Chapter 3:



Later that night...Bookmark here

I was staying at Kazuya's house after the incident, I felt so disturbed and uneasy. I couldn't bear another moment inside of my house after what happened, I couldn't get that horrific image out of my head. It kept replaying itself over and over again, that cursed smile haunted me.Bookmark here

"What in God's name was that..?" I thought to myself.Bookmark here

We sat inside of his room in complete silence, only shifting gazes to one another every so often. He was laying down on his bed and I was sitting next to his bed on the floor. I was trying to keep my head out of things by watching the anime on the TV across the room.Bookmark here

Kazuya looked as though he wanted to say something, but hesitated. I kept trying to make eye contact so he could feel more comfortable in saying whatever he had to say.Bookmark here

After a few minutes, finally I hear, "Hey Shin... Do you think Kyoko will be alright..?"Bookmark here

He's thinking about her at a time like this, he must really care about her. I pondered what I'm about to say back, finally I decide to set his mind at ease a bit, "She's strong, I'm sure she'll be alright. You should text her though, I'm sure she'll like that."Bookmark here

Kazuya nodded his head, "Y-Yeah you're right, can you pass me my phone?"Bookmark here

His phone was adjacent to me on the floor, he dropped it there when we arrived and left it there ever since. I lean over and reach to grab it, I soon picked it up and handed it to him.Bookmark here

"Thanks man, erm.. What should I say..?" Kazuya asked.Bookmark here

I pondered for a bit before reaching my answer, "I think you should keep it simple and ask how she's doing."Bookmark here

Kazuya agreed again, "O-Okay sounds good."Bookmark here

Kazuya began typing away at his phone, I sat back and leaned against his bed in the meantime.
Bookmark here

*tap tap tap tapapapa tap tapapa*Bookmark here

Only the sound of his typing could be heard in the room, I tried to distract my myself by watching the anime on the TV, but I couldn't stop thinking about the monster. I remember it so vividly, it was marred and disfigured, everything about it was just wrong.Bookmark here

"Hey Shin, have you talked to Shizuku at all..?" Kazuya said interrupting my thoughts.Bookmark here

I shook my head, "No, I haven't talked to her since school. I don't want to worry her, she has too much on her mind already."Bookmark here

Kazuya answered back, "That's true, but I don't think you should avoid her, that might make her worry even more."Bookmark here

He's right, I shouldn't avoid her like this. I'll send her a little message asking about her day or something. It's the least I can do for her considering how I promised to tell her how things would go.Bookmark here

"You're right Kazuya, I'll text her right now about her day or whatever. She's probably already wondering why I'm not texting her."Bookmark here

I pull out my phone and open it, then I see 5 unread messages from her. Bookmark here

"Damn it! I was so lost that I didn't realize she was texting me!"Bookmark here

I immediately open our messages and read.Bookmark here

"Heyyy babe I miss you! <3" sent 6:37pm
"Babe is everything okay???" sent 6:58pm
"Hello?? Did you do the thing yet??" sent 7:44pm
"Babe you're making me worried, did something happen??" sent 8:10pm
"Are you mad at me..? I'm sorry :''( " sent 8:54pmBookmark here

Damn it she's been trying to ahold of me all day and I completely ignored her! I got to set things right before it gets any worse!Bookmark here

I type back to her saying, "AHHH baby I'm here!! I'm sorry I'm just hanging out at Kazuya's house and didn't check my phone! Yes I'm okay and fine, I'm sorry I worried you!!!"Bookmark here

I wait for a few minutes, I have no right to expect a instant reply after all this. Kazuya then spoke up saying, "Did you message her yet?"Bookmark here

I gave a quick thumbs up and replied, "Yeah just did right now, hopefully she ain't mad at me."Bookmark here

"Ha! I bet she's pissed right now!" he said jokingly.Bookmark here

I made a slight chuckle myself, "Haha hopefully not, she's scary as hell when she's mad!"Bookmark here

Kazuya then replied, "She ain't as scary as that ghost though!"Bookmark here

We then both fell silent after he said that, the horror was still kind of fresh in our mind. I quickly try thinking of something to not ruin the mood.Bookmark here

"Yeah and Kyoko ain't either!" I replied.Bookmark here

He then made a rebuttal saying, "Nah hell nah! Kyoko is a hella lot scarier than that thing! Kyoko's a whole demon!"Bookmark here

