Chapter 0:

Alive and Well


My name is Shin Akai Tsuki, pretty cool name right? Well it's more cool when you learn that I was named after a novel character! Anyways I'm just a normie 1st Year at Sakura Blossom High. I have a cute girlfriend named Shizuku Yuki, a small friend group, a kind and loving family of 4, and a passion for videogames and the supernatural! I also read manga and watch tons of anime, I'm as normie as you can get! Life couldn't get any better than this, I had no problems, no worries and furthermore no drama.
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"Ah if only things could stay this way forever..." I often told myself.Bookmark here

However... life had a different plan for me... A much different plan...Bookmark here

May 4th, 2022, I still remember it as if it was yesterday. It was a day like any other, I recently got home from a long and tiring day at school. I went into my room and powered up my old PC. Within minutes I had opened my Specter Browser and went straight to YouToob to watch some scary videos. I searched up my favorite "Top 10 Ghost" YouToober and watched his newest upload that day. Bookmark here

"Oh he just uploaded an hour ago! Hell yeah!" The excitement I felt when I saw a new upload was always super nice. I clicked on the video and proceeded into my personal relaxation time. The video played like any other, the YouToober did his intro and said his signature lines like, "Did you see it?" or the typical creepy audio cue every time an unknown entity passed by the screen. Even though the videos followed the same format, I still found them enjoyable. That was until #4 of came on...Bookmark here

The video started the same as all the others, it showed a group of friends performing a séance inside of the dining room with all the lights dimmed, and a candle lit in front of them. The group of friends had found the séance on a strange website called "". The site specialized in seances and ritual tutorials to anyone brave enough to perform them.Bookmark here

That being said, I was especially intrigued with this and continued to watch the rest of the clip. During the séance, the friends were chanting and immediately things began to go wrong. The lights began to flicker, the chandelier began to sway back and forth and a white orb can be seen at the corner of the camera. Shortly after the clip ended abruptly and the rest is unknown. Bookmark here

Me being extremely curious about the website, I quickly exited out of the video and typed in the URL inside of my search bar. I am soon greeted with a welcome page with a bible scripture underneath saying, "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against Principalities, Powers, Rulers of Darkness and Spiritual Wickedness in High Places..."Bookmark here

The website was full of links with step by step processes and even video demonstrations to perform more accurately. I had never seen anything like this before nor did I know these kinds of websites existed! Bookmark here

"Wow... this is amazing! Where has this been all my life!?"Bookmark here

I proceeded to scroll through the endless different tutorials and found one that piqued my interest.
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"The Revenant Maelstrom Tutorial... That sounds freaking beast!" I said aloud. I soon clicked on the link and a strange warning page appeared before me saying,
"Warning! Do not attempt if you have no experience handling the paranormal, recommended only for Professionals so perform at your own risk! You have been warned..."Bookmark here

"That's weird? A warning...? Do all of them have this?" I quickly dismissed the warning and proceeded to the creepy page. The page loaded and a large body of words appeared in front of me. I started reading at the very top starting at the materials!Bookmark here

As I read, I started to become uneasy and a bit startled, but quickly composed myself because I wanted to learn more about it. After around 30 minutes, I finished reading and had all the necessary knowledge on how to perform the entire séance!Bookmark here

I was very excited and quickly phoned my best friend Yamada Katsura to tell him about my huge discovery! Yamada's a huge skeptic but I'm sure I can turn him into a believer with something like this.Bookmark here

Yamada answered his phone and I quickly shouted at him saying, "Yamada! You won't believe what I just found!"Bookmark here

He replied sarcastically, "Let me guess, you finally came out of the closet and wanted me to know first?"Bookmark here

"W-What!? No idiot, I found a website that teaches people how to summon ghosts!"Bookmark here

He took a short pause, then proceeded saying, "And you know this is legit? Or are you just believing everything you see on the internet again?"Bookmark here

He saw right through me like usual, "Uhhhh.. It seems legit..?"Bookmark here

He made a disappointed sigh, "Ugh, listen dude, you know I don't believe in that crap. Unless you show me some crazy evidence, I'm not buying it."Bookmark here

With pure determination, I answered back and said, "If you just gave me one chance, I will prove it to you once and for all!"Bookmark here

"And how will you do that?" He replied.Bookmark here

I took a moment to think, then it dawned on me, "By doing this séance! If I can get the others to come over on Friday to do it, then you have to come to!"Bookmark here

"That's if you can get everyone for something crazy like that."Bookmark here

I responded, "If I do, then you have to come to!"Bookmark here

"Ha! Alright then deal! But if nothing happens, I'm going home, is that a deal?"Bookmark here

I replied confidently, "Deal!"Bookmark here

Yamada quickly pushed the conversation to a close, "Alright then, I'll see you tomorrow at school. Call me once everyone is onboard."Bookmark here

"Yeah gotcha, see you dude." and the phone line went dead.Bookmark here

I have one chance to prove it, I am not going to let this go to waste! I quickly dialed the others starting with my childhood best friend Satomi! She being another fanatic of the paranormal had agreed right away to it! I just explained the situation to her and she too wanted to prove it to Yamada.Bookmark here

