Chapter 2:



We all stepped inside of the dimly lit room, the only light that came in was from my back window. There was a heavy scent of incense and candles that wafted around the whole room, it had purged out every other smell in there.Bookmark here

My room wasn't exactly the cleanest but it wasn't dirty. Satomi barged straight in behind me pushing me out of the way.Bookmark here

"I call the bed!" she shouted whilst jumping on top of it.Bookmark here

I call out to her, "Hey don't jump on my bed like that!"Bookmark here

She laid down on her back and extended herself out, "Why? It's so comfy!"Bookmark here

I just let out a deep sigh, "Ugh fine whatever..."Bookmark here

Kyoko and Kazuya followed right behind, it looked almost like Kazuya was on a dog leash. Kyoko scanned the room a bit looking for a place to sit down, she then moved towards the middle of the room and sat down on the carpet.Bookmark here

"Kazuya hurry and sit down dummy." Kyoko commanded.Bookmark here

"Yes Master Kyoko..." he said with his head lowered, I could physically see his dignity drain away from his soul as he listened to his master. He then sat down next to Kyoko and kept his head down, truly a sight to behold!Bookmark here

Yamada came in right afterwards, however he didn't step in right away. I turn towards him and ask, "Is something wrong..?"Bookmark here

He hesitated for a moment, finally he responded with, "Is Shizuku coming?"Bookmark here

Crap I forgot that I lied to him! Quick think of something!Bookmark here

"Oh you see! She uhh---"Bookmark here

Satomi sat up and blurted out interrupting me, "Awwwe hurry up Yamada, I want to see the ghosts already!"Bookmark here

Yamada turned towards Satomi and gave her an annoyed look, "Tsk whatever, let's get this over with so I can go home."Bookmark here

Yamada stepped straight inside and made his way towards my bed, he soon sat himself next to Satomi and pulled out his phone. I take a moment to look at everyone before saying anything else, then I clapped my hands together to get all their attention.Bookmark here

*CLAP*Bookmark here

"Alright everyone listen up, we're about to start the séance!"Bookmark here

Everyone redirected their attention towards me, I tensed up once I saw all their attentive gazes.Bookmark here

"Okay so let me explain to you all what we're doing today. First off we will be summoning a revenant maelstrom that will act like an enraged poltergeist if we do it correctly. It is very important that we all stay as calm and collected as we can possibly be because there will be harsh repercussions if we mess up."Bookmark here

I then saw Yamada roll his eyes towards me, he then said sarcastically, "Oh great, don't tell me that the spooky ghost is going to haunt us. Wooooooh I'm so scared."Bookmark here

Satomi turned herself towards him, "Shut up Yamada this is serious! We shouldn't mess around!"Bookmark here

Yamada shook his head in disbelief, "Pfft, yeah right. Just tell us what we need to do already!"Bookmark here

I made a low grunt, "Errgh okay fine then but still be careful and listen to me."Bookmark here

I began to light some of the unlit candles in the room, I then call out to Satomi saying, "Satomi! Can you help me light the candles please?"Bookmark here

She plopped herself up enthusiastically, "Sir yes sir!"Bookmark here

Kyoko and Kazuya stayed sitting down awkwardly next to each other and Yamada kept playing on his phone. I heard Satomi humming a happy tune as she lit all the candles around her. After a couple moments of candle lighting, we finished and Satomi headed back to my bed.Bookmark here

I then remembered that we needed a few more items before starting.Bookmark here

"Oh shoot! Hold on guys, I need to grab a couple things from the kitchen! Be right back!"Bookmark here

I dashed out of the room in a hurry closing the door behind me. I soon step into the kitchen to grab the last few items.Bookmark here

"Hmm, where did Mom put the salt at?" I checked the cabinets for any type of salt for the ritual.Bookmark here

"Oh here it is!" I grab a container of Molton's Salt from one of the side pantries. Next on my list will be a glass of water, I start looking around for a clear glass to fill with tap water.Bookmark here

I filled the glass of water to the brim and took both items back to the room with me. As soon as I get there, some of the water spills on the carpet floor. I gaze upon everyone once more before sitting down on the other side of the room on the floor.Bookmark here

After setting down the water and salt on the floor beside an unlit candle, I announce to everyone, "Okay guys here's what we're going to do! I want everyone to come and sit down in a circle around the floor!"Bookmark here

Everyone readjusted themselves and sat in a small circular formation, I then went and grabbed an unlit scented candle, a piece of paper, and a red pen.
Bookmark here

So the order of everyone sitting down went Yamada who was closest to the door, on his right was Kazuya and Kyoko, then on his left was Satomi and then finally me right across from everyone, I was in-between Satomi and Kyoko facing towards the door. Bookmark here

I then ask the group, "Is there any questions you may have for the spirit before we start? You can only ask the spirit ONE question and that's it."Bookmark here

Everyone looked at each other to see if the others had questions, soon I saw a hand raised.Bookmark here

