Chapter 7:

Successful Second First Day Of Class

DALNO: The Beginning/Phase 1

June 10, 3142, Four months after the Bomei Elementary School ceremony. Vincent, inside his consciousness at the mask’s environment with the sealed being now comprehensible by its mask. The mask sighs in boredom as Vincent walks toward it.Bookmark here

“What exactly are you? My guy”, Vincent positively asks.Bookmark here

“Huh?” blankly replied by the mask.Bookmark here

“Like, what kind of being are you?”Bookmark here

“Why do you care about such information?”Bookmark here

“Eh, I dunno, maybe you could be my friend or ally or something”Bookmark here

“Not a chance for a mere vessel”Bookmark here

“Wellll, could I get your name at least?”Bookmark here

The mask sighs, moments after, a grunt is heard. The mask looked to its front, a terrified Vincent got struck by a yellow streak of lightning towards his head, making the mask shocked.Bookmark here

Vincent fell to the flesh-like grounds and held his head with both hands, grunting continuously from pain.Bookmark here

Vincent screams in an attempt to restrain the pain, the mask thinks it's an act and remains cold. The moment the mask’s eyelid is close to blinking, the environment that represents Vincent’s conscience switches rapidly.Bookmark here

Despite the speed, the mask began to flinch as it managed to see several glimpses of scenarios.Bookmark here

With it showed up mixed up projections in his consciousness with overlapping multiple screams of the same kid and male vocals, the sound of dripping crimson liquids of copper, sheering sounds of sharp metal, ear demolishing explosions, rapid gunshots, and a cry of a purple-haired child crying over two beheaded figures with one being gray-haired in a black jacket and the other being cyan-haired with a lightning ahoge in a black vest with Homura’s national crest.Bookmark here

Vincent finally stops screaming. With it, the mixed-up catastrophe the mask is currently witnessing paused too. Vincent is gasping to recover, the mask stood frozen with a blank expression from everything he saw.Bookmark here

The moment of gasping is finished, but Vincent still lies face-down on the ground. The projections began to move in reverse with its chaotic overlapping pile of sounds being played in reverse as well as revealing a song of men’s agonizing cry of massacre bloodshed and becoming a high-pitched shriek of women and children as it reverted faster.Bookmark here

While the mask uncontrollably listens to this dreadful song, his matter starts to react, starting to be absorbed as well to the reversion of the unorganized events. In his state of shock, his body is unreactive, his brain can’t react, with just a stare with muscles unable to hide from discovering the scenarios.Bookmark here

The environment goes dark, darker than the mask’s matter. The breeze is the screeching voice of people, with the mask stuck in the middle. As the voice goes higher, to the point of the mask shrinking while releasing blood, A whisper of a man-toned child says quickly near his ear.Bookmark here

You are one of the pawns, elevated oneBookmark here

The mask woke up sweating and looked around rattly. As he gasped, he sighs in relief that he was back to the original mask environment. Even though his nerves have calmed, his brain is flooded with millions of tangled puzzles that even his mind is unknown to such concepts.Bookmark here

What are those?Bookmark here

I-I see,Bookmark here

A pitch dark figure unconscious,Bookmark here

In front of a white figure over a pile of four corpses.Bookmark here

The second,Bookmark here

The same figure is looking toward a mass of people,Bookmark here

As many as five planets would hold,Bookmark here

With a cloaked wizard-looking figure on its back as it is holding a sword,Bookmark here

In a serious expression.Bookmark here

The third,Bookmark here

Is the figure again,Bookmark here

In a middle of a warzone,Bookmark here

With ten white figures on its back,Bookmark here

And the fourth,Bookmark here

The fourth—Bookmark here

“It seems it is school time, huh?”Bookmark here

Hearing a familiar voice, the mask gasps and instantly looks up, shockingly witnessing Vincent that’s already in the motion of standing up straight while scratching his head. But something is off, as Vincent now has a group of hair strands standing out as bangs.Bookmark here

“What the hell happened?” questioned the mask in a cold sweat.Bookmark here

“I’ll go now, I don’t want to be late… Especially on my first day, Mo— Mask”Bookmark here

