Chapter 1:

The Beginning of Twenty Years of Hell.

Time VS World

It was the year 2024. Date: 31 December. Twenty minutes before twenty years of hell began for humanity.

Is this world equal? Like everyone can live peacefully and where there will be no difference between rich and poor? Is this world fair? Where everyone gets the opportunity to do whatever they want? Is this world free of poverty? Where nobody would have to live in poverty and die of hunger? Is this world a safe place where nobody is killed or forced to fight in war? That's what I was thinking as I went upstairs towards the rooftop to see the city scenery and chat with a certain person. Blood dripped from my clothes, giving a red paint job to the stairs.

"Time never stops no matter what. It's a new year already. Hey, are you there?" I inquired as I opened my drink, took a sip, and watched the shimmering city lights on the horizon. My bloodstained fingertips left scarlet imprints on the drink can.

An inhuman voice came from the light deprived area behind me. "You're quite late. Did something happened?"

"It was nothing. Just the usual" I replied.

"That's not your blood…or is it?" Asked the voice.

"It's a mix. Some old wounds seem to have opened up. Received some new ones too".

The voice chuckled "What happened to that 'Red Night' myth that went on about you?".

"Enough with the jokes!" I felt annoyed.

"How much cleaning is left?"

"I don't think I'm getting anywhere. It just doesn't seem to end. The more I take down, more and more new shits appears. They also seem to be getting sharper each time."

"Yes I see them too. Many of them appear to be inspired by the 'Red Night'. There's rumors that an emergency organization stepped in just to take you down."

"Well ain't that an honor. It's been a mess. Everyone's going wild. To think now I have to…" I coughed abruptly. I covered my mouth with my hand. My palm got covered with fresh blood.

"You're coughing more and more blood now. And with that Doctor dead there's no one to patch you up."

"Indeed. I don't know how long I can keep this up. I've got nothing else to do except kill. It's just a matter of time before I drop life myself or someone gets me." I said tiredly.

"It's been a rough year for you. It was hard for the others too but you accomplished the most and took on the most ferocious foes. It's always been fun, amusing and interesting for me to see you dancing in those dangerous situations." The voice said, somewhat amused.

"It was fun? What's the catch, mate?" My voice seemed to come from afar, words felt hollow. I sounded like someone who had lost his will to live. But I didn't actually give up on life. I just got too sick of it. "Everything started when you appeared. Rather, things got too intense this year and finally reached the climax. Something had to be done to cool it off. But then thanks to you I was finally able to make the decision. And you turned an innocent kid into a ruthless murderer which is exactly what i see myself as now. I do somehow think that even if you weren't here, sooner or later I would've started killing anyways. But by then it might've been too late. So, thanks again for the hell you gave me." My voice lacked any warmth.

"Oh my. You're thanking me for turning you into a killer?" Unknown seemed surprised. Yes, I call him Unknown since I never knew his name and never bothered asking, and he never bothered telling me anyway. I always come here as a nightly routine to spend the night watching the city scenery and just spend the night doing so. But then a year ago, when I was gazing upon the city lights, I heard a voice from the opposite side from the railing I was leaning to on the rooftop. The voice had an odd bone chilling demonic vibe to it. It was enough to make anyone jump straight over the railing towards their certain death then to try and figure out who this voice belonged to. I don't know if it was curiosity that got the better of me but I didn't run. I heard the voice and it talked to me. I couldn't figure out if it was a he or she, so I assumed that the owner of the voice was a he. In contrast to his voice, his words and tone were quite friendly. He asked me about different things. I asked him questions in return, and then we talked the whole night. Somehow, I didn't feel any fear towards the voice and its owner . Every night from then on, we would ask each other questions, and at some point it just became part of my routine to talk with him after I took care of my business. I had never seen his body or face, he just lurked in the dark part of the rooftop and I never bothered to catch a glimpse of his real self.

"Well, thanking you now seems pointless since I lost everything that I was able to gain because of you." I sounded irritated. I knew the unknown could understand my mood clearly, that I was sad and angry at the same time. I could sense something odd about him today.

"It seems you noticed my unusual behavior?" Unknown said as if he could read my mind. He continued "Are you scared? You seem like someone who's about to lose something."

I took off my hoodie which was drenched in blood and tossed it aside. Blood formed irregular patterns around the hoodie as it hit the ground. I sighed "So you already know what I'm about to ask. For a year I avoided asking questions about you."

"Shouldn't you be more concerned about your wounds for now? You weren't kidding when you said you had some new ones. Those are some nasty cuts. You'll bleed to death if you don't do something."

"I get the feeling that you won't be here tomorrow, so will you?" I said ignoring Unknown's concern as I looked in the direction from where Unknown's voice came. And as usual it was pitch black. I couldn't see anything.

"What makes you think that I won't be here tomorrow?" Unknown said haughtily.

"Just a hunch." I replied carefully.

"You don't directly ask me about myself, but you do try to investigate me from time to time, don't you?" Unknown chuckled.

