Chapter 9:

Dedication Upon Passion

DALNO: The Beginning/Phase 1

June 10, 3142, 10:40 AM, Kyourou-ho Hospital: Asoko Branch. Aston is walking to the hallway of the establishment while looking at the number tags above the patient’s doors.Bookmark here

He stopped in front of one, Room #665. Raised his right arm, and attempted to knock on the door. The door opened before so, revealing a red-haired girl standing with its anesthetic stand as support, reminiscing Naiyhto.Bookmark here

“Are you, Nozomi Makushi?”Bookmark here

The girl nods coldly.Bookmark here

“Where’s brother?” Nozomi asked in demand.Bookmark here

Aston gazes at the cross above Nozomi’s bed. Noticing, Nozomi starts to cry and loses grip on her anesthetic stand. He then attempted to help her get up, but as he got closer to Nozomi.Bookmark here

“I will kill you— Vincent Ashite”Bookmark here

Shocked, Aston swiftly turned his head around the room and saw a television parallel to Nozomi’s bed.Bookmark here

Aston swiftly got out of a sobbing Nozomi’s room and busted rushing out of the hospital. He speedwalks with his hands inside his pockets with an alarming expression.Bookmark here

How?Bookmark here

How can it be broadcasted?Bookmark here

How did it reach her?Bookmark here

I told the Ashites to be cold shoulders about that incident.Bookmark here

Himono doesn’t even know her.Bookmark here

Nor in the same school where he teaches.Bookmark here

[Himono is Raiden’s last name]Bookmark here

It’s the television who’s the only suspect left.Bookmark here

So back to square one,Bookmark here

Who broadcasted it?Bookmark here

Do others see it too or are it just a show exclusive to Makushi’s sister?Bookmark here

I’ve searched within one thousand kilometers from the incident that night for stand or wire marks but got none.Bookmark here

And this is not caused by the deceased Makushi.Bookmark here

Since his status in life is not enough to hijack a television program.Bookmark here

Let alone when he spent the rest of his time in prison and a torture cellar.Bookmark here

SHITBookmark here

This is starting to escalate at an unnoticeable rate.Bookmark here

Aston continued to walk at the same speed on the way back to the leader’s office for the said matter to unpuzzle itself.Bookmark here

10:45 AM, Homura Academy. Silence is present on the school grounds, the dust waltz with the breeze as it uses the tree’s leaves as the moving stage with the rustle of the grass below them clapping impressed by the spectacular performance of harmony.Bookmark here

And then…Bookmark here

Ren broke flying out of the second-floor window as he knocked out unguarded. Shocked, Ren smirks in excitement as black and purple Arcanae hexagons start to overflow around his body.Bookmark here

From the broken window, Blaze spectated Ren’s fifty-meter fall and waited for the thudding sound, the body did a faint sound of a thud than logically is. This alarmed Blaze and threw a hand gesture, the students followed and leaped through.Bookmark here

Now in a free fall, the boy in a black hooded jacket got his hand out of his pockets and aimed his palm at a nearby tree. Gray Arcanae hexagons appear and made the branches of the target tree fade as if dissolving. The boy now aimed his hand below them and the diminished part reappeared in the same structure and used it as transport to the ground.Bookmark here

“Thanks for the ride, friend,” said Blaze in delight.Bookmark here

The boy nods casually, with little to no expression present.Bookmark here

“Well that’s Shado for you, disciple”Bookmark here

Surprised and confused, Blaze and Vincent moved their gaze in search of the boy who responded to the said words.Bookmark here

“Behind him, my brother”Bookmark here

As the voice says, behind Shado reveals a silver-haired boy in black shorts, blue rubber shoes, a black t-shirt, and a purple-like scarf reminiscent of a galaxy covering his nose to mouth standing in one of the branches with both hands inside his pockets.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

They stared at each other, blankly.Bookmark here

“Are you supposed to be saying something the moment you found me?”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

They look back to the goal as if nothing happened. The moment a leaf from the rifted branch makes contact with the school grounds. Void strings burst out of the ground and swirl in a random pattern in a third of a second, dissecting several of the student’s limbs to pieces whose reaction time is too slow.Bookmark here

“INTERESTING”Bookmark here

Ren’s scream and rhythmic clapping alarms everyone as each clap slowly uncovers himself from the fog made of dust.Bookmark here

“Interesting is the word, eh… I’d never thought you tittygrabbers would make it this far” Ren’s clapping stopped as he generated more combinations of black and purple Arcanae hexagons from his fist. ”As for the record, two seconds is all I need”.Bookmark here

