Chapter 1:

Mysterious Transfer Student

Neo Fairytale: Card Showdown

It was about eight a.m. in the morning when I was bored as heck and hoped for something new. Even though I always sit at the first bench, I hoped no one would notice if I applied some lip balm. Our homeroom teacher, Mr. Aster walked in. I almost dropped my lip balm.Bookmark here

"Relax, Summer. Calm down." said a guy whose name started with PBookmark here

I was shocked that anyone knew my name. He always sat behind me, perhaps to cheat during tests.Bookmark here

"Okay guys, let's welcome our new exchange student. What's your name?" said Mr. Aster with a grinBookmark here

"Hello, my name is Wisteria." she saidBookmark here

She had a shy smile and was so tall. She was cracking her knuckles. She had purple hair and piercing reddish brown eyes. She had a green ribbon in her hair. It reminded me of the bow I have in my hair, pink in color with a black crown in its center.Bookmark here

Everyone except for me started a commotion.Bookmark here

"Sit beside me!" echoedBookmark here

However, the first seats weren't occupied most of the time. So she sat right beside me.Bookmark here

"Hi." she saidBookmark here

"Hello. I'm Summer." I saidBookmark here

The first half of the period passed by. I was busy taking notes. It was English class, one of my favorites.Bookmark here

Wisteria passed me a note.Bookmark here

"Let's make a story."Bookmark here

I wrote back,Bookmark here

"Once upon a time, there was a girl who wished to be a princess."Bookmark here

Just as I was about to pass it back, Tori took the note and wouldn't give it back. She giggled.Bookmark here

"Give it back." I squealedBookmark here

"Anything wrong?" said Mr. AsterBookmark here

"Nope, Mr. Aster." said the guy behind meBookmark here

He grabbed the note and handed it back to me.Bookmark here

"Okay, Parker." said Mr. AsterBookmark here

Oh, so that's his name. Mr. Aster went back to delivering his lecture about the comprehension exercise.Bookmark here

I asked a question about the meaning of a word.Bookmark here

Class ended soon enough.Bookmark here

I looked behind me to thank Parker. The poor lad was always bending so that other students could see the whiteboard. He had mint green hair. It made me wonder why I was born with black.Bookmark here

"Thanks, Parker." I said and smiledBookmark here

Tori broke out in laughter and said, "Well, Summer you have a prince charming already."Bookmark here

"What?" the three of us said in unisonBookmark here

"He is kind of cute, would be cuter without the glasses." whispered Wisteria to meBookmark here

"What even?!" I yelledBookmark here

The next period was mathematics. I checked Wisteria's schedule and saw she had mathematics today as well. However, my chemistry class was replaced by her French class.Bookmark here

We went to the math class which was two floors down.Bookmark here

Wisteria and I walked together.Bookmark here

"Do you two have something going on?" she saidBookmark here

"Of course not. That dumb ass made that up on the spot." I saidBookmark here

"What? Why would you do that?" said WisteriaBookmark here

"So... how do you feel about math?" I askedBookmark here

"It's my absolute favorite!" she saidBookmark here

We were at the bottom of the staircase, otherwise I would've tumbled down for sure.Bookmark here

"I've never heard of someone who loves math that much." I saidBookmark here

"Yup." said WisteriaBookmark here

"It's nice to see a girl wearing trouser uniform for once." I  saidBookmark here

"I didn't see any other girl wearing trousers yet, even though it's allowed." said WisteriaBookmark here

We sat down next to each other. She was ready with her notebook and calculator before I was.Bookmark here

"Umm, we aren't allowed to use calculators for this unit." I told herBookmark here

"Oh great. I wanted to brush up on my mental math skills." she saidBookmark here

I didn't know how to react to that.Bookmark here

Our lesson opened with arithmetic. Wisteria jotted down everything with care and I felt like I was lagging behind. She allowed me to peek at her notes before the teacher erased everything.Bookmark here

"Ms. Bridge, the answer is 0.75!" yelled WisteriaBookmark here

"Why yes, it is. Good work." said Ms. BridgeBookmark here

After Wisteria yelled out every answer, I felt honored to have such a talented friend.Bookmark here

"Who wants to solve on the board?" asked Ms. BridgeBookmark here

"Me! Me." said WisteriaBookmark here

"Except for miss transfer student." said Ms. BridgeBookmark here

Wisteria slammed her palm into her face.Bookmark here

"How about Summer? You've been quiet this entire time." said Ms. BridgeBookmark here

Damn, I was avoiding her.Bookmark here

"Go, Summer go!" said WisteriaBookmark here

Unable to avoid it, I scurried across to the whiteboard. The teacher gave me her marker.Bookmark here

"I don't remember the formula." I saidBookmark here

"Summer, it's written in the corner." said the teacherBookmark here

"Oh, hmm." I saidBookmark here

I plug in the values.Bookmark here

"2?" I saidBookmark here

I waited for an answer but the whole class was silent.Bookmark here

"Summer, you made a silly mistake." said WisteriaBookmark here

"You can go back. Miss transfer student, please fix this." she saidBookmark here

I groaned as I handed her the marker.Bookmark here

Wisteria fixed it in a jiffy. The bell rang and it was time for chemistry class.Bookmark here

"Wait for me in the cafeteria." I saidBookmark here

"Sure." said WisteriaBookmark here

She gave me a thumbs up.Bookmark here

It was lunch time and the two of us searched of an empty table.Bookmark here

"Isn't that him? Parker, from our first class?" said WisteriaBookmark here

"Yeah. It looks like his table is half empty." I saidBookmark here

We sat down at once, opposite to the two boys.Bookmark here

"Oh, they're from my first period. Joyce, meet Wisteria and Summer." said ParkerBookmark here

"Hi." I saidBookmark here

"Hey." she saidBookmark here

"Cool. Cool. Do you like card games? As in trading card games?" said JoyceBookmark here

"I don't know what those are." said WisteriaBookmark here

"I played once, with my neighbor." I saidBookmark here

"Here, I'll show ya." said JoyceBookmark here

He handed each of us a card.Bookmark here

The backs of the card were just like the purple color of our uniform's skirt or trousers. They were framed with bronze, and had a star wearing a crown with wings.Bookmark here

I flipped it over and my card was titled, "Cherry Breeze Knight".Bookmark here

The center image was a red haired man with a bronze sword and he was dressed in shades of red, pink and black.Bookmark here

The statistics were,Bookmark here

DEF. 170, ATC 1. 200, ATC 2. 250Bookmark here

The flavor text was, "A Knight of sweet and sour fruits."Bookmark here

"Numbers! I see numbers. Teach me how to play." said WisteriaBookmark here

"Sure." said JoyceBookmark here

"Okay, I'll have my lunch now." said ParkerBookmark here

"Good idea." I saidBookmark here

I handed him the card. I started to munch on a sausage roll.Bookmark here

I was paying attention, though. It was a bit complicated, but it would be fun to play.Bookmark here

"Where can I find cards like these?" I askedBookmark here

"Ya should be able to find some at the shop two blocks away from school." said JoyceBookmark here

"Great. We'll have our first match soon." said WisteriaBookmark here

"I wanna play too!" I saidBookmark here

"You too?" said ParkerBookmark here

"I thought you liked TCG." said JoyceBookmark here

"I do, just haven't tried Neo Fairytale." said ParkerBookmark here

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