"So you know? Nah, rather, you saw it all didn't you." I said as I positioned myself.

"Sharp eyes as always. Crazy way of thinking and full of energy. That's why I always had fun talking to you." I clearly sensed amusement in his tone.

I took my knife from my pocket and held it firmly in my right hand. My voice was reduced to a hiss "No fun talking about you without actually seeing you. Why don't you show yourself. You shy amigo?"

"I wonder if that would be any fun." Unknown laughed carelessly. As if my knife doesn't mean anything to him.

"Well, you asked for it. Here goes nothing." I threw the knife in the direction of voice, estimating his position. The knife soared through the air and hit the railing on the other side.

Did I miss it? Or did he dodge it? Or there was nothing there to begin with? I took out my phone from my pocket and turned on the flashlight. Then I pointed my phone where Unknown's voice was coming. There was nothing.

"Interesting" I laughed as I put the phone back in my pocket.

"Interesting indeed." Unknown said, greatly amused.
I confirmed nothing was there, but his voice still came from that direction. I walked that way to see if there was anything I couldn't see, thinking maybe I could touch him. I said as I held back my laugh, "you won't try to kill me or anything?"

"If I wanted to do that, I would have done it a long time ago." 

I walked and swung my hands in the thin air. But I couldn't feel anything. I said, "Damn! where are you?" I felt amazed as well as somewhat frustrated.

"I'm right here, but I guess you can't see me."

"Yeah, I can't see you."

"What do people call it? Oh yes…a ghost right?"

"Yeah, you do seem like a ghost. A very funny ghost, in fact, who talks to people."

Unknown laughed, "Yeah you're correct."

"So I'm guessing you're always here then?"

"Yes, you're correct. As I said, I'm some kind of ghost by your definitions"

"Aren't ghosts supposed to curse or kill people? You're lazing off on your duties i guess"

"You could say that I am a special type of ghost who isn't interested in that stuff."

"Or maybe, you're some sort of spirit tied to this rooftop or something?”

Silence followed my sentence.

The abrupt silence made me realize that all the cheeriness and fun in the air was suddenly gone. 
"No need to answer,” I sighed. “I got what I wanted. To be honest, I don't care if you're a ghost or not."

"Ahh,” he laughed. “You saw through me again."

I finished the rest of my drink in silence. Blood kept dripping from my wounds. After a while, he broke the silence.

"Can I ask something?"

"It's unusual for you to ask me about something." I was the one who always talked about different stuff and he would just listen.

"What do you think of this world?"

"This world, huh?" I laughed bitterly and spat. "What's left to say about this bloody world. Everything is pure shit. It's like you play a gamble before coming into this world to either have a good life or a shitty one."

"And you lost in the gamble, eh? But from my point of view you're living a carefree life and enjoying everything except the killing part".

"You high? Living a carefree life? Stop with the damn jokes. You know very well what I've been through." 

"Didn't your parents leave you a fortune? Why not just leave this place and move somewhere else. Have a fresh start at life."

I never saw my parents and they died when I was little. An old guy took care of me. He was a kind hearted man who didn't try to steal my parent's wealth that they had left for me. But he died when I was 8. Because of Doc I was able to keep the money safe from greedy bastards.

"You think I never thought of that? If I could do that I would have done it way ago. The whole world is shit. It doesn't matter where you go. It's the same shit anyways."

"You won't know for sure unless you see it for yourself. Start a new life as a normal kid. Go to school, make new friends and do all the things a normal kid would do."

"Nope! That won't change anything. This world is the same no matter where you go. Going to school? Making friends? I already lost all of them, including all my inheritance. All of them are gone. So even if I wanted to move, no place would be able to offer me a new life. And the moment I started killing, my ideal normal life was gone." I said. My words reflected my inner sadness and regrets. Still no tears came to my eyes.

"Ahh, I see. So what's it that you wanna do? Change the world? So that you can live peacefully?"

"Change the world? I ain't no exception. I am just another human being and it's no use changing shit." I ain’t a big hotshot or anything. I can't do anything to change the world. Even if I could, I don't plan to do so.

"Then what is it that you wish for? A peaceful world? A world free of negativities?"

"If possible, I would like to be in a new world. A fresh new world filled with mysteries would be good."

"A new world? That's unusual from a guy like you. You want to escape this world? Then why not just suicide? It would be a lot easier." He sounded amused.

"Why the hell should I take my life when it's the others who are responsible for all the shit going on?"

"Has Mother Nature or this beautiful Earth failed to entertain you that you wanna leave this planet?"

"Well if 'Mother Nature' was sexy enough I wouldn't want to leave. But unfortunately it ain't. Its people that is."

"Sounds like what an introvert would say."

"What's the catch? Stop it for fucks sake. I played along with your little games. You think I would just keep quiet and let things go?"

"I guess this is where the game ends, huh. Don't you like playing games?"I threw the juice can at him.

"Chill. How about I give you a reward for playing along with the game. Want a change of pace? Want to live in an exciting world?" 