"Oh I got one! What is the afterlife like? Is there a Heaven or a Hell?" Satomi asked.Bookmark here

I nod my head but reply saying, "Good one Satomi but I can only write one, which one should I write?"Bookmark here

Satomi pondered for a bit, then she said, "Do the afterlife one!"Bookmark here

I scribbled down her question then asked everyone again, "Okay who wants next?"Bookmark here

They looked around again at each other, finally Kyoko raised her hand.Bookmark here

"How did you die..?" she said.Bookmark here

I jotted that one down too, that was a pretty good one like the last. Before I speak up again, Kazu-slave made another question request without raising his hand.Bookmark here

"Oh how about which "God" or gods is the real one...? If any?"Bookmark here

I avert my eyes towards him, such a controversial question. I noticed the others are also giving him weird looks. Finally Kyoko chops him on the head, "Hey idiot! Don't ask something weird like that! It can offend someone here!"Bookmark here

"Ouch! Okay okay I'm sorry! I just wanted to ask..." he replied.Bookmark here

I responded back to him, "We are just going to ignore that one. Anyone else have a question?"Bookmark here

The room was silent for a moment, I guess I can write down my question.Bookmark here

I utter to them, "Alright I guess it's my turn then, my question will be..."Bookmark here

"Can someone return to Earth after death...?"Bookmark here

The others simply looked at me weird, was my question really that strange to them. Nonetheless I write it down in the red ink, it's almost time for the Advent of the Revenant.Bookmark here

I take a deep breath again, I'm feeling nervous. I don't know what to expect, all I know is that we are about to possibly summon something not of this World.Bookmark here

I disclosed to them, "Alright everyone I guess that's it for questions. If you have one say it now or forever hold your peace!"Bookmark here

No one said anything, with that I announced to them, "Alrighty let's start, can I ask that everyone cooperates till the very. I don't know what happens if we anger the spirit but we shouldn't tempt it, is everyone on board with that?"Bookmark here

I saw all their heads nod except for Yamada's, I really hope he doesn't anger the spirit. Bookmark here

I say to everyone again, "Okay first off, we need to hold hands in a closed circle."Bookmark here

Everyone began locking hands with each other, I used a match to light the candle in the center. I start by pouring salt in a closed circle around the candle and some salt inside the water itself. However, the next step is going to be the most important, it will determine how this goes!Bookmark here

I requested to everyone in all sincerity saying, "Okay guys this is the absolute most important part. We need to close our eyes and keep them closed for the entire time! You can NOT open your eyes no matter what! Even if you feel something touch you or grab you, you have to keep them closed at ALL COSTS! I am not kidding about this!"Bookmark here

Yamada spoke up afterwards, "Well then how would I know something's there if I can't see it? How would I know it's not just one of you screwing with me?"Bookmark here

I take a moment before answering his question, "I promise you on my life that we aren't trying to screw with you. Trust me, I'm sure we all have better things to do rather than pulling a stupid prank like that."Bookmark here

I kept a determined face, soon he shrugged his shoulders and complied, "Fine I'll believe you, but if you are screwing with me, you're going to owe me big time you got it?"Bookmark here

I nod my head, "Alright deal."Bookmark here

I turn to everyone else, "Alright guys is everyone else ready?" Bookmark here

They all nodded and shook their heads yes, I spoke once more, "Okay everyone close your eyes now, and whatever you do."Bookmark here

"Don't open them until I say so..."Bookmark here

I looked around and everyone closed their eyes in almost perfect sync, once everyone had them closed, I closed mine too.Bookmark here

My vision faded to black, I only smelled the burning candles and incenses in the air. The room felt pretty warm even whilst the loud AC was running.Bookmark here

I then asked everyone in the room, "Now we all need to repeat this line 3 times together. Say "Soul from the Other Side, we wish to inquire of you, are you there?" Everyone ready? On the count of 3!"Bookmark here

"3.."Bookmark here

In perfect sync we all chanted, "Soul from the Other Side, we wish to inquire of you, are you there?"
Bookmark here

"Again!" I declared.Bookmark here

"Soul from the Other Side, we wish to inquire of you, are you there?"Bookmark here

"Once more!" I said.Bookmark here

"Soul from the Other Side, we wish to inquire of you, are you there?"Bookmark here

The room then went deafly silent, for some reason even the AC went silent!Bookmark here

I call out to everyone, "No one make a sound, just listen."Bookmark here

No noises could be heard, just our faint breaths. The air in the room became extremely heavy, almost impossible to breathe in! Not a single sound could be heard, it was really creepy.Bookmark here

Suddenly a female voice called out to us, "Did someone call me...? Who disturbs my rest..?"Bookmark here

A large gust of wind shot into the room and made it extremely chilly! There was chills running down my spine and I couldn't force words out!Bookmark here

Then I heard Yamada mockingly say, "Yeah that's a good one Kyoko, real scary haha."Bookmark here

The soft female voice replied back to Yamada, "Kyoko..? I'm not Kyoko.."Bookmark here

