Chapter 23:

1.23. Desperate to Know

The Writer's Illustrator is Stuck in Cookie Cult (LN)

<Pu'er Greenwood>Bookmark here

He looked at me! He finally looked at me.Bookmark here

Hmph. You can't trick me that easily. I'll make sure your plan backfires.Bookmark here

Oh, I can't lose focus. Today is exam day, two very important papers. English and Mathematics. I have to be able to recite the answers for the literature component and then practice the methods of doing algebra, especially the one with 'to the power of two'.Bookmark here

This time.. definitely. I'll clinch all As!Bookmark here

His miasma gauge had fallen yet again. How odd..Bookmark here

"Morning~"Bookmark here

Brunette swiped Terry's seat, which was in front of me and took a seat in an inverted position.Bookmark here

"Morning. How's your preparation coming along?" I asked.Bookmark here

"Pretty bad.. I couldn't even finish revising the circles chapter."Bookmark here

"For maths?"Bookmark here

"Yes, for maths."Bookmark here

"You can't just revise, you have to actually put on pen and paper if not it won't stick."Bookmark here

"Then how do you do this?"Bookmark here

Brunette scrolled over a sample question. Calculated angle x of circle when the line is subtended at the..Bookmark here

[Received an emergency message from Ares!!]Bookmark here

"W-What message?!"Bookmark here

"Pu'er?"Bookmark here

"Uh.. nothing!"Bookmark here

"So.. how's preparation going? Oh, open your inbox Pu'er, there's something important there."Bookmark here

A-ares?! What's going on?!Bookmark here

"What's important?!"Bookmark here

"Oh you know, a little someone's crush is losing his love for hir."Bookmark here

"Oh, that."Bookmark here

"Yes exactly."Bookmark here

Don't make fun of our relationship!Bookmark here

["Avner just got a message from that student back in the baking club. I caught a glimpse saying that he'll meet her at her class at 1 pm."]Bookmark here

"W-Which class?"Bookmark here

"I don't know.."Bookmark here

Ares made his voice painfully low, taking a slow peek at Avner who fortunately was busy studying.Bookmark here

"What the hell happened to him? Doesn't he normally hang out with his friends?" Brunette quipped.Bookmark here

"Am I not his friend!?" Ares retorted.Bookmark here

True. It's as if Avner has become an entirely different person.Bookmark here

"You just left him all alone."Bookmark here

"I need to study too, you know?"Bookmark here

"Then study."Bookmark here

"Okay."Bookmark here

Ares went across the class and took Brunette's chair.Bookmark here

"Why in the world.."Bookmark here

"There's not enough seats, your's is the only one empty."Bookmark here

"You.. whatever. Pu'er help me solve this question please.."Bookmark here

"A-Alright.."Bookmark here

Ugh.. that Avner. What in the world is going on with him?!Bookmark here

"What, you can't even solve that?"Bookmark here

"Shut up."Bookmark here

"Um.. you first compare these two angles. Since both of them are parallel lines, this angle and this angle have the same degree.."Bookmark here

I did my best to explain what I could to Brunette. One of hirs weaker subjects is in mathematics. X is fine with the other ones.Bookmark here

"Thank you! I can only hope that this exact question comes out in the exam.."Bookmark here

"Pu'er, I'll tell you if I find out anything else about Avner. Do you need the location for their meeting?"Bookmark here

This is a trap isn't it? I'm going to say yes, you're going to tell me where and then when I reach there, some dramatic scene will play out to make me jealous.Bookmark here

"It's alright. I'll follow him myself."Bookmark here

"If that works with you."Bookmark here

"Pu'er has evolved into a stalker, congratulations!"Bookmark here

"Am not!"Bookmark here

"Am true."Bookmark here

Brunette you meanie..Bookmark here

Nevertheless. I'll make sure things don't turn out the way you planned Avner.Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

"Nothing."Bookmark here

You aren't getting away with this too Ares.Bookmark here

===Bookmark here

Alright! Easy peasy!Bookmark here

I finished it in record time and had the time to recalculate everything twice. I'm definitely going to score 90 this time around!Bookmark here