"You say that like you can do that."

"Wanna bet?"

"I'll trust ya If you can do that. Well, sure, why not, New year, new life. Starting a new life is better than just spending the rest of the days waiting to drop dead." He wasn't a human being to begin with. I practically knew nothing about his capabilities. Still, taking me to a new world seemed too far-fetched, even for someone who far exceeded everything a human mind was able to come up with.

"Alright, you made your decision. There is no going back either way. This is goodbye then. Five minutes left till midnight. It was a fun year for me listening to your stories and seeing you dancing in fire. Good luck on your journey in the new world. I will be watching what you do."

"Good grief,” I sighed. “Goodbyes sure do hurt. Seeya then, Unknown dude." After that, he was no longer there.

The young man stood there watching the city scenery. And then suddenly he disappeared from the rooftop. His soul that is. The young man's body was still there, standing lifelessly. His body was about to fall but Unknown caught it midair. 
"Your humanity's last hope or maybe not. Who knows what will happen. I don't care if humanity ceases to exist. What matters to me is that I will get to see little Night and others dance. It's always fun seeing people dance in fire."  


My body felt weightless. I seemed to be floating through some unknown place. "What's going on?" I tried to scream but couldn't let a voice out of my throat. Suddenly a blinding light flashed before my eyes, taking away my vision and a searing white hot pain shot through my forehead. It felt like my head was going to explode. "Someone help me!" Still my vocal cords didn't seem to obey me. Pain was so intense my mind started to feel hazy and I started seeing weird objects and figures getting eaten by a black smoke. Maybe I was hallucinating, but then I started hearing several voices. Those voices seemed to interact directly with my memories and I felt like a lot of stuff was being poured through a tight opening in my brain. The pain was increasing by the second and just when I thought I couldn't take anymore it started to settle down. The voices and the light vanished and my vision came back. My feet hit solid ground and my mind started clearing. My eyes, still blinded by the intense light, slowly started to adapt to the dark. I could sense that I was in a moving vehicle. And for some weird reason, I knew what it was.

"Ahh… ahh… Time train!" I stood up and looked around. It was pitch black.

"Is this really a train?" It sounded and felt like a train. I took my phone from my pocket and turned on the flashlight.

"Yep, pretty much a train." I looked around and then outside the window. It was dark outside too. I tried to look below but couldn't see anything. For some odd reason, it felt like the train was flying or something. 

I put the hand on my forehead. It was still hurting. "Ah, I see what I have to do. I don't have much time." Unknown should have told me what will happen or what I'll have to do. But it doesn't matter for now. I'll have to think of something real quick.


One minute till the year 2025 started, and everyone was eagerly waiting to celebrate the new year. At the moment the clock struck midnight, the sky filled with fireworks… and ten seconds later, there was a massive, colourful explosion in the sky that slowly engulfed the whole world. A Black smoke slowly emerged in the sky and began to pour into the human world . And before anyone realized what had happened, the scenery around them changed. They panicked. Then something exploded in the sky and a train came rattling out of the explosion, however, it didn't fall, rather started gliding in the sky as though it was solid ground. And there was a voice from that train which was flying in the sky. Everyone could hear the voice clearly.

"Yo, I can see right now everyone is losing their minds. No need to panic; everyone is now in a new world. New year, new world—seems like a fantasy dream, eh? Well, unfortunately it will be hell for you guys. But before anything else, I'd like everyone here to get a taste of what I can do. Enjoy the loop, Hell loop everyone!" The owner of the voice said he was enjoying it.

No one could understand what it was about. But suddenly everyone caught fire, several swords pierced their bodies, giant and small insects started eating their bodies, their limbs began falling off on their own and then the world exploded. And before anyone realized it, they were back. Everyone started questioning why they didn't die… And then it all happened again and again. They were back, but this time everyone started screaming and running, unable to understand anything about what was going on.

"Enjoyed the Hell Loop, everyone? I can set a Hell Loop like the one everyone just experienced forever. Seems like hell to me. After five to seven time loops, none of you will still be a sane human; you will go crazy and no longer have consciousness. Every time the pain will be different, so that none of you can get used to the pain! Y'all still confused, aren’t you? Well then, let me get to the point. I am NITE, and y'all have twenty years to find and kill me. If you can't kill me in these twenty years, I will set Hell Loops like that forever, amigos!"

Suddenly a massive twenty-year countdown timer showed up in the sky, it could be seen from everywhere. "See the timer? That's the countdown. When that timer reaches zero, the time loop will begin and continue forever. But If anyone can kill me before that, the timer will disappear, and everyone can live a normal life. Let the twenty years of hell begin!" The voice laughed mercilessly.

The young man declared the twenty years of hell. The train continued flying across the sky, and the giant timer started ticking backwards from twenty years. And thus twenty years of hell began for humanity. Humanity has twenty years to kill him or else they face hell. Will they be able to kill him? Or will humanity be doomed by the Owner? 

Time remaining: 19 years, 364 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

Time VS World

Time VS World