Chapter 4:



There he was, a man in tattered dark clothes facing Kazuya's front door. I felt shivers and chills run through my spine as the man motionlessly waited outside of the door.Bookmark here

Kazuya gulped really loudly before interrupting the silence, "H-Hey Shin... Doesn't he look a little familiar to you..?" Bookmark here

I profusely nodded my head, "Y-Yeah, it's same guy from earlier right..?"Bookmark here

"Yeah.. what the hell is he doing in front of my door? Are we being stalked right now..? How does he know where I live..?" Kazuya said in a frightened and raspy voice.Bookmark here

"I don't know, I don't believe this at all." I answered back.Bookmark here

We were both visibly shook at this, the same man who walked ahead of us earlier is now standing right outside of Kazuya's door. I had to recover myself fast, who knows what will happen if this thing sees us behind him!Bookmark here

I turn over to Kazuya and affirmed, "We need to get out of here and call the police right now! Who knows what will happen if he sees us!"Bookmark here

"A-Alright it let's get the hell out of here then!" Kazuya stated.Bookmark here

Without another moments hesitation, we both sped off in the opposite direction! I quickly glance back to see the unknown stalker but become perplexed at my findings.Bookmark here

"Wait Kazuya hold on! Where did he go!?" I shouted in confusion.Bookmark here

We both stopped and Kazuya turned around to see, "What!? He's gone! Where the hell did he go!?"Bookmark here

To our surprise the strange looking man was no where to be seen, he had completely vanished. Kazuya and I stay in place for a bit and focus at any potential hiding spots but we see nothing out of place! There weren't very many places to run judging by how Kazuya lived in a pretty decently sized house with two floors, the only way he could've hid is by running around the whole house but it wouldn't make any sense to do it that quickly.Bookmark here

Kazuya turned to me again and said, "Bro this doesn't make any sense! What's going on today!?" He began to violently grasp his head due to high anxiety and tension, I had to keep my cool so I wouldn't freak him out anymore than he already was.Bookmark here

I reach out my hand and place it on his shoulder, "Dude I don't know what's happening either but we can't lose our heads. For now let's just get inside and sort this out okay?"Bookmark here

He released his grasp and regained some of his composure, "Y-Yeah alright, let's hurry before he gets back!"Bookmark here

We both rushed towards the door, Kazuya fumbled around with his house keys and jammed them into the keyhole.Bookmark here

*click*Bookmark here

As soon as we heard the click, we barged inside and relocked the door. We both dash to his bedroom upstairs and make our way inside. Kazuya enters the door and closes it behind him, he then leans against the door and slowly slides down to relax. I lean against his bedframe and let out a deep sigh, "Well looks like we're safe.. for now at least.."Bookmark here

Kazuya puts his hand over his forehead, "Man Shin what are we gonna do? I'm so on edge after the damn séance that I relax anymore. I feel like we really did get cursed or something..."Bookmark here

I shook my head, "I don't know man, from that guy and even the people at the store, I don't know what to make out of this... Let me just think for a second!"Bookmark here

Kazuya responded back instantly, "This can't be a coincidence, I've never seen anything like this in my entire life. It all started happening after that damn séance! You remember what the ghost lady said right? She said she'll curse us to never have rest! What if we really got cursed! Do you know what that means!? I didn't even want to do the whole séance! I just wanted to go home and play my games!"Bookmark here

I raised my voice at him with authority, "Kazuya!"Bookmark here

He immediately stopped, I followed up saying, "We don't know what's actually going on. We don't know if we really got cursed or if this is all just a huge coincidence. One thing we do know is that we need to keep ourselves calm, if we freak out then we might make things worse for ourselves. Yes we may have summoned a revenant earlier but we can't blame everything on that. There is the possibility of this all just being a huge and weird coincidence and I'm going to believe that until I have concrete evidence of this being a curse."Bookmark here

Kazuya lowered his head, "Then how do you explain that man disappearing..? We both saw him, then he was gone in an instant."Bookmark here

"I don't know..." I replied.Bookmark here

Kazuya then spoke up, "That's because the only explanation is that he was a ghost, you're just denying it."Bookmark here

"We don't know that for sure though!" I argued.Bookmark here

"Then what else could cause a man to disappear like that!? We only looked away for less than a second!" Kazuya objected.Bookmark here

I let out a deep sigh, "I don't know, but I won't believe it's a ghost unless I'm absolutely sure!"Bookmark here

Kazuya stood up and walked over towards his bed and dropped himself on it, "You can keep lying to yourself Shin but in the end you know it's true too.."Bookmark here