From a starting number of twenty-four, twenty-four remain at this point of the fight. Even though there are the ones who got dissected from the attack earlier, the victim cannot lose blood as the dissection only disposed of the missing part that disappeared which made the dissection occur and with this, Ren can return their limbs with his choice of favor.Bookmark here

Aston,Bookmark here

The students began to generate Arcanae hexagons in different colors and materialized them into different forms.Bookmark here

It seems this batch has one of “them”.Bookmark here

Fear is present on their faces to the point of some gulping their own sweat. But even so.Bookmark here

As they’re the first to notice the flaw of my exam. Bookmark here

Their dedication to the end of the exam bought them courage and strength.Bookmark here

Thank goodness I learned Continuous Seal Style.Bookmark here

Even in these conditions, they can’t let this only chance given by Vincent and started by Blaze go to utter waste.Bookmark here

The one that focuses on reviving of a sort.Bookmark here

A sweat drop has fallen from a focusing kid’s cheek.Bookmark here

5 minutes earlier, the students were in a full circle.Bookmark here

“Vincent, no, everyone, there is something I need you to know about Ren’s Arcanae,” said Blaze.Bookmark here

Everyone stared seriously.Bookmark here

“That thing is that”Bookmark here

Ren smiles hysterically.Bookmark here

“He mainly uses”Bookmark here

Void StyleBookmark here

“Control techniques”Bookmark here

Control: EpicaricacyBookmark here

[Control Arcanae Techniques: A category of improved Arcanae techniques which is learned by excelling on both Manipulate and Summon techniques; The techniques within this category were able to control a person or in a majority scale of organisms manipulating their movement to the user’s accord]Bookmark here

The sweat drop is five centimeters away from the ground. Everything slows down. From the timestamp of 0.013 seconds, Ren’s Arcanae hexagons materialized into gigantic, gauntlet-like gloves.Bookmark here

The timestamp is 0.034 seconds, Ren began to move with his crazily-done barrage towards the students by materializing consecutive void portals to connect his fists to the student he wishes to hit as he rushes to also hit those that were near him.Bookmark here

The timestamp is 1.02131853 seconds, and the number of hits each of the 24 students has gotten was listed.Bookmark here

Joshue Aimbacris - 152Bookmark here

Ramon Ajavante - 482Bookmark here

Maxides Ajila - 283Bookmark here

Simon Ajilar- 434Bookmark here

Kalil Aliraba - 201Bookmark here

Asforld Ambert - 511Bookmark here

Vincent Ashite - 314Bookmark here

Kyoumei Beimei - 126Bookmark here

Jiojen Blease - 623Bookmark here

Madachi Dakita - 376Bookmark here

Chomozo Dareta - 196Bookmark here

White Falcon - 254Bookmark here

Hyougyou Feimheillt - 597Bookmark here

Shado Fury - 32Bookmark here

Peipor Gleez - 519Bookmark here

Geal Gasupe - 164Bookmark here

Megutschichimorou Gon - 645Bookmark here

Hallorand Haley - 342Bookmark here

Karuma Jen Reiss - 549Bookmark here

Blaze Lissclion - 24Bookmark here

Faraday Lissworth - 392Bookmark here

Keicho Monoma - 333Bookmark here

Neir Ogan - 378Bookmark here

Lhogan Poissant- 429Bookmark here

Tch… I’m not hitting them equally, especially that mid-air dodging Lissclion behind me… His eyesight manages to follow me in this state now, good progression brat.Bookmark here

The timestamp is 1.0923333 seconds, and the number of hits the students have taken has equally increased by 278 other than the ones listed.Bookmark here

Maxides Ajila - 43Bookmark here

Asforld Ambert - 457Bookmark here

Vincent Ashite - 124Bookmark here

White Falcon - 34Bookmark here

Shado Fury - 7Bookmark here

Blaze Lissclion - 5Bookmark here

Faraday Lissworth - 821 Bookmark here

Neir Ogan - 723Bookmark here

Dang you, Ren… This is overkill, if only I can speed up a little faster than his Control, I might’ve saved every one.Bookmark here

The timestamp is 1.5 seconds, Ren’s movements became even faster to the point that materializing his portals is delayed by 0.0000435 seconds with a maniacal laugh as he enjoyed the student’s delayed pain. The number of hits the students took has equally increased by 600 other than the ones listed.Bookmark here

Vincent Ashite - 1238Bookmark here

White Falcon - 1548Bookmark here

Shado Fury - 593Bookmark here

Blaze Lissclion - 100Bookmark here

FasterBookmark here

The timestamp is 1.7234217 seconds. The number of hits the students took has equally increased by 2000 other than the ones listed.Bookmark here

