Chapter 1:



2 days later...Bookmark here

May 7th, 2022

I awaken after a deep and fulfilling slumber, I rub my eyes and gaze outside at the rising sun beyond the window. I rise up from my bed and head towards my tall mirror.Bookmark here

As I gaze into the familiar reflection, these unfulfilled words proceed out of my mouth, "Today is going to be a good day."Bookmark here

I check my phone and see the usual notification from my favorite person, the message read, "Good morning! I hope you had a good sleep my baby, text me when you wake up <3"Bookmark here

I smiled gently and responded back with my usual greeting, her messages always brought warmth into my soul. I then finished getting ready for school and headed out shortly after. It didn't take long for me to get ready, usually less than 20 minutes or so. As I went outside, I noticed how dark and gloomy the clouds looked. Bookmark here

I walked down the gloomy road and was soon at the front gate of the school, I immediately made my way to the cafeteria where my friends usually lounged at before the first bell. Soon I see a familiar figure in front of me, she had long pink hair and redish-orange eyes. She's a bit of an oddball, but nevertheless I always enjoyed her company.Bookmark here

"Hey Shin! Over here!" she cried out while flailing her arms wildly.Bookmark here

I waved and walked over to her, soon I saw 2 more familiar faces perk up and wave towards me. One being one of my oldest best friends in the world named Satomi, and the other was a conceited bastard named Kazuya.Bookmark here

Kazuya brushed his hair to side as if trying to impress someone, "Aye Shin! Hurry up, I saved you a spot."Bookmark here

"Yeah yeah I'm coming, calm down already."Bookmark here

Satomi was playing with her red silky hair and made a faint giggle. I soon made my way towards the table they were congregating around and took my seat. Bookmark here

Satomi gave me a weird look, "Um Shin?"Bookmark here

"Yeah?"Bookmark here

She pointed at the breakfast line, "Are you going to eat breakfast by any chance..?"Bookmark here

Now Satomi knows I don't eat breakfast at school, she literally asks me this question every single day almost like if she was programmed to say it.Bookmark here

I let out a deep sigh, "Ughhh how many times do I have to tell you. If want to have my breakfast then go ahead. You don't need to ask me every single time."Bookmark here

She made a small pouty face, "I'm too scared to ask... I feel like it would annoy you.."Bookmark here

Well at least she considers my feelings in this, I can kind of see it from her point of view. Asking someone for the same thing over and over again can be a bit challenging.Bookmark here

I raised a forced smile, "You're okay, just come with me to get it. I don't wanna be in line by myself."Bookmark here

Her face went from pouty to eccentric in about 2 seconds, "Yay! Okay!"Bookmark here

We both stood up from our table and made our way to the breakfast line, normally you aren't allowed to have seconds but if you have a friend give you their breakfast then it's okay. During the whole breakfast line we don't say a single word to each other, instead she just hums a soothing song to herself while she eyeballs all the food displayed.Bookmark here

We soon reach the end of the breakfast line and I put in my school ID. As soon as we head back to the table, I hand her my food.Bookmark here

She gives me a glistening smile while stuffing her face with food, "Thank you Shin, you're the best! If Kazuya was this nice then maybe he'd find a girlfriend by now."Bookmark here

Kazuya spits out his school milk, "Hey I got choices alright. My DM's are full of girls who want me!"Bookmark here

Kyoko giggles, "Yeah right, the only people who message you are scammers trying to get your credit card info."Bookmark here

Kazuya turned towards the rebelling Kyoko, "Oh I know YOU ain't talking!"Bookmark here

Kyoko challenges his words with a sly smirk, "Oh really? Give it your best shot pretty boy."Bookmark here

Kazuya pulls out his phone, he then turns to the whole table and says, "Do you guys wanna see Kyoko without her pretty makeup on..?"Bookmark here

In an instant Kyoko lunges for the phone and rips it out of his hand!Bookmark here

"W-WHAT!? Where the hell did you get this you creep!?" she shouted in rage.Bookmark here

A haughty expression streaked across his face, "Fufufu, a magician never reveals his secrets..."Bookmark here

Kyoko gave a snaky smile, "Magician..? I think you confused that with stalker. Just how many pictures do you have of me in this thing..? I don't ever remember giving consent..."Bookmark here

Kazuya answered nonchalantly, "Do you really want me to answer that?"Bookmark here

Kazuya you're an idiot for saying that... she still has your phone...Bookmark here

Kyoko gripped the phone tightly as if she was trying to crush it, "You're gonna wish you never said that..."Bookmark here