Vincent began to be glitchy and disappeared in an instant with an after image of him slowly closing his eyes while the bangs disappear in a frame-by-frame manner, the mask feels puzzled in a face of maximum shock. A whisper then echoes around the mask’s own environment.Bookmark here

“Don’t worry… I will make things right this timeBookmark here

Vincent suddenly woke up from his sleep with a horrid face as if he had a nightmare. Breathing heavily, he rubbed his eyes and looked towards his hanged calendar to his left. There, encircled with a red marker, June 10, was Vincent’s first day in high school.Bookmark here

He then got himself ready and went to commute, running to the Homuran Academy addressed in Koko, Homura.Bookmark here

On the school grounds, seeing so many people and several looking at him made him nervous and excited, while their anonymous intentions gave him chills.Bookmark here

He went inside the spherical establishment and witnessed the Academy’s enormous interior. He looked around the school and it was like a paradise, classical with its checkered floor pattern, twenty stylistic corridor hallway, four-story building, and the said motif is as fabulous as it sounds.Bookmark here

Vincent ventures more, and finds the Cafeteria with any food he wants, A whole floor full of room for two’s with toilets, and an unknown roommate.Bookmark here

There is still more but Vincent canceled his ongoing venture as the alarm rang throughout the whole Academy.Bookmark here

Students and teachers start to walk towards their respective classrooms while Vincent is left out, currently confused about what classroom he’s going to, and is stuck like a little kid at the center of the spherical interior, shakingly taking steps.Bookmark here

"Yoo… are you lost?" A sinister voice was heard.Bookmark here

Vincent got shivers through his spine and slowly turned around. His purple eyes edged out as he saw a man in a Homura Academy Teacher Uniform with a mask that covered his eyes while wearing a smirk.Bookmark here

[Homura Academy Teacher Uniform - Consists of a tuxedo-like Dyneema vest, black slim neck-tie, and white half-folded long sleeves beneath with matching-colored slock pants. The vest and the pants come in two varieties: Burgundy and Black]Bookmark here

"Who are you?" Vincent asked, with confusion lingering in his eyes.Bookmark here

"You… don't know me?" The man replied, he then smirked and laughed.Bookmark here

Vincent was still confused, yet joined the laugh afterward in nervousness trying to maintain a positive atmosphere.Bookmark here

"The name is Ren, Professor Ren. You are Vin Chen Aishte, right?"Bookmark here

"I-It’s Ashite, sir" Vincent replied in a stuttering manner with a silently shocked expression. Bookmark here

Professor Ren then laughed and smiled while patting Vincent’s left shoulder with his right hand. Vincent scratched his head in confusion and sweat of nervousness that is colder than before.Bookmark here

"Well, you're in my class Vincent, and in my class. Only tough students can pass through it. If you move as slow as a pussy, you're dead as a rodent… Like my brother."Bookmark here

Vincent nodded aggressively with internal suffering while Ren started to walk him comically towards his classroom with a childish giggle.Bookmark here

Oh, god,Bookmark here

Who is this blindfolded monstrosity,Bookmark here

His face meant peace,Bookmark here

Yet his presence meant chaos,Bookmark here

Help?Bookmark here

If only I could shout such words right now.Bookmark here

Both got in the classroom, Vincent saw a bunch of students inside, a total of twenty-four people, some were talking to each other, some were doing nothing, and a few were playing around with their Arcanae ability.Bookmark here

“Yo everyone” Ren delightfully said with a wave from his right hand and holding Vincent from his left. “Sorry I got late as this kid got lost in the school’s majestic interior”Bookmark here

The students blankly stared in silence at Ren, the boys gaze suspiciously at Vincent with some stares meant to observe him head to toe which made Vincent uncomfortable.Bookmark here

“So may you perhaps introduce yourself toward these masses, boy?”Bookmark here

Hearing Vincent’s approval, Ren then went to a vacant chair and sat down menacingly with his left leg over the other, right arm laying on the desk, left arm laying over the chair’s top rail beside him, and head leaned slightly to the back, with a confident smirk.Bookmark here