Blaze Lissclion - 246Bookmark here

Tch, this Lissclion is really dodging my attacks despite moving slowly.Bookmark here

FasterBookmark here

The timestamp is 1.9423146 seconds. Ren giggles in pleasure. The number of hits the students took has equally increased by 8000 other than the ones listed.Bookmark here

Blaze Lissclion - 2364Bookmark here

FASTERRRRRRBookmark here

The sound of piercing speed released Blaze from the control of Ren’s technique and uncontrollably dashed and tackled him from the back, disrupting and releasing the technique.Bookmark here

Ren got flying away to a distance from the impact of Blaze’s kick. Despite that, the sound of raging wind from Ren’s barrage began havoc on their body as it caused a delayed reaction.Bookmark here

Five minutes have passed, and several students begin to pass out while the delay of Ren’s barrage occurs. One by one, blow by blow, they start to lose morale. Blaze aches in closed eyes, crunching to withstand the pain. He turned his gaze from Ren's direction and saw a frozen Vincent kneeling on the sandy ground with blood streaming out of his shocked mouth, unable to move a nerve.Bookmark here

Three minutes have passed, and the delayed barrage stops, from the starting count of twenty-four, fifteen were driven unconscious and five were paralyzed. Blaze stood up on sea legs as he clenched his side with his palm. Catching his breath, he heard a familiar voice within the distant fog of dust.Bookmark here

“Fist Enhance”Bookmark here

Revealing himself once more, The smirking Ren’s hands were covered by his own Arcanae reminiscent of a boxing glove.Bookmark here

[Arcanae Body Enhancements: A type of simple buff that covers the user’s desired body part with its Arcanae energy, with it comes the ability of the user’s Arcanae like being able to make someone wet by being hit with a fist enhancement from the user with water Arcanae]Bookmark here

Shocked by what he saw, Blaze looks to his weakened and collapsed classmates and back to Ren. But so, Ren is already in Blaze’s face already throwing a punch. Blaze dodges this by speed consecutively as Ren always catches up to him.Bookmark here

“Tch hehehe, just let me kill you already… LISSCLIOOOON”Bookmark here

Blaze proceeds to charge up as Ren hysterically grabs his blindfold and reveals his golden eye with the right being scarred, covered in a black matter. The matter began to envelop Ren’s body just as Blaze punched his guts. He got flown away once more and stood still before his body met the ground. He raised his head up and revealed his silver hair changed to scarlet and his pale skin tone to shadow.Bookmark here

At an establishment near the academy, A blonde male in an HSMA uniform looks at Ren’s transfiguration through the window, then at the exhausted students. Little after, he left with a calm expression.Bookmark here

Good luck surviving,Bookmark here

ClassmatesBookmark here

The transfiguration is finished three minutes after, Ren looks scarier and menacing with his cloak made out of his Arcanae. Out of nowhere, he threw a void-like ball from his back revealing the purple scarfed guy from earlier barely dodging the projectile by a crossover, destroying half of his scarf and his momentum.Bookmark here

Blaze starts to run as he’s too exhausted to use his Arcanae, the moment Ren gazes at him. It struck him with fear and got stunned.Bookmark here

Dang it,Bookmark here

MOVE, YOU DANG BODYBookmark here

Ren walks closer to him with a motive to kill. He looks toward the stunned Blaze straight to the eye and materializes a void ball on his fingertips.Bookmark here

I thought you want to make a change, but you act as same as your damned fatherBookmark here


Blaze’s instincts automatically followed the screaming voice’s command, dodging the slices a bloody Vincent made with his materialized Buster sword that’s too big for his size and carrying, towards the unguarded Ren. Blaze looks down and his body starts to dematerialize in a similar manner as the tree earlier. In the next blink of his shocked eyes, he’s a distance away from Vincent and Ren with Shado beside, protecting Blaze from Ren while he’s being materialized by Shado’s Arcanae.Bookmark here

Destroying the majority of Ren’s cloak, Vincent is at his limits, if he moves, he faints. As the Buster sword he materialized vanishes, he looks towards Blaze and takes a deep breath.Bookmark here

“I’ll leave the rest to you… Remember… it's still… part… of… the… plan”Bookmark here

As Blaze got his senses back, Ren used 20 Seals: Flash Step towards Vincent and punched his guts leaving him unconscious. While falling down, Blaze recalls a part of their strategy.Bookmark here

“What! Fighting head to head to the Professor?” screamed the shocked girl after hearing Vincent’s plan. “But that would likely get us disqualified, right?”Bookmark here

