Chapter 24:

1.24. Astral Space: Training

The Writer's Illustrator is Stuck in Cookie Cult (LN)

<Avner Cross>Bookmark here

“How was the exam?”Bookmark here

“It was good.”
“I had no problems with mine.”Bookmark here

Lia would have no problems. I don’t doubt that.Bookmark here

We were having lunch at home and this became the topic of conversation.Bookmark here

“What grades are you expecting to get, Lia?” mother asked, slight anticipation in her tone.Bookmark here

“I think I can get an A.”
“That’s great to hear.”
“How about you, Avner.”
She just had to change her tone. That’s a little sad to know. Bookmark here

I won’t question the fairness of this ‘equal treatment for each child' argument families have at home. That’s just not realistically possible. I’m inclined to think that it's better to treat different people differently, tailored to their growth and needs.Bookmark here

“I think I can get a C.”
I’m pretty sure I can score 90.Bookmark here

“That’s good to hear.”Bookmark here

“Make sure you study well for tomorrow’s paper. What is it again.. oh, ICT?”Bookmark here

“Yes, it’s ICT,” aether replied
Everyone’s AIs were also floating around the dining table, all in private mode. In fact, I liked how the AIs know how to cut down on conversations during times of gathering like this. Randell was pretty quiet.Bookmark here

“Big bro.”
“I heard you got into a mess.”
The kitchen table went silent.Bookmark here

“You’re going to seriously bring it up at this sort of time?” I unconsciously raised my voice.
Lia showed me a grin.Bookmark here

Damn this etler. One moment xe’ll be scared and timid, but at times when there’s an absence of conflict, xe would act all cocky. Doesn’t xe realize xe’s planting a landmine to cause the family conflict xe doesn’t wish to have?Bookmark here

“What mess?”Bookmark here

“I got into a small fight.”
“What fight? I never taught my son to fight.”Bookmark here

I have no say, I didn’t even have the allowance to roll my eyes.Bookmark here

“Look, look.”Bookmark here

It’s already too late to stop Lia by this point. Xe’s showing the ShareWiw short of the conflict between me and the senior from class 4I, Riel.Bookmark here

Truly. This world feels different from my own. Bookmark here

I pitied Lia before this, now I’m having conflicting thoughts. It’s a nice topic to liven up the conversations around the table. And I suppose xe gains some satisfaction knowing that hirs brother is inferior to hir, a sort of buffer to reverse some of that inferiority complex. Bookmark here

Nevertheless, knowing that I’m going to be the punching bag here is somewhat silly.Bookmark here

It’s been a while since this happened. Bookmark here

I can’t get washed up by it. I have to keep firm and be respectful to people.Bookmark here

“Why would you say that? Avner, explain.”Bookmark here

“It’s rude to curse someone like that. Did you even apologize to her?”
“I didn’t raise my son in this way.”
“Sorry.”Bookmark here

I’ll just lower my head here, and listen to their reprimands. Clearing the misunderstanding is pointless. I can only empathize with the fact that they don’t see things the way I do.Bookmark here

What are my priorities? Now that I know I wish to leave this negative family as soon as possible?Bookmark here

===Bookmark here

Unlike my previous world, teenagers in the <Cookie Cult> universe have been given more rights. Novelle made it this way because she envisioned a world where children are better protected. This idea sprouted from the anti-vax issue that plagued our previous world.Bookmark here

Teens that understood the importance of taking their vaccines, however, because their parents wouldn’t sign the form, they don’t get a dose. Thus, endangering their lives.Bookmark here

Moreover, with the advancement in technology and the rise of self-employment, it’s easier than before to make a living even if you’re a child.Bookmark here

Easier, but not easy, I will say.
I’ll stick to it if I must.Bookmark here

Priority should be given to earning enough so I can rent a small home, capsule home. It’s a popular trend these days.Bookmark here

Problem being, there’s a ton of noise out on the internet. I have no clue where to start. Posting on ShareWiw might not be a good idea, especially when there are a plethora of other artists out there craving for attention.Bookmark here

Maybe my drawing cheat isn’t useless after all.Bookmark here

[Found 192 that match the description as stated.]Bookmark here

“Thank you Randell.”Bookmark here

Even so, I have to try.Bookmark here

I had Randell dig out job postings for 2D illustrations. I’m analyzing the art style and what the art is used for.Bookmark here

[Avner, you still have unopened messages from Lynda.]Bookmark here

“Seriously? Can you give me a summary?”Bookmark here

[She’s asking you if you’re alright.]Bookmark here

“I’ll just ignore her for now.”Bookmark here

I’ll admit. I’m somewhat pissed by what happened. Bookmark here

[How about the one from Ares?]Bookmark here

“No question, I’m not opening that. I’ll just tell him tomorrow.”Bookmark here

To think they actually stalked me. Bookmark here

Pu’er probably saw the entire thing. I’m curious about hirs thoughts on it. As in Avner, not Shin. Shin is busy wracking his brain over how to make money.Bookmark here

“What do people need?”Bookmark here

I’m sure I can learn a thing or two from what Novelle did back in the past. Art alone doesn’t have value, it only has value when others perceive it as valuable.Bookmark here

Which means I need to look at it through their lens.
Maybe I should consider drawing cover arts for the few web novels I find interesting? There’s a fanart section here.Bookmark here

I don’t think it’s possible for me to do commisions for big companies because of my tight schedule.Bookmark here

Concerns about my exam tomorrow no longer feel important. I’ll just do what I can.Bookmark here

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