Ok,Bookmark here

Pull yourself together,Bookmark here

You can do this Vincent,Bookmark here

This is the first day,Bookmark here

Where my bloodline’s lives,Bookmark here

Will go downside up,Bookmark here

Vincent takes a deep breath and opens his competitive gaze towards the first twenty-five people he has to meet after the span of twelve years.Bookmark here

“Uhh— ha— Hi Everyone, The name is Vincent Ashite, I joined this academy because—”Bookmark here

"Very Understandable Vincent, Now go sit there with that emo boy" Professor Ren cuts in standing straight up, clapping speedily with a joyful face.Bookmark here

Heh heh, WhyBookmark here

Vincent, with a sarcastic, playing-along, smiley face, went and sat down in confusion while Professor Ren discussed the rules in the Homuran Academy.Bookmark here

Everyone pays serious attention to the mentioned rules with some taking up notes and some glimpsing towards the only Ashite in the room, suddenly…Bookmark here

Ren pauses and grins, grabs his desk, throws it onto the window shattering the glass, then laughs maniacally at random in front of the startled students, and lastly proceeds to slam the blackboard with massive impact and laughs again.Bookmark here

"Students, It’s time for my favorite part of this Academy… Introducing each other", Ren said loudly with a sinister grin.Bookmark here

One of the students raised his left hand, stood up, and identified himself as Shrilled X before the distracted laughing Ren could ask so.Bookmark here

“Why do you break so much stuff on the first day of class, sir?”Bookmark here

Ren leans his back to the destroyed board with his left hand in his pocket and his right hand touching his blindfold. With an evil grin, Ren mischievously stares at Shrilled X. He lowers his right hand and raises it towards the same height as his face with a gesture of one finger up.Bookmark here

"Because… It's free real estate."Bookmark here

A combination of black and purple Arcanae hexagons start to appear from Ren’s fingertip and spread across the room’s grounds. The black and purple hexagons materialized into a black substance, slowly engulfing the room, turning the surroundings as dark as the night.Bookmark here

Shrilled X leaves himself sweating with confusion overflowing from his face as the students tremble covered in the same expression.Bookmark here

Ren stood straight and explained the rules with excitement in his tone.Bookmark here

"By 1v1 fighting, the two of you will get to know each other better. Your powers, personality, and capability to fight are introduced while the pair of you are fighting. The one that gets the most damage proceeds to the next student until the time ends. The time starts when the two of you are actually fighting. End time: five minutes.”Bookmark here

“If you kill or faint a student, the one who did that will get EXILED… Just kidding”Bookmark here

“If you want to? Do it as I can just heal you with Continuous Seal: Heal anyway which from the name implies, it heals someone your palm is aimed at by repeating five to ten certain hand signs until the desired condition has been reached.”Bookmark here

“If you don't want to fight. I’ll fight you with the other students who withdraw from this 1v1. And the most important thing… Introducing yourself.”Bookmark here

“When the time runs out, hug each other out like homies”Bookmark here

The darkness completely consumes the room, the students are getting paired by the surface where they stood, making borders that lead to their first opponent.Bookmark here

Vincent recognized his opponent by its swirly black hair, named Karuma Jen Reiss with the Arcanae Black Pocket whose family name is known for its steal-based ability.Bookmark here

After a moment, the pairing is done. Ren leaped into a chair and stood up straight with both hands inside his pocket.Bookmark here

“Alright, kids, time to sta—”Bookmark here

“Who are you even, sir?”Bookmark here

Ren silenced for a while, chuckles, and laughs at the question from the boy in a black hooded jacket.Bookmark here

“Where are my manners”Bookmark here

Ren laughs more in a sinister way, destroys the chair he’s standing in one leap, and replies in a sharp tone:Bookmark here

I am Ren Darkfright, the Commander of HSMA in the Asoko Squadron, Located and living in Asoko, Homura, which is just above Teki, Homura, where Aishte lives. I have an addiction to sweets, and have the Arcanaes of Void and— which makes me able to manifest and do anything related to void… And, your homeroom teacher”Bookmark here

[HSMA - Acronym for Homura Secret Mission Agency: An agency where Homura’s confidential tasks were executed]Bookmark here