A smile streaks across my face, I'm glad the mood is finally improving. I then teasingly say, "Then why you so worried about her if she's so horrible?"Bookmark here

Kazuya then tried defending himself, "I-I wasn't worried about her! Why would I be worried for?"Bookmark here

This guy is freaking hysterical, I answer him back saying, "I don't know you tell me, you were the one who wanted to know if she was alright haha!"Bookmark here

Kazuya knew he was already defeated, "W-Whatever, it's not like I care about her or anything. She just seemed a little more scared than everyone else, that's all."Bookmark here

A sly smirk emerged on my face, "Uh-huh yeah~ totally dude haha."Bookmark here

Kazuya then plopped himself from his bed and walked over to his TV, he then requested, "Let's play some damn games already, I'm bored as hell!"Bookmark here

"Yeah alright, you're on!" I replied.Bookmark here

Kazuya chuckled to himself and said, "Ha you think you gonna win, I'm gonna disrespect you kid!"Bookmark here

We begin playing some videogames together while forgetting about this crazy and eventful day. I became a little worried since Shizuku was messaging me back, but quickly dismissed it since I was having fun with my homie.Bookmark here

"Maybe she's just busy right now..."Bookmark here

A few hours passed and my phone buzzes during one of our matches, I reach to grab it from my pocket and say, "Hey Kazuya pause the game real quick, my phone just went off!"Bookmark here

Kazuya paused the game and said annoyed, "Ugh hurry up!"Bookmark here

I check my notification and saw it was from Shizuku, "Oh frick, Shizuku just messaged me."Bookmark here

Kazuya laid back and pulled out his phone, "Alright take your time, I'mma get on InstaShot while you're doing that."Bookmark here

"Thanks dude!" I replied. I quickly opened our chat and read her message,
"Oh I'm glad you're alright. I was so worried! <3"Bookmark here

I reply back, "It's okay, it was my fault for being caught up and not bothering to check my phone. Anyways how are you doing baby?"Bookmark here

We went onto having a normal conversation with each other texting back and forth for around 30 minutes, Kazuya was face deep in his phone and didn't seem to mind. We kept chatting about random things like any normal couple, and honestly it was quite fun!Bookmark here

However, Shizuku then hit me with the million dollar question.

"So did anything happen during the séance..?"Bookmark here

That was really sudden and out of place, we weren't even talking about anything like that. Why would she bring it up now? I knew it was wrong, but I had to hide it from her as much as possible.Bookmark here

I replied, "No nothing happened, we just had fun and tried scaring each other the whole time. We all ended up leaving and I came to Kazuya's house."Bookmark here

She typed for a few moments, then responded, "Is that so..? Well I'm glad you're alright!"Bookmark here

Before I could type another response, she then said, "You wouldn't hide things from me right..?"Bookmark here

I gulped really loudly as soon as I read that, does she know? Did someone tell her? I need to make a witty comeback!Bookmark here

I then come up with, "No why? Did someone say something else?"Bookmark here

She took a few moments, then typed, "Oh no it's fine, I was just making sure you weren't lying to me haha! I love you :) "Bookmark here

Damn she scared me, I thought I got caught! Anyways I tried ending the conversation so we could get back to gaming. I knew she had to wake up early in the morning so I used to that as an excuse to end the conversation before anything else happened.Bookmark here

"Babe don't you have stuff to do in the morning? I don't want you to be tired when you wake up." I said.Bookmark here

She replied, "Yeah I am pretty tired already, I was thinking of taking a shower and heading to bed."Bookmark here

"It's okay my love, we can always talk tomorrow?" I reply.Bookmark here

She then said, "Okay then I will see you later, gooooodnighhht I love you <3" Bookmark here

"Goodnight babe, I'll see you in the morning <3" We then ended the conversation and I call out to Kazuya, "Aye are you ready or what?"Bookmark here

He responded, "Yeah, let me finish whooping your a## and then we can get something to eat!"Bookmark here

I brush it off and tell him, "Shut up and play already kid!"Bookmark here

We then start gaming again, hours feel like minutes and before I knew it, it was already 3am! Time really flies when you're having fun, I almost forgot that I was hungry as hell!Bookmark here

Kazuya then asks me, "Hey Shin.."Bookmark here

"Yeah?" I retortedBookmark here

He then asked me, "Are you going to spend the night or what's happening?"Bookmark here

