Chapter 1:

chapter 1 start up the brand new story

one more time

Skyler: Erm... excuse me miss? Can I use the washroom? Bookmark here

Aya: Sure Skyler. Bookmark here

Skyler: T-Thank you ma’am. Bookmark here

Student: Oh excuse me was in your way? Bookmark here

Skyler:No no its fine aaah!!!! Bookmark here

Student: Is she alright? Bookmark here

Skyler:Gotta get away!!! Bookmark here

Student:Oh hey you dropped this! Bookmark here

Skyler: Nobody is here good. “Ahem” La La La Do, Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do Bookmark here

Student:That singing, it sounds so familiar, where could it be coming from, I know I must have seen a few vids of it on Picovid of it before. Bookmark here

Skyler: There, my practice is done and I think I should head back to class now before anyone notices I'm gone not like they’ll notice a mouse like me anyways. Bookmark here

Student: Sorry to bother you and I believe you may have dropped this. Bookmark here

Skyler:Give it to me thank you!! Bookmark here

Student:Your welcome!! Bookmark here

Skyler:Sorry I'm late. Bookmark here

Aya:Not at all you’re just in time for the lesson to begin. Bookmark here

Skyler: Theres only 2 halves of me one that does the average student life and the other that does well what I would be told would often be seen as impossible to do. Bookmark here

Student: Everyone else seems to be just so caught up in a cycle and its just a circle of work and nothing else kind of sad really and there has to be more to life than just that and maybe she has something that she has to show but in secret and I wonder what it is. But then again who am I too talk as we all have our own secrets now don’t we? Bookmark here

Even in digital world as where we live in and in a small town like harmony, there is all something people hide whether good or bad and I think maybe its best its kept that way. Bookmark here

Aya:Class is over now and have yourselves a nice weekend guys! Bookmark here

Skyler: Eeek yay!! Bookmark here

Student: There she goes now and that book she dropped its there and well-kept behind those other textbooks and that voice its so husky and just edgy yet soft spoken and quiet outside of it looks like there really is more to that person than meets the eye but yeah best to leave her be and well I have my own projects to do anyways and I doubt anyone want to see what a 16-year-old would do with cute pink girls hehehehehehehe. Bookmark here

Skyler: Phew finally home or well whats left of it its only just me myself and I. Just a dark dusty old small home where I hadn’t had time to clean since I'm so busy and not just with schoolwork. But with something else that only I can’t really express but someone else could. A dark and chaotic wind yet calm and alluring presence a shadow of a voice like the night. I am a utaite a cover singer but my own style and my own and I am in love with what I do more than anything else and this is a story of a song called life. Bookmark here

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