Chapter 10:

Code: Sister Lily

World Break: Shattered Reality

NAME: Sister LilyBookmark here

RANK: Leader Of Holy DarkBookmark here

AGE/BIRTH: 21 YeaR 183Bookmark here

C/F: Ex-Church/Xifier?Bookmark here

STATSBookmark here

power: 3Bookmark here

speed: 3Bookmark here

endurance: 4Bookmark here

battle sense: 7Bookmark here

ability:6Bookmark here

intelligence: 7Bookmark here

Weapon: Angel Katana (given by God himself, made from the blood/bones/ideals/memories of her loved ones along with God’s blessing)Bookmark here

Skills: Basic Sword, Body BuffsBookmark here

Materia: One’s True Reality (the act of self belief of an idea/situation/concept to maximum belief will one’s true reality be shown, if high enough others will be persuaded as well)Bookmark here

Quirk: 3 basic personalities (Evil/Good have separate memories from one another, while Woke is the combination of both along with her true self. When something inspires these personalities they start to take over and she’ll become that person, no set time.) Bookmark here

*Evil - Organization Holy Dark Bookmark here

*Good - The life she spent as a kid with the churchBookmark here

*Woke - Once she met God, and realized life is a lie. Understands all concepts/ideas infinite, but also understands that she is too powerful and must remain asleep. Bookmark here

Verse 0Bookmark here

YeaR 183 a lil girl is born but abandoned at a church, she is left with nothing other than a piece of paper with a name “Lily” The current Sister takes her in and showers her with love and kindness. As she grows over 10 years she devotes herself to the church, growing up alongside other sisters and brothers, one big happy family.Bookmark here

10 years laterBookmark here

YeaR 193, Today was the day! It was the tag championship Lily had made it to the top 5, along with Thomas, John, Noel, and Kevin. They all group up followed by the other kids and a few Sisters, John “Alright let's start the match, mutual agree on Thomas being it first?” Everyone agrees Thomas “Aye that's not even fair” Lily “Life ain't Fair” Noel “GOOOOOO!!!!!!” The 4 run off while John counts to 20. The kids run in different directions, 1 hour later they meet up in the center of the forest, a nice breeze passed through the forest (Boreal Forest) the five kids in a circle talking about the match Thomas “at least i didn’t come last” John “bruh shut up!!!!” Noel Laughs. Lily “HAHAHAH, I’m the best there is people will remember me for years to come!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” Everyone starts to laugh! Noel looks up at the sky and sees smoke “ what's that” and she begins to point at it. Everyone looks up, John “The church, its…..its….
ON FIRE!!! We got to go!!!” Everyone begins to run towards the church but as the get closer they begin to hear something, screaming, as the church comes in sight the screaming is louder and it's the yells of the other brother and sister burning. The 5 come to a stop Kevin “MY STUFF!!!!! I GOTTA GO GET IT!!!!!! NOOO!!!!!!” he rushes toward the church but as he gets closer all you see is him fall to the ground no sound….. Thomas “man, he must have tripped, lemme see.” He walks out of the bushes, he gets to Kevin and Thomas immediately drops him…. Thomas slowly stands and starts to run back then……… he falls to the ground. John takes Noelle and runs in the opposite direction Noel “Come on Lily we have to go!!” Lily is too shocked to move……. In just a few minutes you hear John scream in pain along with Noelle, Lily turns around and it's another fire starting in the forest behind her, Lily paralyzed with fear has to decide right or left her life depends on it…. She looks to the left and heads that way. She out runs the fire, as the day goes by she continues to run. She would climb trees to sleep in them for the night. She could still hear the man following her, she kept running for weeks. She started to go crazy, it was hard for her to sleep, she would pretend to have conversations with her friends, everyday…. One day, she snapped, she couldn't take it anymore, she didn't understand why this was happening to her, why did this have to happen, it doesn't make sense!!!!” She begins to run in the direction of the church nonstop (2 days later) as she approaches the church location she can hear laughter, screams of joy, the Sisters screaming for the kids to behave. She breaks through the bushes and runs towards everyone, Lily “ You….You lived!!!!” she begins to cry. The sisters approach her “Lily of course,.... You stink, let's draw you a bath and have dinner.” Lily “Yes, Sister” She takes her bath and sits at the table with her brothers and sister John, Noel, Kevin, Thomas are all here. She begins to cry again, everyone comes and gives Lily a hug.. Lily “thanks you” there's a knock on the door and a few Sisters go to the door. One of the Sister Screams “Intruder!!!” and then she's cut off, the kids begin to panic. The rest of the Sisters begin to move forward to protect the kids, Lily screams “IT'S THE MAN HE'S COME BACK RUN!!!!!!” Some of the kids began to run but some of them stayed and tried to help the Sisters out, some of the brothers and Sisters were strong. Kevin reached his hand out “Come on, we can do this together!” She takes it “Yeah, we can!” the all rush the Intruder 1 by 1 he dropped the Sister and the kids, effortlessly but the sheer number was starting to overwhelm him the ran him over, Lily Took a knife to his chest, he begins to kick the kids off, again handling his light weight the kids once again rush him this turn no shot is wasted, not even reloading, Lily “Dont get caught!” Kevin and Thomas Both look back and nod they begin to run straight for him then the both brake and go the opposite direction, as Lily runs down the middle, Kevin goes for the face while Thomas goes for the legs, The man kicks Thomas clean out, but Kevin second fastest on the block get a clean hit in, Lily then goes for the knife and pulls it out, and goes for another strike, but Kevin gets slammed into her, he quickly gets up and stays, i got to fight for my stuff, he burned down the book you gave me. Lily stands up “Lets go!” He quickly cleans out the rest of the kids just Lily and Kevin left, He takes a few shots but they dodge them, Kevin Goes low, but this time instead of kicking him, he got the gun. Lily closes in fast and hops off of Kevin's back, she thrust the knife into his chest again this time his heart…. He dies. She looks around and everyone is dead again, she cries, she grabs the knife and begins to stab him repeatedly. “What was the point. They still died! Why am I the only one!!!”. She begins to question her beliefs, what was the point, no meaning? She stops stabbing the man, his chest gone, she drops the knife and looks at her hands. Filled with sadness and anger she denies all her ideals and learnings, the church is a lie, its fake.Bookmark here