Moreover, the English paper wasn't as hard as I thought.Bookmark here

'The most important day' was the topic I chose for the essay. I wonder which one Avner chose?Bookmark here

[BEEP. BEEP.]Bookmark here

"Please everyone check your names and then pass up the tags."Bookmark here

"Darn it! I don't know how to answer that last question!"Bookmark here

"What answer did you get for question 16?"Bookmark here

"What was question 16 again?"Bookmark here

The tags were returned to the teacher and everyone was allowed to leave.Bookmark here

"How was it?" Aiwyu, my friend came and prodded me.Bookmark here

"It was alright for me."Bookmark here

"Definitely going to score a high mark again.."Bookmark here

"Are you confident that you'll be able to beat Julien and Allen this time?" Tiffany asked an impossible question. She always does this.Bookmark here

"I don't know, maybe?"Bookmark here

I noticed Avner making his way out of class. That's odd. Doesn't he normally come to me to confirm..Bookmark here

"Excuse me, I have to go to the washroom, I've been holding it in throughout the exam."Bookmark here

"Oh, sorry, sorry. Go quick."Bookmark here

"See ya!"Bookmark here

I packed my bag and chased after him.Bookmark here

"Where did he go?"Bookmark here

"I think he went to the fourth floor. That's where the upper classes are located."Bookmark here

"Then what are we waiting for?"Bookmark here

Somehow, I went with the flow and ran alongside Ares and Brunette. I was starting to question if Ares was involved in Avner's plan. What if it was just my imagination?Bookmark here

"Shush!"Bookmark here

"D-did he see us?"Bookmark here

"I don't think so.. Class 4I. Yeah, I think that's what I saw too."Bookmark here

"Why do they want to meet?"Bookmark here

"No clue."Bookmark here

Ares doesn't know why either? Is he planning to trick both Brunette and I?Bookmark here

"Exam is over."Bookmark here

A cacophony of timers were set off echoing in the halls.Bookmark here

It wasn't long before students began pouring out of the class.Bookmark here

"It's her!"Bookmark here

"Something doesn't feel right, what do you think Pu'er?"Bookmark here

I hadn't noticed that I was biting my lips.Bookmark here

Did Avner like taller girls?Bookmark here

They had a short chat, but it soon ended when the boys appeared. The girls scattered, leaving Avner in the wake of..Bookmark here

"Huh? What is.."Bookmark here

"She left?"Bookmark here

"Avner is in trouble."Bookmark here

"Whoah there, you can't just butt in.."Bookmark here

"Then what should we do?!"Bookmark here

I leaned closer and tried to catch the contents of the conversation.Bookmark here

"You're picking on her?"Bookmark here

"No. I'm just concerned."Bookmark here

Concerned for her.. what did Avner mean by that?Bookmark here

"Concerned about? Telling her that she'll contract the disease and saying that it can be cured?"Bookmark here

"My bad."Bookmark here

What disease? NtBM? What did Avner do?Bookmark here

It all happened so suddenly. The movements of his hand and Avner's swift dodge.Bookmark here

"Woah, he's got some good moves."Bookmark here

"Bro, you just got owned."Bookmark here

"Who are you supporting here?!"Bookmark here

"So, you're the one who called me over, not Lynda?"Bookmark here

"Who else? You insulted her, what gives you the right? I'm here to tell you to stop."Bookmark here

"Got it. I'll apologize."Bookmark here

My knees touched the ground.Bookmark here

"Pu'er?!"Bookmark here

"H-Hey, it's probably just some misunderstanding. Avner probably doesn't like her.."Bookmark here

"Ares, help me carry hir."Bookmark here

"On it!"Bookmark here

I didn't know what happened after that. When I came to, I realized that I was standing before his locker.Bookmark here

A handwritten letter in hand.Bookmark here

===Bookmark here

dotturndot: Looks like someone is jealous. I'm such a cruel author, poor Pu'er, you'll get your chance, don't cry.Bookmark here

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