“You see, this is not just about fighting nor introducing one’s self towards another” Vincent responds. “It is that we are missing the point of introducing. The Professor even already gave us a clue but the majority overlooked”Bookmark here

Everyone is confused, excluding Blaze.Bookmark here

“This may seem far-fetched of a clue but, remember when the Professor introduced himself? Did he do it before? Or during the fight?”Bookmark here

“Well, it’s before because someone asked him so”Bookmark here

“So, it may not seem like the Professor planned this but the encrypted message is there… The reason why this exam is made… And for how it is made… Up to his attitude and tone of voice… It all goes down to one thing… He wants us to fight him”Bookmark here

“But how can we trust this though? Aren’t you an Ashite?”Bookmark here

Vincent became distressed by the girl’s question.Bookmark here

“As long as I believe him, you should too” Blaze cuts-in in a casual tone.Bookmark here

The girl turned silent and looked down.Bookmark here

“Do you have any backup plans in case this fails, though?” The boy in a purple scarf asked.Bookmark here

“If so, it all comes to Blaze who made you gather here in the first place in an instant”Bookmark here

“But I barely made it through?”Bookmark here

“Either wise, a Hypno technique is a Hypno technique”Bookmark here

Blaze continues to argue with Vincent but he pats his shoulders and calms him down.Bookmark here

“We believe in you, begin the change you wanted starting with you”Bookmark here

In the fight, Blaze began to stressfully think of a strategy. With Vincent now unconscious, he stresses himself even more for an effective plan. Out of a sudden, Ren scream’s out his family name.Bookmark here


Dark Eye Form, Void Style: Kingdom Of DarknessBookmark here

A black matter began to appear in a similar manner in the classroom but instead of spreading from down to up, the technique began from Ren’s back and rushed forward as it removed every single sign of light and objects it passed, disrupting Blaze’s focus.Bookmark here

“Anti-matter, Hypno: Cosmic Lights”Bookmark here

A ray of light suddenly engulfed the area and overpowers the darkness of Ren’s void to the point of being obliterated. Blaze rubs his eye and looks for that familiar voice.Bookmark here

[Hypno Arcanae Techniques: A category of improved Arcanae techniques which is learned by excelling on both Manipulate and Imitate techniques; The techniques within this category were able to control a majority scale of organisms manipulating their attributes to the user’s accord]Bookmark here

“Falcon, White Falcon… The name should be unforgettable, now” said the boy in a purple scarf. “What to do, Lissclion?”Bookmark here

“I told you to not call me that”Bookmark here

“I can call you whatever you want until your goal is fulfilled, you can do the same to us if you want… Now calm down and tell me and Shado what to do”Bookmark here

Scared, Blaze continues to make a strategy under great stress as his mind is fixated on the time it would take for Ren’s eyes to recover from White’s technique.Bookmark here

Well frick,Bookmark here

Vincent got us this far,Bookmark here

And now I can’t mess it up.Bookmark here

Dang, this has been always an issue for me,Bookmark here

A strategy of my own is fine, butBookmark here

Making one for a majority of people is just hard for me.Bookmark here

I need to fix this,Bookmark here

This fight will decide,Bookmark here

If I’m worthy of progressing furtherBookmark here

OR NOT.Bookmark here

Blaze raises his head in a serious expression and looks toward the newly recovered Ren.Bookmark here

“Shado, Falcon, distract and attack Ren from a distance, and don’t let him get my presence at all cost”Bookmark here

“What will you do? If you’re trying a new technique, don’t gamble with it”Bookmark here

“Don’t worry, Falcon… This might be unmastered, but this is not a gamble”Bookmark here

Blaze took on a running stance with Cyan Arcanae hexagons emitting from his body. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The Arcanae hexagons that are currently floating began to reverse their track as if he’s absorbing their own Arcanae energy.Bookmark here

I am Blaze Lissclion,Bookmark here

I dislike my clan’s predetermined loyalty and wealth.Bookmark here

Despite that, I still act like I am popular and powerful.Bookmark here

My dream is to become the greatest Arcanae user in Ithorenth.Bookmark here

Every time I make friends, I make rivals at the same time.Bookmark here

Yet despite this complex ambition, I have a weak spot.Bookmark here

And one of them is the ability to think of a strategy for a mass of people.Bookmark here

I need to be stronger, and stronger for my progression to exile this weakness from me.Bookmark here

I hope you’re watching me Mr. Genzou, Bookmark here

In this examination,Bookmark here

Is the perfect start.Bookmark here

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