"And what is that..?" I asked.Bookmark here

"We're cursed Shin..."Bookmark here

I felt chills go down my spine again, it was a reality I refused to accept. Kazuya and I stayed silent in the room for a couple moments, only the sound of the ceiling fan could be heard.Bookmark here

Kazuya then asked me, "What are we going to do next..? I'm actually scared man..."Bookmark here

The only thing I could think of at the time was, "We need to get the others, we got to find out if anyone else is experiencing strange things around them. We need to meet up tomorrow at Koyo Park and tell them everything we saw today. Maybe they also experienced things like us."Bookmark here

"What do we do if they did..?" Kazuya replied.Bookmark here

I took a moment to ponder my next response but came up short, "Well I'm not sure but we should prepare for the worse. If we really did get cursed, we got to find out what it is and what we can do to end it."Bookmark here

Kazuya nodded and agreed, "Okay then, we'll go with that for now. I'll text Kyoko to meet us at the park, what time should I say?"Bookmark here

I began thinking of possible times that were convenient for the others, then it hit me, "How about 12pm? She should be awake by then."Bookmark here

Kazuya nodded, "Yeah okay thanks."Bookmark here

We both went to work inviting the others, I had texted Yamada and Satomi but obviously they didn't respond back, I'm pretty sure they were both asleep by now. After we sent out the text, we decided to start eating out snacks. Bookmark here

We talked a bit about the things that happened with an anime playing on the TV, but the air was kind of heavy. We definitely tried enjoying ourselves but there was definitely an elephant in the room. We hopped on videogames for a little while longer before deciding it was time to finally go to bed, Kazuya had brought out a futon for me and laid it outside of his bed and we went to sleep for the night.Bookmark here

However I couldn't sleep right away , I kind of just stared off into the darkness while thinking about the words that the revenant said, "I'll see you on the Other Side.." They continuously played in my mind, but I tried to distract myself and forget about it. I also tried to remember what the people in the store looked like, but for some reason I couldn't remember what their faces had looked like? It began to bother me and led me to believe what Kazuya said before.Bookmark here

"Am I actually cursed...?"Bookmark here

After some wishful thinking, I soon drifted to sleep leaving this horrible day behind me. This was truly a day that will be remembered in infamy.Bookmark here

*Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep*Bookmark here

The sound of Kazuya's phone alarm went off, we both woke up to it feeling really drowsy. The time was 10am and the sun was already beaming through the window.Bookmark here

I heard Kazuya make a loud grunt and yawn, "Damn it shut up alarm!" he said while reaching for his phone. Soon the annoying beeping sound dissipated and we were both wide awake.Bookmark here

I turned over to him and say, "Rise and shine sleepyhead, did you have a good beauty sleep?"Bookmark here

Kazuya annoyedly shook his head, "Oh shut up already Shin..."Bookmark here

We soon got the strength to get up and start getting ready for the day. I check my phone and see a message from both Satomi and Shizuku, but not one from Yamada.Bookmark here

"Figures..."Bookmark here

I soon open and see the confirmation text from Satomi, "I'll be there!" sent 8:37amBookmark here

I open Shizuku's message and see a nice little good morning text, "Goooooooodmorrninggg babe, I just woke up! :D Did you sleep well???" sent 6:36amBookmark here

I message her back with the same energy and tell her how drowsy I am from playing videogames all night. I then ask Kazuya if Kyoko ever messaged him back, he said she did and will be there.Bookmark here

Kazuya then asked me, "Did Yamada want to come after all?"Bookmark here

I shrugged my shoulders, "I have no idea, he's been avoiding us ever since he went home yesterday."Bookmark here

Kazuya sighed, "Yeah he's been ignoring all my messages too, I've been trying to get ahold of him but he doesn't answer the phone."Bookmark here

"Yeah he might be taking this harder than everyone else." I replied.Bookmark here

"I wouldn't be surprised haha.." Kazuya joked.Bookmark here

We finished getting ready and played a few matches of videogames before it was time to leave.Bookmark here

"Hey you ready to go? We're already cutting it close." I asked.Bookmark here

He stretched his arms out a bit and said, "Yeah fine let's go already. My Mom should be home soon anyways."Bookmark here

We both start making our way out of the front entrance, as soon as we headed out we noticed something peculiar.Bookmark here

"Shin... Are you seeing this sh##?" Kazuya said startled.Bookmark here

I looked out and saw a lot more strange looking people blending in with "normal" looking people. The strange people wore dirty and worn out clothes and their faces seemed kind of expressionless? There wasn't a crazy amount but enough for us to notice, I turn towards Kazuya and proposed, "We need to get to the park immediately!"Bookmark here

