH!!! WHAT THE HELL STOP!!”Bookmark here

“AHH!!”Bookmark here

I broke away from my mother and father.Bookmark here

“Avner?!”Bookmark here

“Where are you going!”Bookmark here

Opposite to the guy who was being treated by the nurse, in front of the emergency exit, a young lady piled herself on top of a guy whose glasses were knocked off from his face. She had already bitten into his neck.Bookmark here

Lia and aether who stood just beyond faltered and retreated backwards.Bookmark here

Why am I even here? Bookmark here

My body reacted on its own. Bookmark here

How did I even know I should react?Bookmark here

The vampire bit into his shoulder, blood came out.Bookmark here

I rushed over and tore the girl off. Bookmark here

“W-Wha.. I-I need blood. Help me..” Bookmark here

She tried to bite me, I gave her a hard clout to the back of her neck, her body convulsed and she dropped to the ground. I backed off.Bookmark here

“Shit..”Bookmark here

Why did I get myself involved with this..Bookmark here

I looked at the guy and saw him pale at the sight of his wound healing at a visible rate. It’s too late now, he’s infected.Bookmark here

“HEEELLPP!!!”Bookmark here

The girl on the ground screamed, trying to grab my leg, I dodged with light movements.Bookmark here

I dropped. Using my knee, I pressed down against her back, with my hands, locked her arms together behind her. She thrashed.Bookmark here

My body is too weak.Bookmark here

At this rate I’ll be shaken off.Bookmark here

“Hold her down!!”
My father rushed in and pressed her legs. Seeing that, other people also came to help.Bookmark here

The officers arrived and took over. The vampire was moved to the isolation unit.Bookmark here

The chaos ended.Bookmark here

“What were you thinking?!”Bookmark here

My father yelled at me.Bookmark here

“I was trying to save Lia and aether.”
“You..”Bookmark here

A crisp slap sound rang, I touched my cheeks. In front of me, my mother who had given me a good wake up call.Bookmark here

Why exactly did I react? What did I react to? A familiar chill? Bookmark here

{Karma: -1}Bookmark here

Great job me.Bookmark here

“Are you hurt?”Bookmark here

The green haired nurse who was treating the guy earlier came to me.Bookmark here

“No, I’m good.”Bookmark here

“Any wounds anywhere? Were you bitten?”
“I didn’t come into contact with her saliva.”Bookmark here

“That’s glad to know. You shouldn't have done that. You were putting yourself at risk, what if you were bitten, what would your parents think?”Bookmark here

She glanced at mom and father, the two nodded.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry.”Bookmark here

“Hm.. no one else here was hurt right?”Bookmark here

Everyone shook their heads. Except for the guy.Bookmark here

“Miss Nyill.”Bookmark here

I referred to hirs name tag.Bookmark here

“He got bitten.”Bookmark here

“Who?”Bookmark here

“It was me..”Bookmark here

The victim spoke up. His clothes were bloodied, he couldn't run even if he wanted to.Bookmark here

“W-what should I do now?” Bookmark here

“I see.. don’t panic. You were just bitten right? There might be a way to prevent its effects from reaching if we act fast. We need to seek a doctor first.”Bookmark here

The nurses calmed the patient and got him up on his feet.Bookmark here

Xe was about to walk away–Bookmark here

“Tell the doctor, when he begins to feel the urge to drink blood, feed him 50 ml of blood. Don’t give it through IV.”Bookmark here

“Excuse me, did you say something?” the nurse turned to me.Bookmark here

“Don’t give the blood through IV. Tell him to drink it.”Bookmark here

“Huh?”Bookmark here

“Just trust me.”Bookmark here

{Karma: +6}Bookmark here

She narrowed her eyes and nodded.Bookmark here

When they left, my ear was grabbed and twisted. It hurt.Bookmark here

And then I was hugged.Bookmark here

“Don’t you ever do that again. Do you know how scared I was?” my mom held me tightly.Bookmark here

The crowd began clapping.Bookmark here

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