Chapter 0:


The Dreamcatcher


HRRMPH!!!Bookmark here

The deft uppercut to the titanium-plated abdomen sent a shock wave across the courtyard.Bookmark here

The staggering punch lifted the armoured assailant up into the air and flung him across the courtyard.Bookmark here

The hand of the bloodied man in white jumpsuit and a red cape snapped from the impact.
Bookmark here

The bloodied man slumped to his knees and cursed, "Shit..."Bookmark here

He glanced towards the armoured assailant, who remained motionless on the ground.Bookmark here

He sighed. While inspecting his bloodied and mangled hands, a conflicted expression dawned upon his face; one of agony and triumph.Bookmark here

He had never had such a tough, drawn-out battle in a very long time; not ever since the day that he became revered as Captain Dynamite, one of the legendary Elites.Bookmark here

The Elites are the protectors of Super 8; an organization built on the foundation of true justice and world peace, governed by a group of mysterious beings said to be unaffiliated with and unaffected by any political powerhouses on Sol III.Bookmark here

The Elites were said to wield a certain level of influence in the hierarchy of the organization. Legend had it that Captain Dynamite was recruited into the Super 8 after his heroic deed in the Battle for the Fourth Reich; where he single-handedly turned the tide of the battle.Bookmark here

At the time, a battalion sent by the government was pinned down in a deathtrap valley. The terrain was difficult to access and the military was not willing to expend any personnel for a rescue mission with a low survival rate.
Bookmark here

Upon learning of the military's incompetence, Captain Dynamite, known as Captain Richard Maximilian at the time, decided to disobey direct orders and went rogue.Bookmark here

Sneaking behind enemy lines, he eventually found the trapped soldiers at a deathtrap valley called Valle de la Sol.Bookmark here

It was a sight to behold; the gruesome valley was raining with hellfire that day. People were dropping like flies, with nowhere to hide.Bookmark here

Witnessing such a huge tragedy transpiring right before his very eyes, Captain Dynamite inadvertently shed a tear.
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Anger raged inside of him. Bookmark here

"What is the purpose of my gifts?" Captain Dynamite questioned himself.
Bookmark here

He was immersed in his own thoughts for while before coming to his senses.Bookmark here

"Yes, I have inhuman strength and unbreakable skin. I should be able to stop this," Captain Dynamite thought to himself.Bookmark here

With determination glimmering in his eyes, Captain Dynamite decided to perform a feat so absurd that it will go down in history as one of the greatest heroic deed ever performed.Bookmark here

His heroic deed was still discussed to these days; it was both a subject of wonder and dread.Bookmark here

The melodic chirping of the field crickets were suddenly disrupted when the armoured assailant rose from ground, seemingly staggered but otherwise unscathed.Bookmark here

Patting on his dented breastplate, the armoured assailant smirked in a distorted voice as he strutted towards the fallen hero, “It seemed the legendary Herculean strength of yours is nothing but a myth after all.Bookmark here

How is he still alive? That's impossible! " Captain Dynamite panicked.Bookmark here

As the armoured assailant closed the distance, Captain Dynamite decidedly launch a surprise attack in response. However, his body was no longer in his control. The damaged were just too severe; the body would no longer listening to his biddings.Bookmark here

The armoured assailant stopped just a few steps away from Captain Dynamite, looking down at him with a set of menacing eyes. Bookmark here

"It seemed like you could no longer move. Well, well, well... It's time for some payback," the armoured assailant smirked.Bookmark here

"POUND! POUND! POUND! "Bookmark here

The sound of soft flesh being savagely pounded by titanium gloves echoed into the night.Bookmark here

The brutal punches dropped Captain Dynamite head first onto the rugged ground of the abandoned courtyard.Bookmark here

He could no longer resist. He felt so numb. His mind is so blank.Bookmark here

Gazing at the magnificent night sky up above, he realized that it was probably the last thing that he will ever see in his life.Bookmark here

The stars were twinkling ever so brightly...Bookmark here

He tried to hold back his tears, but one eventually rolled out of his right eye.Bookmark here

"POUND! POUND! POUND!"Bookmark here

As blood sputtered out of his mouth, his vision slowly dimmed.Bookmark here

Before his world faded into the eternal darkness, he heard a breathy little voice laughing in the background, "My, my, my. Don’t worry. I will put your body to good use.Bookmark here

************************************************************************Bookmark here


“These are the remains, Inspector Moreno,” a decidedly quirky forensic scientist in hazmat suit elucidated by lifting the body sheet off of the transparent bio-hazard containment box.Bookmark here

Inspector Moreno frowned upon the remains of Captain Dynamite reticently.Bookmark here

Even for someone as decorated as Inspector Moreno, who have seen the world more than anyone at this point in life, the sight of Captain Dynamite’s horribly mangled body made his flesh crawled under his hazmat suit.Bookmark here

Captain Dynamite died a violent death. His head was bashed in, and separated from his mangled torso. Upon closer inspection, it seemed that some parts of his body parts were missing or mangled beyond recognition. There were clear signs of his body had been dissected prior or after his death.Bookmark here

I just hope that he was not alive when they dissected him,” Inspector Moreno thought to himself.Bookmark here

"The once proud and mighty defender of justice was reduced to nothing but a pile of dead meat before our very eyes; only by the grace of science were the authorities able to identify the remains."Bookmark here

We have tried our best to preserve the brain… But...” the decidedly quirky forensic scientist sighed as she walked towards her desk, “But I don’t think that it will be of much help to the Dreamcatchers. Looks like another cold case here.Bookmark here


Something clicked in the mind of Inspector Moreno. All of a sudden, his serious, sombre eyes glistened up.Bookmark here

There is someone that we can use…Inspector Moreno murmured.Bookmark here

What were you saying, Inspector?” the decidedly quirky forensic scientist questioned.Bookmark here

Inspector Moreno scurried out of the forensic lab without answering the question.Bookmark here

Inspector? Inspector?!Bookmark here

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