Chapter 0:

High Royals: Prologue!

High Royals Gamer Club


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“… How about we go to the movies after school today? That new film you’ve been wanting to see just came out.”Bookmark here

“… Huuh? I know you don’t like rom-coms, we can just go out to eat if you’d like.”Bookmark here

“… I could if I tried, you know I’d try anything for you, darling.”Bookmark here

“… Ohh my, what a romantic.”Bookmark here

A beautiful couple, consisting of a girl with long silky dark brown hair and a male with light-blonde hair strode down a pristine white hallway with their hands interlocked. As they chatted about their after-school plans, many on-looking students gave their full attention to them as their radiance blissed the crowd.Bookmark here

While the student body surrounding them wore blue blazers accompanied by black trousers and mini-skirts, their appearance was much more casual. The male’s white dress shirt was enclosed by a long gray trench coat and black scarf knit tightly around his neck. The girl’s wardrobe also differed from the other students, modeling a black turtle-neck tucked neatly into a light-brown petite pencil skirt.Bookmark here

A female with long icy-brown hair bundled into a ponytail walks down a nearby flight of stairs, making eye contact with the couple.Bookmark here

She bows her head and hands the blonde male a clipboard while walking at their side. “Good morning, President, Vice President.”Bookmark here

The dark-brown-haired girl laughed and turned back to her with a smile. “Good morning Emi-san. You can call us by our first names, you know. It’s not like the council holds a hierarchy or anything.”Bookmark here

Emi smiles while putting two hands on the front of her red-silk shirt. “Well, good morning, Ayame-san and Toshiaki-san.”Bookmark here

Toshiaki brushes his blonde locks back onto his head and hands the clipboard back to Emi. “It looks fine. Just make sure that we get those numbers right for the sports team expenses, I’ll talk to Toru about it later today.”Bookmark here

Emi nods her head as they continue walking down the long white hallway and stop in front of a room with the words ‘Council Room’ on a gold-metal sign.Bookmark here

“Aya-chan! Toshi-kun!” A loud voice chanted behind them.Bookmark here

Emi continued into the council room as a girl with long light-brown hair and a cheerful expression skipped down the hallway towards them.Bookmark here

“Ah, Chihiro-chan, a good morning to you as well.” Ayame beamed.Bookmark here

Chihiro puffed her cheeks out and crossed her arms while looking to the side. “I went through all the trouble of making nicknames for all of us last night! Why not use them?”Bookmark here

Toshiaki sighed while placing a hand on his forehead. “Nicknames are stupid, just stick to calling me by my actual name, please, and thank you.”Bookmark here

“You’re stupid!” Chihiro jolted while poking him in the cheek.Bookmark here

Toshiaki flicked her hand away with a small eye twitch. “Why is it during mornings that you always find ways to be annoying?”Bookmark here

Ayame put her hands up with a nervous smile. “Ohh kay guys, no need to get so riled up first thing. Let’s just get this meeting over with, kay?”Bookmark here

Toshiaki let out a breath and walked past the brown-wooden door, side-eying Chihiro with a glare. Chihiro stuck out her tongue in exchange and turned back to Ayame with a wide smile.Bookmark here

“I know you two don’t get along, but don’t agitate him too much, Chihi—“Bookmark here

Before Ayame could finish her statement, Chihiro’s eyes narrowed as she takes a step forward.Bookmark here

“I-I mean Chiro, definitely Chiro!” Ayame corrects herself with a nervous smile.Bookmark here

Chihiro’s lips curl upwards as she bounces past her into the council room. Ayame sighs and walks in after her.Bookmark here

The room was spacious, having brown-tiled floors and white walls decorated with black and blue polka-dots. Four long wooden tables surrounded the room, seated with several students talking amongst themselves. While some wore blazers with dress-shirts, others wore casual and even business attire.Bookmark here

Toshiaki moves to the front-most table and took a seat to the left of Emi, causing all of the students to stop their conversations and turn their attention forward. Ayame takes a seat beside him with Chihiro seating to her right.Bookmark here

Emi stands from her chair, moving a strand of hair behind her ear with a soft smile. “Good morning everyone. Thank you to all who participated in yesterday’s Council meet-up and helped clean the Imizagi Park. I’m sure the locals will appreciate it, and your community hours have been logged, good work.”Bookmark here

She then turns to Toshiaki with a bowed head while taking a seat. Toshiaki lifts a clipboard from in front of him and scans the paper.Bookmark here

“Good day to you all. Today marks the start of the winter semester, and thus new club applications can be submitted for approval…” Toshiaki taps the first name on the list and slides it over to the ‘Club Name’ column.Bookmark here

“… First on the list is… Nobira Haruto, wanting to create the… High Royals Gamer Club.”Bookmark here

A male with shaggy light-brown hair and emerald eyes raises from his chair at the side of a nearby table. He tilts his brown glasses back on top of his nose while marching to the middle of the room with stiffness.Bookmark here

Toshiaki puts down the clipboard and clasps his hands together in front of him, masking a good portion of his face. “Second-year Nobira Haruto, you’re in my class, aren’t you. How do you do?”Bookmark here

“D-Doing great, sir!” Haruto shouts before covering his mouth.Bookmark here

Giggles and murmurs fill the room as Toshiaki raises his hand, causing the room to fall back to silence.Bookmark here

“The only sir I know is my father. Just refer to me as Toshiaki or President.” Toshiaki confirms with a grin.Bookmark here

“… Anyways, you’re wanting to create this club… But if I’m not mistaken, this is in the gaming department, which there’s already a club for.” Toshiaki turns to Ayame who gives him a slight nod.Bookmark here

Haruto adjusts his collar with a gulp. “W-Well, that’s the thing. We aren’t as broad as the Gaming Club. Our members play a specific game… So…”Bookmark here

“I see… What game are you referring to then—“Bookmark here

Toshiaki’s hands tremble as he hesitates to flip the page, his eyes gaze down at the paper intensely. Ayame notices his quivering hand and leans over to look at the page.Bookmark here

. . .
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