Chapter 2:

Chapter 1: Part 2

Romeo and Juliet, The Rejex Version

Fun fact: both families have their hair dyed to ensure which side is whom, this is optional for those who wish to dye their hair, but to those who do show their commitment to the family, the Capulets dyed their hair Blue while Montague had their red.

As Joseph was about to deal the killing blow, Tom Montague arrived on the scene and stopped Joseph from hurting Benjamin, “this will be more fun now! Two Montagues that die by my blade.” Benjamin stood up, “the only one that dies here Joseph is you… have at thee!” Tom and Benjamin fought Joseph two against one but Joseph didn't care, “this is… just boring… you scumbags...” The trio fought until they were sweating, “you know I can take care of this alone Tom! Why did you…” Tom stopped Benjamin from talking and told him to focus on fighting Joseph, “besides I Can’t come here to fight, unfortunately… your sister Stella wants us to find Theo.” Benjamin understood that but had become tired of fighting Joseph, “what’s the matter? Can't take the heat?” Tom used every dying blood that he had, to fight Joseph. Both Tom and Joseph were tired but neither will admit it, “This… is … only the beginning!” Joseph’s eyes were still burning with motivation, “Of what? Are you losing yourself to puberty? (Laughs)” Joseph came charging into Tom, stabbing him right in the chest, “DIE… DIE YOU DEVIL'S CREATION!!!” Benjamin kicked Joseph in the stomach while he was distracted with killing Tom, Tom manage the survive the stab wound and then the police arrived, “do not step one foot Joseph Capulet! Well, well, well if it isn't my favourite people to deal with? Where is the fourth one? Theo… was that his name? Ah! Get an ambulance quickly… so I suppose this was your handy work Capulet?” Joseph tried to make an excuse, “this Montague attacked me! Take my word when I say that I tell you no lie.” The police chief laughed it off and pointed at the CCTV, “what you mean to take your word? Your word doesn’t mean anything! I want you and you in the car immediately, you two! Help the Montague out.” Both Joseph and Benjamin were arrested and sent in the same car to the police station.

“I will tell you my dear when I say our Julia will like him… oh no! No! No! NO!” Lord Capulet was not pleased with what he had received. “whatever is the matter, my dear?” Lord Capulet showed what had happened, “your brother's son is nothing more than a nuisance I tell you that my dear, he has gotten himself arrested again! Does he not realize that this will be my third strike… after receiving two strikes 14 years ago.” Lord Capulet was displeased with Joseph's actions.

“Come on boys! These blades are not going to make themselves!” Stella received a call from the police station, she got changed and made her way to the police station. “Why?! Why?! Have I not taught those boys common sense?” Stella was furious with what Tom had done but disappointed with her brother Benjamin.

“Hello, snot bottom!” both Lord Capulet and Stella Montague made eye contact and took the moment to insult one another, “that’s rich coming from a blacksmith!” as they both entered the police station and asked the chief in unison, “what have they done now?!" They shared deep glares toward one another, “well looking at the CCTV camera, three of your Montague kin were stopping by a local gas station and they came across 4 of the Capulet Kin, they insult one another then a big fight occurs with your nephew Joseph Lord Capulet while your brother Stella Capulet was trying to talk sense with them but forced to fight, it has been 400 years since this feud began and yet neither of your families has learned to end it… fortunately, no civilians were hurt nor killed which makes my job easier so this will be taken as a minor setback by my words… repeat this to anyone and I will deny it!” he told the family to leave except for Stella, “I am continuously concerned for your cousin Theo, it has been five years since I last saw him… is there anything that I can do to help you in any way?” Stella assured the chief that she will deal with Theo, “Theo is still going through some hard times right now after she who must not be named has completely changed him.”