Chapter 0:

How Does This Start? (An Unapologetic Setup)

Pathos: To Feel Another World [Short]

How it must feel to be young. To party your life away without a care for whether or not your parents know you are having a party at there house without permission. That does not matter to Casey Smith, one of the hottest & most popular girls in her class. Her parents out for the night, she decided to throw a party at her home. Being a child of high-profile parents, she has very strict guidelines when presenting herself. Tonight, she decides to throw them out.

It's only 10 p.m. and she is buzzed up more than a beehive with the party of the century in her home on the recently fumigated third floor. A few used bug bombs lay in a bag in the corner of the room. The delirious grandeurs she and her clique, their boyfriends, and just about anybody who's anybody from school, care for in this miniscule moment of life. Most of them will forget what happened tonight in the morning. Care is irrelevant now. Only dancing, drinking, and having a good time.

Though eventually, the party must come to an end. For this night will have an ending that will be only a beginning for Casey as she parties on the third floor of her home.

A boy at the party decides now would be a good time to make his move on Casey who stands dumbly out the window. The most sober one of the two is the all-ready hammered Casey.

"Well," comes the drunken boy, "looks like the moon is out."

Casey stares blankly out the window. Her focus in past inebriated. "Where?"

Drunken boy pushes his hand against the window. They had been opened to let the bug bombs air out. "Right-"

The window opens. Someone must have forgotten to lock them. The drunken boy loses his balance. He knocks into Casey.

Casey falls out the third-story window her house over the concrete driveway of her house. As if finally waking to her fate, Casey's eyes dilate as death itself comes face to face with her. The ground growing closer, Casey is left helpless to gravity pulling her to her end. The stone pavement waits to greet her. The time has come. Casey closes her eyes to avoid seeing her end.

Between death and what is to come, Casey finds her being floating in electric void seeming to fall. The blurring surroundings as her consciousness freefalls almost entrances her soothing her to her final resting spot. All appears to be over.

A figure approaches Casey. A small figure too far off to make out. As Casey draws closer, she makes out what appears to be a little girl. A sad sight to see the end of such a young life.

A thought crosses Casey's mind. Both of them are dead. Both are falling in different directions. or perhaps one is flying upward. Where would an innocent girl be heading if Casey is going the opposite direction? The girl's lips are moving. She appears to be speaking but nothing audible.

Before Casey can be given a chance to answer, she collides with the little girl. The world around vanishes into darkness.

And with that, the story begins...

Taylor Victoria