Chapter 12:

Nemo Wars - Entry 8B - Death Ongoing

Further Tales From The UnderCurrent (Short Story Prequel Series)

The Patchwork Nemo is made of 3 bodies.

2 Ogres and one Neo, 2 Monsters and one sacrifice.

The Patchwork Nemo has 8 beady-red spider's eyes in its head,
And 4 spiked claws atop each fist.

The Patchwork Nemo is made of quilted skin.
A murky green panel here, a light cyan there - Riveted, Sewn together like mangled skin.

The Patchwork Nemo has a hollow chest, an empty heart.
I will sit into that open crevice, that waiting tomb - Beneath it's crooked smiling face.

It lives once more, the Patchwork Nemo, Is complete - And with it so do I die.