Chapter 3:

A Friendly Bout

Do I Really Have to Solve Every Problem in This World?!

Lea immediately dashes back as she spews a plume of flames from her mouth as Yuuta evades and enhances his movement to propel himself off the wall towards her in response.Bookmark here

"Is running all you can do?!" Lea shouted snapping her fingersBookmark here

As if responding to her taunt he quickly pressed the attack as he stretched out his hand as light formed.Bookmark here

"O, Spirits of Thunder, come forth and open the path to my victory!, 3 Arrows of Thunder!" He shouted as arrows infused with lightning shot from his hand.Bookmark here

'They're too fast!'Bookmark here

Although snapping her fingers produced a fire shield it would not be enough to shield her from the attack coming towards her. She then took the opportunity during his incantation to propel herself further away as to then strengthen her shield to better protect herself from the attack.Bookmark here

"O, Spirits of Fire, arise and heed our contract to shield me from defeat!, Phoenix's Embrace!" She shouted as the arrows began their initial launch.Bookmark here

Though right before the arrows made contact with the shield the bell sounded through the halls. Yuuta immediately stopped his attack after appearing right next to Lea and simply began to walk past her as she just simply stood there with the shield still up.Bookmark here

"We'd better get to class, Kaede-sensei will be furious if we're late." He smiled wryly as if acknowledging the poor timing.Bookmark here

'How?...'Bookmark here

She simply turned towards him in awe as he walked down towards their classroom.Bookmark here

'I....can't...catch up with him...can I?' Bookmark here

She regained her composure as she dispelled the shield as she quickly caught up with him though as they were approaching the door it suddenly became chilly as what appeared to ice formed around the door and crawled out towards them as the door slowly opened.Bookmark here

'Oh no...'Bookmark here

'We're so dead...!'Bookmark here

 A young woman well-dressed appeared donning her ponytail and glasses proudly was not surprised to find them outside of her classroom as the class bell suddenly rang both Lea and Yuuta's faces went pale with shock as the woman breathed calmly then proceeding to cross her arms she looked up at them with a smile.Bookmark here

"Good Morning, Misaki-chan, Moriyama-kun. I'm sure you know what time it is?" She smiled as the frost receded calmly around her.Bookmark here

It was from that moment both Lea and Yuuta knew their survival was at stake.Bookmark here

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