I did not feel comfortable going back to my house, I had told my parents that I was going to be Kazuya's house and kept checking up on them via messages. They were fine with it as long as I checked up with them, but now it's already super late. I need to make a decision on what I'm going to do tonight.Bookmark here

"Well I don't want to go back to my room, do you mind if I just spent the night?" I asked.Bookmark here

He nodded his head, "Yeah that's fine! My Mom is at her boyfriends house so she probably won't be back till tomorrow morning."Bookmark here

I felt a small rush of relief, "Oh thank God, you're a life saver dude!"Bookmark here

Kazuya then requested, "Haha no problem, wanna go get some snacks from the store now? I'm pretty hungry and my Mom left me some money to eat."Bookmark here

"Oh hell yeah I'm starving, let's go!" I said enthusiastically.Bookmark here

Kazuya then grabbed his money and we both headed out of the door. As we headed out of the door, we are then hit with the cool night breeze and aroma of the outdoors. It felt so rejuvenating to get some fresh air, I felt it run through my hair gently.Bookmark here

We begin to walk towards the sidewalk in the direction of the store, it was relatively dark aside from the streetlights and lights from inside the houses. As we start walking on the sidewalk, we then see there's one more person walking a bit further ahead of us. We walked all the way down to the street corner and the guy kept going ahead.Bookmark here

Kazuya nudged me and jokingly said, "Hehe hey do you think homie over there is going to the store too?" Bookmark here

I responded with the same energy, "Either that or he's looking for his dealer hehe."Bookmark here

After a few minutes of walking, the guy in front of us takes a random turn and goes the other way. We then see the convenience store and head into the parking lot, it was a short walk but it worked up my appetite quite a bit.Bookmark here

We then noticed a large amount of strange looking people inside of the store, they seem to have dressed extremely similar to the man we saw before and even a bit pale in complexion. There was maybe 5 of them inside which is strange enough judging on how late it is, and the overnight store employee seemed to be on their phone not minding them at all. Kazuya and I both saw them staring out at random parts of the store, they seemed really out of it and even swayed as though they were tired. The parking lot was also empty except for one car parked in front of the entrance which I assumed belonged to the lone store employee.Bookmark here

I then ask Kazuya, "Hey those people look a lot like the dude right?"Bookmark here

Kazuya nodded, "Yeah that's pretty freaky but who cares, let's just get our snacks and go."Bookmark here

We head inside and immediately the store employee puts away his phone and greets us, "Hello welcome to Quiki-Trip!"Bookmark here

We both wave at him and head towards the chips aisle, something feels really off for some reason.Bookmark here

Kazuya pointed something out to me, "Hey is it me or do those people seem way too out of place?"Bookmark here

I agreed, "Yeah, they aren't looking around for anything, they are just standing there... In random parts of the store, they don't even have stuff in their hands..?"Bookmark here

Kazuya then replied, "Yeah and isn't weird that the cashier didn't seem to mind them either? It looked like he was watching something on his phone until we came in. Not only that but the parking lot was super empty..?"Bookmark here

I get a really uneasy feeling, "Let's just hurry up, I'm getting kind of creeped out here."Bookmark here

We hastily start searching for chips and drinks and make our way to the register. The store employee rings up our items and Kazuya hands him the due amount. There was one person standing next to the entrance not saying a word, he just stood there and peered out of the glass window. We then grab our stuff and rushed straight out, I look back and see the cashier get on his phone like he was watching something again. Bookmark here

The people were just wandering around without getting anything, I look at the store employee, "Does he not see the those people?"Bookmark here

Kazuya and I head home soon after that leaving the store behind. As we head back home, we talk about all the weirdos at the store and have some good laughs about it.Bookmark here

"And did you see the dude staring outside of window? He was waiting for his girl to finally come back from the her girls trip in Kanagawa hahaha!" Kazuya said while laughing his butt off.Bookmark here

"Hahaha I wonder how high the one that was standing in front of the donuts was! Homeboy must've been HUNGRY!" I said while also laughing.Bookmark here

"Hahahahahaha!"Bookmark here

We kept making fun of the weirdos at the store until we got home, it was nice to lighten the mood a bit after seeing something weird like that. It was then that I saw something completely creepy. I stopped in place and felt an extreme sense of dread pour over me, I turn over to Kazuya and shakingly say.Bookmark here

"H-Hey Kazuya..?" I stuttered.Bookmark here

"Hahaha what?" Kazuya replied.Bookmark here

"Why is there a guy standing outside your door..?"Bookmark here

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