"One down, three to go!"Bookmark here

I then called my homie Kazuya and explained to him the situation. He wasn't a huge fan of ghosts or anything paranormal but still somewhat believed in them. He wasn't too eccentric of the idea of performing a séance and summoning a storm of revenants, but after some careful convincing I managed to get him onboard!Bookmark here

After hanging up the phone with Kazuya, I waited on calling the last 2 because they were both busy with their after school activities. My girlfriend Shizuku was busy with her track practice and the other girl, Kyoko, was occupied with her harp lessons.Bookmark here

After about an hour or so, Shizuku sent me a message telling me that she was done with practice. I then proceeded to call her to get her onboard with the séance, however I knew it wasn't going to be easy. She is kind of a scaredy-cat when it comes to ghosts so she might not agree to this like the others, I may need to do some persuading if I wanted her to come. I started with a good old conversation with her.Bookmark here

"Hey babe how was practice?"Bookmark here

She replied, "It was good, I'm just a little tired. They had us conditioning all day so my feet hurt."Bookmark here

We went on to talking about each other's day and eventually I found an opening to bring up the real reason on why I called her...Bookmark here

"Babe there's a reason why I called you.. I don't expect you to agree but I wanted to ask anyways..." That was not the best opening line but I couldn't think of anything else.Bookmark here

"What is it? Is something wrong?" She sounded concerned, and I don't blame her in the slightest.Bookmark here

"No no nothing's wrong, it's just that me and the others are going to hangout on Friday and do something together. We wanted to invite you to but I know you might not want to go when you find out what it is..."Bookmark here

She paused for a moment, "That's a little weird, what are y'all going to do?"Bookmark here

I took a deep breathe and said back to her, "I know it's going to sound crazy, but we are basically going to try and summon a ghost at my house."Bookmark here

She replied instantly, "What? Why do you want to do that for? That's insane!"Bookmark here

"Wait just hear me out! It's a very long story but I found a website that teaches people how to do these things and I wanted to prove to Yamada that ghost do exist after all!"Bookmark here

She responded exactly as I predicted her to, "Forget it babe, I'm not doing it. You know I'm scared of those things. I don't want some random ghost to attach itself to me and I get haunted for the rest of my life! Besides, I have a track practice that day and I'm going to be tired."Bookmark here

I nodded my head, I completely expected that, "That's fine babe, I just didn't want to leave you out on something like this."Bookmark here

She took a deep sigh, "My love, if you're going to do this. You better call me and tell me what happens. I'm going to be worried sick otherwise!"Bookmark here

I agreed to her request, "I will baby, just don't worry about us. I'm sure we will be fine."Bookmark here

"Okay then... Don't hide things from me okay?"Bookmark here

She sounded worried already, I need to set her mind at ease, "I won't baby, you know I will tell you everything, I love you."Bookmark here

"I love you too..."Bookmark here

We began talking about other things for a couple hours, deep down I knew it was still bothering her, I couldn't blame her though. I know I would be worried if she was doing something like this. After we hung up, I then realized that I was forgetting someone...
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"Oh crap I forgot Kyoko!"Bookmark here

I immediately scrolled through my contacts and found her, "Hopefully she isn't busy right now."
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I rung the phone and she picked up instantly, I knew she would probably be easy to get if everyone else was already onboard with it.Bookmark here

As we talked, I casually brought it up to her and to my expectation she reluctantly agreed to it once I told her that everyone else excluding Shizuku was coming to it. I offered her some snacks too so that it becomes an offer she couldn't pass up even if she wanted to. After she gave the okay, we hung up and I went to grab my allowance so I could go and buy the materials for the séance.Bookmark here

"I hope I have enough money..."Bookmark here

On my way to the store, I then phoned Yamada telling him about my success.Bookmark here

"Yo Yamada I managed to get the others onboard."Bookmark here

He sounded disappointed, "Ugh really? Damn it, I was hoping one person would say no. Are you sure everyone is coming?"Bookmark here

Damn it! This guy always sees right through me, I have to lie my way out of this one!
"Yeah, it took a little convincing but I got everyone to agree. All that's left is you."Bookmark here

"Damn it, alright you win. I'll give you this one chance. If this doesn't work, you owe me big time."Bookmark here

I agreed, "Yeah I figured, anyways I got to go. I'm going to get the stuff for it right now. See you tomorrow bro."Bookmark here

"Yeah see you tomorrow..." He then hung up the phone.Bookmark here

My excitement went through the roof and I couldn't wait for the big day. Even though it was only 2 days away, it felt like it was an eternity away. Even if nothing happens, I'm sure everyone would have a good time and we would eventually all go out and do something else. Everything seemed good, once I grabbed all the candles, offerings and incenses. I hurried back home and refreshed my knowledge on the séance. I couldn't sleep that night because how excited I was, eventually I fell asleep on the phone with Shizuku after a long and lengthy conversation.Bookmark here

At that time, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. If I could stop myself from doing this, I would seize the opportunity in a heartbeat!Bookmark here

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