Kazuya then realized he was done, "K-KYOKO! WAIT! I didn't mean it like that! I swear I didn't mean anything by it! Shin help me!!"Bookmark here

I shook my head while laughing, "Haha don't drag me into that, this is what you get for being a weirdo dude."Bookmark here

Kyoko had the most satisfied and most villainess face I've ever seen, all while Kazuya was pleading on his knees to be spared, "NOOOO! FORGIVE ME KYOKO-SAMA!!"Bookmark here

We continued our breakfast as usual, everyone was having a good time. Well everyone except for Kazuya, his phone kind of had a gallery reset... poor guy. I would feel bad but this is Kazuya we're talking about.Bookmark here

This was a normal breakfast for us though, just a bunch of long time friends messing with each other. After around 20 minutes of Kazuya torture, we heard the first bell ring.
Bookmark here


We all stood to our feet at once, Kyoko kept her pet Kazuya at her side. Kyoko said to us, "Alrighty guys, I'll see you at lunch then! Come on let's go Kazu-slave!"Bookmark here

Kazuya simply nodded his head in total defeat, "Yes Master Kyoko..."Bookmark here

A moment of silence for our fallen comrade...Bookmark here

Kyoko and Kazuya headed off towards the direction of their classes leaving me and Satomi behind. Satomi signaled with her head, "Well they look like they're having fun. You ready to go Shin?"Bookmark here

I nodded my head, "Yeah let's go."Bookmark here

Satomi and I had homeroom together so it was common for us to walk together, Shizuku was busy with morning practice so we often never saw her at breakfast. As we entered the main corridor, Satomi spoke up saying, "So Shin, are we still on for the séance later?"Bookmark here

I nodded my head yes, "Yeah as long as everyone else comes we should be good. I already have all the materials ready at home."Bookmark here

She smiled widely, "Ahhh yes! This is going to be awesome! We are going to see a ghost for the first time! I hope it scares the crap out of us!"Bookmark here

I chuckled, "Haha yeah I hope so too! I was hoping we record it so we can make some money off of it."Bookmark here

She agreed, "That sounds like a good idea! Oh before I forget, did you manage to get Shizuku to come after all?"Bookmark here

I shook my head no, "Nah she's busy today, but everyone else is coming. All she wants for me to do is let her know how it goes."Bookmark here

"Oh I see, I kind of figured. Dang I was hoping she would come to, but I know track takes a lot of her time nowadays. It can't be helped I guess..."Bookmark here

I tried lightening her mood, "I still think we're gonna have a lot of fun, even if nothing happens during the ritual. I was thinking we do something afterwards too."Bookmark here

Satomi giggled, "Hehe really? You wanna hangout somewhere else after doing a séance?"Bookmark here

"Well yeah? We are all going to be together anyways so why not?" I replied.Bookmark here

She nudged me on the shoulders, "That is so like you dude! Alright I'm down for it!"Bookmark here

We continued making small talk as we made our way to our first class. After a couple minutes of walking, we then stopped before a classroom door and walked inside. We quickly made our way to our seats towards the back and sat down. A few minutes later our homeroom teacher came in and started class.Bookmark here

During the lesson, I set up my binder to stand up and block the view of the teacher. I had my spiral notebook out and I was just doodling around trying to make time pass. I look over to my right and see the diligent Satomi taking notes during the lesson, she was completely oblivious to her surroundings as scribbled down whatever the teacher put on the board.Bookmark here

During my endless doodles, I just kept thinking about the séance. I started having second thoughts, a bad feeling grumbled in my stomach. I tried to ignore my strange gut feeling but it wouldn't dissipate. Something deep down was telling me to call it quits, but I was too far to turn back now.Bookmark here

Soon the bell rang and we were dismissed from class, I said my goodbyes to Satomi and quickly hurried out of the class. I don't know why, but I didn't stick around to talk to her like I usually did. Maybe the whole nervousness for later was eating away at me too much.Bookmark here

My phone buzzed and I got a message from my lovely lady, I opened my phone and read,
"Hey about the thing you're doing later... can we talk when you get here?"Bookmark here

My stomach turned as soon I read that, I knew deep down this wasn't going to be good. I was already having second thoughts, and this isn't going to help....Bookmark here

I responded back, "Yeah I'm almost there."Bookmark here

Anxiety built up inside of me with every step I took, something was really telling me not to go through with this. The more I thought about it, the more uneasy I got. After walking for a bit, I then saw beautiful young lady waving at me with a bright smile, all the negative feelings in me soon disappeared like a fleeting wind. However I know she was holding it in...Bookmark here