Lily opens her eyes, the church is burned and there's nothing but ashes and bones of her house and her family, she doesn’t even have the feeling to cry again, “heheeheheheh, what is the purpose of……. Believing, but when you need it most….. Nothing happens, this is a joke, a scam.” she makes a disgusted face. “This world is fake, no meaning, life is a toy. God is just a lil kid having fun!”Bookmark here


Her eyes grow, the sky goes dark, a ray of light shines in front of her a man speaks “I'm sorry little one, but you see, I can't save 1 and not the others. There is too much hate/despair but I hear your call. Lily “Now you hear me, like I said it doesn’t matter now all of my family is dead the only people I knew my whole life gone, twice!!!” The man says “I’m sorry, I truly am lil one. You just have to understand my view, he reaches out his hand and stretches out his finger and taps it on her forehead. In a mere instant she understands everything and anything you can think of. He pulls his hand back in “See, lil one I truly am sorry.” Lily begins to weep “Ok, but why not have people help, like me!!” He says “People are greedy with power, I've tried and have been wrong. And I can already see your fate, and you fight for a good purpose but in your own way. So I'll bless you! Sister Lily take this with you to remember your family, take this on your journey.” He proceeds to collect the bones and blood of her fallen family and says a prayer it slowly fuses together. Lily puts her head down and prays as well. As the prayer ends, their heads rise, in the ground is a Katana blessed, made from her family Lily starts to cry. Man “Go forth and spread kindness and continue moving forward for the ones fallen.” Lily “ Yes, sir but I have to say that it's really easy to persuade you? What’s the catch?” “I’ve already said I've seen your fate.” the ray of light disperses and the sky lightens back up, Lily “if I stay like this it will be too easy. I’ll let fate decide. She picks up the sword and bashes the hilt to her head. She passes out……. She wakes 2 hours later….. Filled with rage, and sadness.Bookmark here

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