Chapter 25:

1.25. Astral Space: Training

The Writer's Illustrator is Stuck in Cookie Cult (LN)

The exams passed without a hitch. ICT, the subject I thought would’ve straight up killed me, didn't seem too hard when I realized how it was merely piecing boxes of code together to initiate a certain command.Bookmark here

History and Geography. It’s probably the first time in five years (as Shin) that I had no clue, absolutely nada, over how to answer a question on an exam paper. I didn’t leave it blank, but I had to write garbage, obviously. Bookmark here

The one I enjoyed the most was without a doubt, the art exam. The topic was to draw a scene of a lake. TBH, drawing a lake is ridiculously difficult as it’s a subject matter without any sort of core focus. A lake in itself is boring. So I did what any professional would and added a town, a port and boats at the harbor.Bookmark here

It didn’t take me too long to complete. I was just surprised how I’m beginning to totally ignore the fact that I’m not acting like Avner. Bookmark here

I sent Miss Wyn the NtBM test result slip in case they misunderstand.Bookmark here

Pu’er had been avoiding me since the day xe stalked me.Bookmark here

Ares asked some questions, I told him half-truths. It’s impossible to tell him I know a future that he doesn’t.Bookmark here

Friday. Bookmark here

Meet with Cain.Bookmark here

“Big bro.. my teeth is about to drop.”Bookmark here

“Really?”Bookmark here

Lia showed me the tooth and wobbled it with hirs finger. It’s a little graphic. Bookmark here

“How many have been replaced so far?”Bookmark here

“Only three..”
“Ten more to go then.”Bookmark here

Xe paled. Bookmark here

Milk teeth to be replaced by adult teeth. There’s no way around it, Lia. Eat your own karma.Bookmark here

“Last day of the exam, how do you think it’ll turn out?”
“General knowledge later, isn’t it? You always get a bad score on these..”Bookmark here

“That’s too bad.”
“I think big bro will do well this time. I can feel it,” Lia pumped hirself up with these kind words.Bookmark here

“Thanks.”Bookmark here

“What do you want to do after the exam?” Bookmark here

Lia slurped on hirs noodles. Bookmark here

“I think I’ll focus on trying to earn some money.”
Even though I said so, I found that the word ‘money’ has become sort of unconventional. There are so many forms of currency out there, in the form of NTF, tokens and crypto. It’s now more of a question of what can be exchanged for value? That’s because different forms of currency can be exchanged for another, and duplicates can sometimes be fabricated due to the nature of the different currencies. It’s become this situation where money is created and destroyed, happening all at the same time.Bookmark here

Tokens and NTFs are interrelated in that they are built on the same sea of blockchain.Bookmark here

“Eh.. you failed last time.”
“Still got to try.”Bookmark here

“You’re right. We don’t know when we need money.”Bookmark here

I don’t know how aware Lia is about the world. Xe’s only 13, and like most people at that age, wouldn’t have a decent understanding of the things in this world. They would be stubborn in search of their individuality instead.Bookmark here

“By the way..”Bookmark here

“Hm?”Bookmark here

“Big bro, why did you come to my class? You’re being freaky.”Bookmark here

“Just curious.”Bookmark here

Hirs friends were sending us occasional glances. I expected that I would get to at least talk to a friend or two but it’s just me and Lia. Or was it that xe didn’t have friends?Bookmark here

“Do you have friends?”Bookmark here

“What kind of question is that?!”Bookmark here

“I thought to confirm with my eyes.”
“No way.. don’t tell me you’re going to chase the girls in my class now.”Bookmark here

“Stop that. It’s none of that nonsense.”
Has it got to do with the fact that Avner is somewhat a siscon? I can’t believe I hadn’t noticed that until now. Why exactly did I come to Lia’s class? To check on hirs condition?Bookmark here

“Nevermind, the time is almost up now. I’ll go back to class, see ya.”
“You hadn’t eaten anything.”
“I had.”Bookmark here

“What?”Bookmark here

“Rice ball.”
“Heeh..”Bookmark here

“Anyways, see you.”Bookmark here

“Alright, see you big bro.”Bookmark here

===Bookmark here

Maybe I just want to remove myself from the class? Subconsciously, I’m avoiding something. Pu’er? Was that what it is?Bookmark here

General knowledge paper was a harsh one. There were many things I couldn’t understand like how Alska came to be. Or the weather pattern, the types of disaster prevention measures implemented.Bookmark here

While deep in thought, I made my way to the teacher’s lounge. Cain’s office is in here, how I’m I supposed to get through?Bookmark here

I don’t have his contact either.Bookmark here

Should I send him an email?
“What are you doing here?”
“Oh, Miss Wyn. I came here to find Cain.”Bookmark here

“Cain? Why?”
“He wanted to see me.”Bookmark here

“I see. I see.”Bookmark here

Miss Wyn was just about to enter the office.Bookmark here

“Can I help you with that?”Bookmark here

“Oh sure.”Bookmark here

It was a bag of tags. It’s quite heavy.Bookmark here

In exchange, Miss Wyn allowed me into the office. I brought the bag to her cubicle.Bookmark here

“Thank you.”Bookmark here

“I should be thanking you. Actually, do you know where Cain’s place is?”Bookmark here

“He’s in that room over there.” Bookmark here

Yet another separate office with a security key. What’s up with this?
“Also, Avner, don’t leave yet. I want to talk to you about something.”Bookmark here

“About your exams..”Bookmark here

“What about it?”Bookmark here

“You didn’t hit your head anywhere, did you?”Bookmark here

“I don’t think I have.”
“I’ve already attached the NtBM test results to the school board. Some teachers had been suspecting that you’re a victim.”Bookmark here

“It’s to be expected. I’ve become an entirely different person after all.”Bookmark here

“What happened exactly? I wish to know, what caused your change?”
“Um, you’re going to find it hard to believe. So are you still willing to listen?”Bookmark here

“Hard to believe? Let me hear it first.”
“I have two souls inside me.”Bookmark here

Or something similar. I somehow can’t deny the part of Avner, so I can only say that he’s integrated as part of me.Bookmark here

Miss Wyn began laughing.Bookmark here

“You can’t be serious.”Bookmark here

“Believe what you want,” I replied sheepishly.
“I see. I won’t question too far then.”Bookmark here

In <Cookie Cult>, even when Rurita confessed that she had memories of reading the world as part of a book. The people only shrugged it off like nothing. I took that into consideration and thought about telling the truth. It doesn't affect anything too major anyways.Bookmark here

“Avner Cross,” a third voice called out.Bookmark here

“Looks like he’s here, thank you Miss Wyn.”
“You did well in your exams, I’m proud of you. Take care Avner.”
I nodded. Bookmark here

I headed over to Cain.
“You came just in time.”Bookmark here

He released the lock with his AR glasses and told me to enter. He shut the door behind me. It was a smaller office with modern decor. Few other teachers also occupied this room.Bookmark here

“I’ll have to initiate the attack, forgive me for this.”Bookmark here

The second he placed his bags down, the world turned into monochrome. My stomach felt like it made a flip and I was pushed out of my body. It’s not a sensation I can get used to easily.Bookmark here

“Your Holiness, let’s begin.”
Before I could even get my head straight, a rain of plasma lasers poured down from above.Bookmark here

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