The girls rapidly write Ren’s biography along with a suspicious fangirl-like villainous giggle and flashy eyes with some drooling out saliva with heart-shaped eyes instead. After hearing no sound of scribble, Ren walks to the blackboard and leaned his back towards it once more.Bookmark here

“Aight, as no more questions were left unanswered, let's start… The ExamBookmark here

Ren finally started the fight, the sound of chaos overwhelmed the silence of desperate students trying to end the event as fast as possible.Bookmark here

Karuma rushes to the unguarded Vincent with black Arcanae hexagons surging from his right hand. With a scream, the hexagon’s flow went invert, absorbing instead of releasing.Bookmark here

“Nice to meet you, Vincent… Goodbyeeee”Bookmark here

As Karuma is about to aim the absorbing hand towards Vincent’s terrified face, a faint breeze of wind occurs and is felt by both. Karuma suddenly collapses alongside a faint chime sound of a fading Arcanae hexagon.Bookmark here

Vincent, hearing this familiar rhyme swiftly raises his awareness, goes to a stance with a hunting glare, with hands ready to produce Arcanae hexagons from the veins to materialize his going-to-use weapon.Bookmark here

“Punch, kicks, everywhere it seems,Bookmark here

noise, annoying voice, a rumble fight it is, right?Bookmark here

Devil?”Bookmark here

Vincent heard a sinister voice, he instantly stepped his right foot forward and turned his upper torso to the left. As he’s about to materialize his katana for defense, he gets hit by a kick meaning his lack of time.Bookmark here

At the same moment, he got the face of the sinister voice’s identity. A boy with cyan hair and lightning ahoge in a dark crimson scarf over a brown coat.Bookmark here

The kick’s impact led Vincent flying, amidst raising his sword in mid-air, the boy hit Vincent again in an instant barely letting Vincent create a block.Bookmark here

Vincent got continuously hit by the boy instantly with blocking at a minimum as his body can’t keep up with the boy’s speed nor with his defensive and retaliation motions but his eyes are still on track of their position.Bookmark here

Just,Bookmark here

A second,Bookmark here

For a ground TOUCH.Bookmark here

Vincent touched the ground with his foot, at last, jumped while spinning the katana with his body. At the room’s highest, Vincent drew his gaze downwards and witnessed the boy already reaching his foot.Bookmark here

With rage on his face, Vincent’s katana dematerialized and scattered through the whole fighting space via hexagons, with still a menacing face.Bookmark here

Sword Style, Manipulate: Rushing BarrierBookmark here

Vincent smiles hysterically as if everything has gone according to his plan.Bookmark here

“Gotcha, BITCH”Bookmark here

Slashes started to connect the Arcanae hexagons to each other forming a sphere, it made the boy swiftly leave Vincent while dodging the slashes.Bookmark here

The ability is ongoing, Vincent made this chaotic scenario a chance to analyze the blurry, full-of-motion boy with his common eyesight.Bookmark here

What are these movements?Bookmark here

Even I can’t catch up with my eyes,Bookmark here

Its movements are complex, making its attacks look unpredicted.Bookmark here

Can I beat such a guy?Bookmark here

No, I’ve already started this,Bookmark here

And now I have to commence forward.Bookmark here

But, shitBookmark here

This is one hard opponent.Bookmark here

A sound of cut flesh is heard from Vincent’s left and gaze’s towards it immediately. Just as he heard, scattered blood appeared in mid-air. Vincent then smirks in question and stops the ability.Bookmark here

Vincent then lands with a liquid-like sound from the void grounds. Then, a piece of red woolen fabric falls wavy in his front. He picks it up and senses a presence at his back. Turning back, he saw the boy looking down, showing its five-centimeter cut at the back of his hand with a cold face which left Vincent alarmed.Bookmark here

“Impressive, for the work of a devil, am I right?”Bookmark here

The boy then raises his head towards Vincent and flicks his hand making the leaked blood splat speed to the ground.Bookmark here

“Who — the hell — Are you?” Vincent asked in seriousness.Bookmark here

The boy removes his scarf, wraps his injured hand, and sighs, opens his arms up wide, raises his head slightly with a cold dandelion gaze aiming towards the cold-faced Vincent.Bookmark here

“I am… a Lissclion”Bookmark here

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