When I heard this, I knew immediately that this was trouble! I blurt out to Yamada, "Idiot! Shut up! What the hell are you doing!"Bookmark here

Then the female voice replied, "Who is this... Kyoko..?"Bookmark here

Then I heard Kyoko respond with the most startled tone I've ever heard from her, "Satomi this is not funny! If you're messing with us then please stop!"Bookmark here

Then Satomi immediately objected, "What!? That's not m---"Bookmark here

"The unknown voice interrupted, "Satomi..? I'm not Satomi.. Do you not know my name..?"Bookmark here

All of us fell silent, this is bad, if we anger the spirit then I don't know what's going to happen!Bookmark here

Kazuya then called out to the unknown voice, "W-What is your name!? Please I would like to know!"Bookmark here

"Hehehe I can't answer that..." the voice responded.Bookmark here

Yamada then cried out saying, "Oh to hell with this already!"Bookmark here

Satomi blurted, "Yamada don't!"Bookmark here


Yamada unleashed a bloodcurdling cry, I shout in a panic, "YAMADA WHAT'S WRONG!?"Bookmark here

What he said next completely froze me...
Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I lost all control of my body, I reflexively turned around and opened my eyes. What I saw next was what I can only explain as "Absolute terror"Bookmark here

"AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Bookmark here

The thing that stood behind me was something out of a horror movie, it was truly a work of Hell. I saw a young pale figure maybe in her 20's with a bloody white tattered robe, she had long black stringy hair and cracked, and flaky skin. Her face was even worse, she had black sludge pouring from where there should've been eyes, her mouth was gashed open from ear to ear and her skull was split open from the top revealing more black sludge. Furthermore, it seemed like she was... smiling at me.Bookmark here

The thing looked straight into my soul, and in a low raspy voice she said, "You... saw... me..."Bookmark here

I was completely frozen in fear, I couldn't even utter words back. Soon I heard another merciless scream, "AAAAAAAAAAHHH! OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT!?"Bookmark here

Satomi jumped up and rushed towards the door! Soon I heard both Kyoko and Kazuya both cry in absolute horror.


Soon we all rushed towards the door in an frantic panic, tears were streaming down our face and the hideous monster was at the other corner of the room.Bookmark here

"You.. all.. saw me.. You.. all.. saw me.."Bookmark here

We get to the door in seconds but the door wouldn't open!Bookmark here

"OPEN THE F###### DOOR SHIN! HURRY!" Yamada shouted in terror.Bookmark here

Everyone was shouting at me to open the door but it wouldn't budge!Bookmark here


Soon we heard bones crack behind us, "You're.. trying to... leave.. me?"Bookmark here

Kazuya and Yamada both start ramming themselves into it, but the door wouldn't obey. Bookmark here

*Step step step step* Bookmark here

The sounds of footsteps creeped up on us, we knew what that meant.Bookmark here

"SHE'S GETTING CLOSER! HURRY UP!" Satomi shouted.Bookmark here

The hideous monster stared at us with it's blacked out "eyes", "You.. disturb.. my rest... and now you try.. TO LEAVE!?"Bookmark here

*BOOOOM*Bookmark here

A loud boom shook the entire room causing everyone to fall on each other! We all screamed as the thing slowly but steadily approached us.Bookmark here

"You all.. will PAY for waking me!" the thing shouted.Bookmark here

We just helplessly and fruitlessly kept trying to break the door open, but to no avail of course. A large invisible whirlwind engulfed all around us. The wind was blowing and knocking down all my loose appliances and clothes, almost like a typhoon was striking. The monster crept up a little more before suddenly stopping in front of the lit candle.Bookmark here

She then looked at all of us and said, "You disturbed my rest.. You committed a taboo.. For that you shall pay.. dearly.."Bookmark here

She raised her bony and disfigured hand at us, "The price of your sin will be... an awakening. You shall never find rest until I find rest again..."Bookmark here

The candle underneath her then blew out and the room went abyssal. Only the sounds of horrified screams and sorrow could be heard. Soon faint footsteps started moving towards us again, they grew louder and louder with each step.Bookmark here

Then right before they reached us, the voice said to us once more, "They're coming... And they're angry..."Bookmark here

Then I felt something touch me on my heart, the voice then whispered to me, "I'll see you on the Other Side..."Bookmark here

Soon an explosive maelstrom erupted from the candle in the middle causing the entire room to terraform! Black smoke filled the room and broke through all doors and windows in the house! Bookmark here

After a few minutes, all traces of the black smoke completely disappeared leaving only the ruins of my bedroom. The sounds of weeping and loud cries could be heard from the others, we were all horrified and refused to move.Bookmark here

Soon the door creaked open and we all jumped up and sprinted out of the house.Bookmark here

That was the most terrifying thing I've ever been through. I never expected my first encounter with the paranormal to be that. That went beyond anything I could've ever imagined. However that was only... the beginning...Bookmark here

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