Chapter 1:

►Prologue: The events that shook the world

The Sealed Inscription: Year 2180

The year 2029:
An endless slaughter of soldiers... who thought that they were fighting to protect their loved ones... but the truth behind of it all is that they were fighting for a fool's errand.

Many soldiers died in vain, while some are successful the war still hasn't made any progress.

This conflict has been dubbed by many names: World War 3, The 2nd Great War... but many dubbed it as "The Dreadful War"

The year 2051:
This conflict has an estimated death toll around 1.7 - 1.9 billion making it the deadliest war in human history.

But this is also the year when the conflict came to an end.

A 39 mile-wide asteroid named TGHME-E crashed making it the deadliest mass extinction event since the K-Pg event approx. 66 million years ago. This single asteroid marked the end of "The Dreadful War" and nearly every single life on earth with only the lucky few survived.

The year 2151:
A century has passed and still, humanity is still struggling for survival, but they are making a lot of progress in tech by working together as friends, not as foes.

The year 2169:
Technology advances at a faster rate. It was only 3 years ago when they made the first futuristic city named "New Torren" located at Yia... what was once Canada.

The year 2175:
Humanity is back on track... with an est. 2.7 billion people. Humanity took control of the Earth. Regaining what was once lost. Soon they will venture off into the vast open wonders of space.

The war and last extinction event scarred humanity... but that is in the past...

The year 2176:
Humans built a Dyson swarm which engulfed the sun harnessing its energy to power the whole Earth for billions of years.

The year 2151 - 2176:
This has been dubbed as "The Golden Age of Technology"

Today is 2180:
Humanity is going strong... but there are still flaws. The gap between the rich and poor has never been huge. People doing things bad for the poor, while the rich keeps are not helping the poor, and destroys their homes for their own selfish needs. Currently, there is a war in Venicia one of the largest cities in Yia. War against the HighRich and the LowSlaves.

And this is where the story begins.

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