Chapter 20:

1.20. NTBM

The Writer's Illustrator is Stuck in Cookie Cult (LN)

My test result came out as negative, same with the rest of my family.
As it wasn’t conclusive enough to rule out the fact that I was fine. Our family pushed me to a doctor for consultation.Bookmark here

If it wasn't NtBM that’s causing a drastic change in my personality, there is a possibility of it being another underlying condition like intracranial hemorrhage or brain infection.Bookmark here

A CT scan was done alongside an MRI. Nothing odd was found.Bookmark here

Normally, doing these tests should’ve cost a fortune. But, the hospital decided to waive part of the cost because I prevented the NtBM carrier from further infecting others. Bookmark here

Was this something a hospital staff could just decide on? Maybe it’s good karma.Bookmark here

Anyways, and so to celebrate our health, we decided to eat out. Bookmark here

I got to see a lot of novel things. Bookmark here

For one, many once physical articles are now digitized in AR. So billboards and flashy lights have been converted into ad pop ups or AR signboards. Ordering food doesn’t involve a waiter any more, proving once again that jobs are being lost.
Though the digital dollar is said to be the currency of choice, most people have to use it with a currency converter to exchange between the different coins, tokens and independent currencies. Bookmark here

Not everyone is happy with the digital dollar. And because of this, some have sought to use decentralized coins. Others decided to create their own tokens. While the ambitious ones set out to create their own currencies to be used in trade.Bookmark here

If not for the currency converter, buying stuff would be absolute chaos. Though said, there are a lot of different currency converter companies out there. It just happened that our family uses one that you can trade in digital dollar for most other major crypto called GoE.Bookmark here

After a good whack in my head, seeing the current reality of this world, we returned home.Bookmark here

[Data in private zone has been locked from retrieval. Is it alright If I remove all cache in relation, Avner?]Bookmark here

“Yeah. I’m fine.”Bookmark here

I did something ridiculous back at the hospital and thought that my face would be exposed to the internet. Who knew they had this measure set up.Bookmark here

That means all data and recordings of the incidents, and by whoever that was there, have been locked up. This is all thanks to blockchain technology. Wow, once again, that’s amazing. Though, I doubt the news wouldn't spread.Bookmark here

On that note, doesn’t this mean our data is being controlled by some third party?Bookmark here

[Studying again?]Bookmark here

“Yeah.”Bookmark here

[Randell will enter sleep mode. Call me when you’re done to reinitialize. Randell out!]Bookmark here

“Thank you.”Bookmark here

Just like that, my whole morning and a portion of the afternoon had been spent. Though I’m glad that I got to experience a world where the economy and technology is experiencing drastic shifts, that didn’t mean I should be skipping what I had planned today.Bookmark here

Geography and History.Bookmark here

I’ve already read through history in the early morning. Now I’m moving on with geography.Bookmark here

Weather is a popular topic in the exams. Climate change, and the means implemented by man to counter these forces. Bookmark here

As I’ve talk about before, giga thermochoreograph, carbon credits, genetically modified oxygen-producing algae. Among other things, electric cars, more efficient solar energy storage methods, large scale bacteria plants where plastic is being converted into less polluting products, and eco-friendly substitutes made from complex plant fiber weaving process, fungus, seaweed, or less harmful chemicals.Bookmark here

Something not mentioned in the story which I found surprising was how people have found a way to contain harmful methane gas. You know, the issue with beef produce being a big problem to the environment? This methane gas is then converted into nitrogen, water and hydrogen through some complex electrolysis process.Bookmark here

And then measures dealing with the rising sea levels, volcanic management and tsunamis.Bookmark here

I found myself so immersed in the topic, I lost track of time.
“Avner, it’s almost dinner.”Bookmark here

“Oh, sorry.”
“Anything you would like to eat?” Bookmark here

My aether who had just completed a round of house chores asked. Xe came out to take a short break on the couch.Bookmark here

“How about omelettes?”Bookmark here

“Ui, how many eggs are left? Oh, Avner. We don’t have enough eggs for that.”Bookmark here

Ui, the ladybug AI buzzed. The audio was set to private so I couldn’t tell exactly what it was that it told my aether.Bookmark here

“Then, maybe simple rice and soup?”
“Something everyone is okay with.”Bookmark here

Something the family would want is something I can’t decide on. I can’t read minds.Bookmark here

My aether is having trouble deciding on what to cook. Xe came to me for my opinion, so that she won’t hold the responsibility for making something the others don't want to eat? Is that what it is?Bookmark here

No. That thought process is wrong.Bookmark here

Ugh, such a cynical way of thinking. My mind is being polluted.Bookmark here

”Randell, with the items currently present in the house, what can my aether prepare?”Bookmark here

[I believe processed silkworm flakes and milk is a good option.]Bookmark here

My aether laughed at Randell’s recommendation.Bookmark here

“Something more practical for dinner?”Bookmark here

[Cricket.]Bookmark here

“Done. I’ll do just that.”Bookmark here

“What..”Bookmark here

“I remember having bought whole-grain fed crickets from the store. What do you think about stir fried crickets?”Bookmark here

“I don’t have a problem with that.”Bookmark here

Avner is alright with it. Not Shin though.Bookmark here

Then again, I did eat insects back in the school cafeteria without thinking too much about it.Bookmark here

“Avner.”Bookmark here

My aether called out my name. With a serious tone this time around.Bookmark here

“I understand you were concerned about me and Lia, but what would’ve happened if you got hurt at the hospital?”
“You mean, being infected with NtBM?”
“Don’t say something like that so lightly.”Bookmark here

“Aether. Even if we do get NtBM, it can be treated. Of course, no one will believe me.”
“Of course no one will believe you. No scientist can find a cure and you’re saying you know?”Bookmark here

I’m not bluffing, and I don’t expect my aether to believe me. What I need is the nurse Nyill to pass on the information to as many doctors as possible. It doesn't matter if they don’t believe hirs words initially. They’ll definitely come a time, in desperation, that they’ll try anything they can think of to save the patient.Bookmark here

“Thank you.”
My aether wrapped hirs arms around me.Bookmark here

“You were a brave boy.”Bookmark here

===Bookmark here

dotturndot: parents do care about their children alright? Perhaps in ways that just annoy the freak out of us like ugh.. anyways. Avner is being very open with his identity as Shin. As the characters reflect the author, if I were transferred to an isekai, I wouldn’t be able to keep my mouth shut too you know? At least, that’s what I think. I wouldn’t know if that’d actually be what I'd do if an isekai fallout does happen.Bookmark here

How about you? Do you prefer keeping the info a secret? Bookmark here

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