Chapter 2:

Gardening Mishaps

Tragical Girl

Lunchbreak. This was perhaps the only part of the school day that the teenage half-demon enjoyed. If there was one praise that Demona Edmon could give to this dump, it was that the lunch-ladies sure knew how to prepare a meal… usually. But today was different. Demona looked down at her plate, staring daggers at the meal in front of her.

“Carrotcake. Why did today’s special have to be freaking carrotcake‽”

“What’s wrong, bitch? Y’all ain’t like carrotcake or something’?”

Demona looked up at the two girls who were sitting at the other end of the outcasts’ table. Much like her, they were members of the rehabilitation program. They, along with Peanut (as much as Demona wouldn’t ever admit it), were the closest thing that she had to “friends” at this school.

The one in the goth attire was Neveah Asimov, or “Cotton Candy”, if you were to address her by her magical girl pseudonym. She was the kind of girl that would call you ‘bitch’ and say that she had intimate relations with your mother, but in a friendly way. A few too many violent outbursts at her previous school had landed her firmly in the Spelarus Girls’ Academy rehab program.

The one in the wheelchair was Priyanka Ivanokovich, AKA “Cocoabean”. She was a woman of few words and even fewer truths. Nobody knew why she was admitted to the rehab program because she constantly changed her story when asked. One minute, she was an internationally-wanted jewel thief, the next she was just some petty loiterer.

Lesson 2 – Gardening Mishaps

“I’ll eat that cake if you don’t want it,” Priyanka muttered.

“Knock yourself out,” Demona shrugged, shoving the plate in front of her acquaintance.

“Why so glum, bitch?” Neveah asked, placing her hands on her hips. “Y’all still salty about spendin’ detention with what’s-her-face yesterday?”

“No, Nabokov’s fine. It’s… something else that’s bothering me,” the half-demon sighed. “Y’see, no matter how hard I try, I can’t ever beat my archnemesis.”

“Shut up,” Neveah gasped. “Y’all have an archnemesis‽ Like, are they another magical girl‽ Do they go to this school‽”

“Ssh, keep your voice down,” Demona hissed through gritted teeth. “As far as anyone else knows, I’ve turned over a new leaf.”

“Did y’all know that she had an archnemesis?” Neveah asked, turning her head towards a shrugging Priyanka.

“So, what sort of powers does she have?” Priyanka murmured, fidgeting with her long blue hair. “More importantly, is she hot?”

“Bleh! No, she is not hot,” Demona snapped. “And for the record, she isn’t a magical girl, she doesn’t have any powers.”

That last part was a blatant lie, but Demona’s friends were unaware that she was a demon, nor were they aware of her past before coming to this school. As far as they knew, she was just an ordinary delinquent with an ordinary archnemesis, whatever that would entail.

“Aw man, I thought that you were locked in battle with a sexy femme fatale,” Priyanka groaned. “Two sides, good and evil, fighting for the fate of humanity.”

“Yeah, well, you shouldn’t have gotten your hopes up.”

“But if she isn’t a magical girl,” Neveah began, “then what kinda archnemesis is she?”

Well, crap. Demona hadn’t thought that far ahead. Luckily, she was quick on her feet and had lying skills that could even rival Priyanka’s.


“You have a… gardening archnemesis?” Demona’s friends asked, exchanging a glance at each other. That explanation seemed to be enough to satisfy them, judging by how quiet the outcasts’ table had gotten.

Whew, that was close, the half-demon thought to herself. I’ve got to be more careful about what I say on front of these two. If word spread that I’m still trying to take over the world, I may as well start placing a giant target on my back!

“…I thought you had a pollen allergy,” Priyanka eventually remarked. “How are you able to do gardening work, especially to the point where you’d have a ‘gardening archnemesis’?”

“Antihistamines,” Demona lied bluntly. “Anyway, I gotta go do something, so I’ll see you guys later.”

As Demona sat up, Neveah quickly grabbed her by the arm, pulling her back down.

“Hang on, bitch. Can we come over after school?”

“Come over?” Demona asked. “Like, come over to my place?”

“Why not?” Neveah beamed. “I’d love to see your abode. I’m sure y’all have a beautiful garden, since you’ve apparently got them green thumbs.”

“I’m afraid you can’t visit.”

“And why not?” Priyanka questioned.

“My, uh, dad doesn’t like it when I hang out with you guys. Thinks that you’re… bad influences, ya know?”

Demona once again stood up, hastily walking away from the table. Neveah and Priyanka exchanged a knowing look to one another.

“You think she’s really got a gardening archnemesis?” Priyanka whispered.

“Aw, Hell nah,” Neveah whispered back. “Something’s definitely goin’ on with her…”


Demona threw off her backpack and stripped out of her school clothes as she closed the door to her bedroom, throwing herself face-first onto her bedsheets.

“That was a close one,” the girl sighed. “Those two totally didn’t suspect a thing…”

Her secret was safe for another day, but she’d have to remember to be more careful in the future. Another slip-up like that, and her life could be over! …Although, if she did manage to defeat Carrotcake and take over the world, she’d no longer have to pretend to be a goody two-shoes magical-girl-in-training.

“Maybe I’ll sneak out tonight,” Demona grinned, reaching under her bed and pulling out a black mask and matching leather jumpsuit. “Who knows? I might even win this time?”

The monster chuckled as she slipped into her tight supervillain costume and posed in front of the mirror.

“Watch out, Carrot! Black Forest Gâteau is coming for you…”

Kuromaru (クロまる)