We began to hurry off ignoring all the strange people, I saw some even stare at us as we hurried to the nearby park. It wasn't a far jog, maybe 10 minutes at most. Soon we made it to our destination and I saw a familiar face with long red hair waving at us from afar.Bookmark here

"Shin! Kazuya! Hurry you're late!" said the red haired girl.
Bookmark here

As we arrive we commented to the girl, "We're not late, you're just always early!"Bookmark here

She smiled and replied, "Hehe it's better to be early than late!"Bookmark here

"Whatever Satomi... I'm just glad you came." Kazuya uttered while trying to control his breathing. Bookmark here

Satomi preemptively asked, "So what did you guys want to talk about? I think I have an idea what it is..."Bookmark here

"Let's wait till Kyoko gets here, it's important that we all discuss it." I insisted.Bookmark here

Satomi then perked up and asked, "What about Yamada? Is he coming?"Bookmark here

I shook my head, "I don't know, he's been ignoring us since yesterday."Bookmark here

Satomi then suggested, "Well how about we just go to his house once Kyoko gets here? That was he can't avoid us!"Bookmark here

Kazuya chuckled a bit, "Leave it to Satomi to jump to the extreme!"Bookmark here

Satomi gave her wildly bright smile, "Fufufu I just know how to handle that little hothead."Bookmark here

We all then started goofing around as we waited for Kyoko, it wasn't long before she entered the park. We all turned towards her and flag her down, she waved back and returned a glistening smile.Bookmark here

Kazuya ecstatically waved at her, "Kyoko hurry up!"Bookmark here

Kyoko picked up her pace a bit and replied back, "I'm coming calm down."Bookmark here

Kyoko soon met up with us and we explained the situation to her, she seemed on board and agreed to the idea of going to Yamada's house. However the issue regarding the "extra" people was kind of difficult to bring up, so I just eased my way into it.Bookmark here

"Alright since we're all on the topic, has anyone else seen or experienced weird things lately?" I asked them.Bookmark here

Kyoko and Satomi stayed quiet for a bit, Kazuya then added on to me saying, "Well Shin and I had some occurrences today and yesterday, there was some weird people doing strange things all around us. One even managed to find my house and ended up vanishing before our very eyes."Bookmark here

I nodded my head, "Yeah and it doesn't stop there either, I can't even remember the faces of the "strange" people we saw. They even wearing similar outfits and look as though they're observing stuff? We can't put our finger on it but something is definitely off. Have you two experienced any strange things with out of place people?"Bookmark here

Kazuya and I went into deeper explanation with the strange people, Kyoko and Satomi just listened as we told our story. Soon Kyoko chimed in with a story of her own, "Well now that you mention it, I've been seeing some odd looking people walking around recently, especially last night. They didn't do much other than just stare at stuff randomly?"Bookmark here

Satomi added on to what she was saying and gave her own account of strange people moving about, "Yeah I also been seeing a lot more people around than usual, especially during my morning jogs around my neighborhood. I can't even remember what their faces looked like but I remember not recognizing them."Bookmark here

Kazuya and I both made eye contact with each other, we finally knew it wasn't just our imagination anymore. We both gulped and realized that Kazuya may in fact be right for once.Bookmark here

"Cursed..."Bookmark here

Kazuya looked around really fast in paranoia, he then hesitantly said to our group, "Guys... do you see that kid over there..?" He then lifted his finger and pointed over to the swing-set at the Park. We at first didn't see anything, but then realized something strange.Bookmark here

"Are those swings moving by themselves...?" Satomi pointed out.Bookmark here

Kazuya stepped back a bit, "Y-You don't see a kid crying on those swings..?"Bookmark here

The group turned and peered but saw nothing, Kyoko annoyingly declared to Kazuya, "Look Kazuya, if you're trying to sc----"Bookmark here

She cut off her sentence when she saw the horrified look on Kazuya's face, it then sent chills down her spine for she knew he wasn't lying...Bookmark here

I grabbed Kazuya by the shoulder, "Guys we have to find Yamada right f###### now. Hurry let's go!"Bookmark here

Everyone agreed in perfect unison, "Yeah let's go!"Bookmark here

We all then quickly made our way out of the park, I saw Kazuya looking back at the empty swings as we ran. Bookmark here

While we ran, Satomi said adamantly, "Shin what the hell is going on!?"Bookmark here

I had to come to grips with reality, no more running from the truth. With all sincerity and all fear I said to her,Bookmark here

"Satomi I think we've been cursed!"Bookmark here

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