"Shin! Shin!" the girl called out.Bookmark here

"Yuki!" I called back.Bookmark here

Her beauty dazzled me, I was truly one lucky man that day. We embraced each other and exchanged a few heartwarming words before making our way inside. We then got into our seats and talked about our day so far and other small conversations, however I was waiting for her to bring up the main thing.Bookmark here

Shizuku is often really evasive when it comes to heavy conversations, but once it bothers her enough, she then freely speaks her mind. We continued to talk until our teacher came and started class, every passing moment made me a bit more worried on what she was going to say. After knowing her for so long, I know the longer she holds something in, the more she has to say about the said topic, so they added onto my worry.Bookmark here

Finally when the teacher dismissed us to our partners for the assignment, Shizuku turned to me with her usual timid smile, "Shin... about the whole séance thing..."Bookmark here

Yep just as I suspected, straight to the point...Bookmark here

I looked at her and tried to hide my anxiety as much as possible, "Yeah what is it babe?"Bookmark here

She averted her eyes from me, "I-I don't think you should do this... It's not a good idea at all, even if you're just trying to prove a point... It's really scary.."Bookmark here

I forced a confident smile to put her at ease, I knew this was bothering her for the last couple days so now I have to finally end her worries.Bookmark here

I raised my hand and placed it on her head, "It's going to be okay my love, nothing is going to happen to us. At most we are just going to get a little scared and then go out to eat or something."Bookmark here

She slightly raised her eyes to meet mine, "Are you sure..? Will you really be alright?"Bookmark here

I nodded my head in confidence, "Yes my love, I promise."Bookmark here

She gave a short smile, "Hehe that makes me feel much better... I was so worried about this for the last couple days but was too scared to say anything. Thank you for always setting my mind at ease..."Bookmark here

I leaned in, kissed her on the forehead and whispered, "Of course my love, don't ever feel afraid to tell me anything that bothers you okay?"Bookmark here

She blushed and nodded, "Y-Yes thank you.."Bookmark here

We went onto finishing our assignment for the class and soon the bell rang. After exchanging some sweet and honeyed words to each other, we then went our separate directions. She sent me little messages here and there and we kept in contact like that. Bookmark here

I kept replaying Shizuku's sweet words to me as I made my way to my next class, I couldn't stop smiling. My next class was fairly boring, nothing really happened other than me dozing off the entire time. Before I knew it, the next bell rung and I was now on my way to lunch to meet everyone altogether. Bookmark here

We all had the same lunch together so that's pretty nice, it's the only time in the school day where we're altogether. We don't all share classes together, Yamada and Shizuku also have their own morning activities to do too. Bookmark here

Anyways, I soon enter inside of the cafeteria and see all my friends already sitting down and talking to one another. I guess I'm late to the party once again...Bookmark here

We all talked and ate together, Kazuya was still in the hands of Kyoko. We kept teasing him because of how gullible and easy the poor guy is. Yuki seemed to be enjoying herself too, she was more talkative than usual. I think she was in a really good mood after our little moment earlier.Bookmark here

Satomi like usual kept begging me for my food, I know I skip breakfast but I ain't skipping lunch too! Yamada wasn't bullying us which kind of scared me to be honest but I just kept my silence on that. Bookmark here

That one lunch was probably the funniest one we've had in a long time. Towards the end of it we all confirmed one more time that we were still coming by my house after school for the little séance. Everyone but Yamada seemed enthusiastic about it, but that was kind of obvious. We then all agreed to rendezvous at the front of the school so we can get there together. After that was established, we then went back to our normal crap and talked like there was no tomorrow.Bookmark here

Once lunch was over, we had all departed to our different classes and waited for the kick back at my house. The day went on like any other, I spent more time on my phone than paying attention to the lesson. I would occasionally get a little nervous, but it would just go away.Bookmark here

After the end of the school day, I walked myself to the front and waited for everyone else to regroup with me. Soon I saw Kyoko and Kazu-slave making their way towards me, I waved them down and they did so back. We talked for a bit before seeing Yamada and Satomi coming from opposite directions, Satomi then did a quick sprint towards us while Yamada took his sweet time getting here.Bookmark here

After we were all together, we quickly made our way to my house. It wasn't that far away, only like 20 minutes at most but being with everyone at once made the whole walk a lot faster. Soon we turned onto my street and was standing outside of my front door. We get inside and head straight for my room.Bookmark here

My parents were both at work at the time and my little sister was doing something at school so we had the whole place to ourselves. Bookmark here

As we entered my room, the scent of cinnamon and vanilla filled our nostrils. The promised time was soon at hand....Bookmark here

Little did I know we were all just moments away from an unquenchable snare that would change everything....Bookmark here

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